Lord of the Pit

Lord of the Pit

Creature — Demon

Flying, trample

At the beginning of your upkeep, sacrifice a creature other than Lord of the Pit. If you can't, Lord of the Pit deals 7 damage to you.

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Lord of the Pit Discussion

jethstriker on Which Magic card's art would …

5 months ago

The Fool - Jester's Cap

The Magician - Dark Ritual

The High Priestess - Argothian Enchantress

The Empress - Counterspell

The Emperor

The Hierophant

The Lovers - Sower of Temptation

The Chariot

Justice - Equilibrium

The Hermit - Uncle Istvan

Wheel of Fortune - Wheel of Fortune

Strength - Unholy Strength

The Hanged Man

Death - Necropotence


The Devil - Lord of the Pit

The Tower - Grim Monolith

The Star - Falling Star

The Moon - Blood Moon

The Sun - Sol Ring

Judgement - Wrath of God

The World - Omniscience

I would look in particular to older cards (premodern) and / or Seb McKinnon cards, as in my opinion those cards have the art style that would suit a tarot card.

seshiro_of_the_orochi on None

6 months ago

I think the similarity to Martyr's Bond is obvious, so this definitely is a white ability. I would say this feels neither like an angel nor Boros. Instead, thisvfeels like the whitest possible version of gravepact plus Harvester of Souls .

I really like the flavour text, btw. It combines white's conviction of being "the right way" and adds in the maliciousness of a demon, very cool. Looking at Lord of the Pit , I'd actually change the text to "exile another target..." you control.

FormOverFunction on None

6 months ago

I agree with Metroid_Hybrid, the demon-end of things wasn’t nearly as strong as M:tG’s zombie game. They’re much more consistent a presence, especially with the demonic-panic-style concerns. I think cards like Demonic Hordes and Lord of the Pit used up a fair amount of capital and delayed the later-significant demon expansions.

Rhadamanthus on Can you Disallow Omnath?

6 months ago

No, Disallow can't be used on Omnath, Locus of Mana 's first ability, as it's neither activated nor triggered.

There are three kinds of abilities:

MrKillStar on B-Waste Recycling

1 year ago

Im blind and cant count, so just ignore the previous comment... :D

I would remove:
Indulgent Tormentor/Lord of the Pit - Tormentor can put a bit of pressure I guess, but it happens only once + cant get him back with Shirei; same with LotP.
Witch's Oven - As I already wrote.
Spark Reaper - Only 1 card and 1 life for 3mana+sac creature is very meh + you cant get Spark Reaper back with Shirei.
Liliana's Triumph - You dont have any Lili walker and some direct removal or board wipe would be more useful.
Thaumaturge's Familiar - Its nice it works with Shirei, but you already have some nice Scry cards.

Anyway, I think the more creatures with 0 or 1 power you get for Shirei, the better it gets. Of course with enough free insant outlets (btw Woe Strider is also nice to use)... and of course cards like Crypt Ghast is very good in most decks with black.

[email protected]_only on Card creation challenge

2 years ago

Gabriel, Eternal Thirsting

Legendary Creature - Angel Vampire


At the beginning of each combat step, you may sacrifice a creature. if you do, put a +1/+1 counter on ~, and ~ gains one of the following abilities until the end of turn: Indestructable, Wither, First Strike, or Vigilance. If you do not and ~ is untapped, tap ~ and lose life equal to it's power.

Even the Eternal must submit before the hunger of the Pit.


based on the old legend, Gabriel Angelfire , corrupted by Lord of the Pit .

make another mixed card, and cite your sources.

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