Withering Boon

Withering Boon


As an additional cost to play Withering Boon, pay 3 life.

Counter target creature spell.

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Set Rarity
Mirage (MIR) Uncommon

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Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Highlander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Leviathan Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Limited Legal
Custom Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Withering Boon Discussion

HalbrechtHalbrecht on Ellie's Rats

1 week ago

I agree on the black counterspells — so much fun to surprise people with! I also use Withering Boon in non-Modern decks. I do think Imp's Mischief is best for this deck, but unfortunately it's both a little pricey plus from that same Time Spiral era that gives you trouble. :\

Speaking of budget, I'd honestly just wait for Fiend Artisan to rotate out, as it's biggest demand seems to be in Standard (and Pioneer). I've only seen Modern and Legacy toying with it a little, so hopefully it'll drop a bit.

Siiiiiiiigh..... Yeah, I know Marrow-Gnawer is too slow. That's just a case for me where it's a pet card that I don't want to cut, even though I know I should. Honestly, the phrase "it's too slow for modern" is one of the reasons I backed off of Modern in the first place. I got tired of all the things I liked being increasingly too slow. I tried EDH for its promise of "play with the cards you love", and it's alright I guess, but it just doesn't quite scratch the same itch for me as 60-card constructed (I know, I know, heresy in today's Commander-centric world!). So I've been relegated to kitchen table Magic. LoL. But anyways, I agree that Marrow-Gnawer shouldn't be in this deck. It definitely works better in a deck with 4x Cabal Coffers and other ways to accelerate rats out.

That all said, I actually dislike the Nezumi, too (same with Orochi, Kitsune, etc.). Marrow-Gnawer just happens to be so good with rats that he got a pass from me. Same with my other rat deck, that's focused on discard — Nezumi Bone-Reader synergizes so well with everything else in the deck that I couldn't not include him! Still ugly, though. LoL. I just pretend they're the rats from The Secret of NIMH.

Here's my "last hurrah" for Call to the Netherworld — I agree, Unearth is better, but only because of the cycling. I would play Call over Claim any day, and here's why: Claim is reliable, sure, but it can only ever do that one thing (recur a creature), at the same mana rate (1 mana), in the same way (by casting it). The thing is, worst case Call can do that too, just a little less efficiently (1 mana to cast, 1-2 mana to cast the returned creature). But considering the most common time I'll want to use recursion is when I'm discarding creatures to Pack Rat, I'm fine with trading that efficiency in the other parts of the game with the large benefit Call gives me with Pack Rat online. Because then it's doing the thing (recur a creature), at a comparable mana rate (1-2 mana depending on creature), in a superior way (by discarding it for value). You can never discard Claim to fuel Pack Rat if you want to also use it to recur a creature.

That all said, I want to reiterate that I agree about Unearth being much better. After your reply, I realized that my bias towards Call is because it's in a mass discard deck (I also run a couple Dark Withering in that deck in addition to Tragic Slip). I'm also always fine casting Call for in that deck if I need to, so it's never a dead card for me. But yeah, in your deck, Unearth is far superior.

That's so interesting! I wonder why that specific era of cards were affected? I'm not familiar with South American history. Was there any sort of political or economic issues or something like that which would have affected trade/import at the time (2006-2007 was the US release)?

SynergyBuild on Opposition Agent needs a preemptive …

3 weeks ago

TheVectornaut Rule 0 doesn't work where people are stubborn and don't abide by it, unless they lie. Rule 0 is a decision between all players, so each of them can have fun and play within the balance of a playgroup, if someone doesn't want to go by another's personal rule, that's personal rules, not Rule 0.

If you are blaming people for not applying to your personal rules, it's not them being stubborn, it's you being stubborn. If they agree to your rules and then go against it, have a discussion, talk like mature friends, and then if they lie you can decide whether or not to play with them in the future.

Also why would Archetype of Endurance cripple a black deck? Can they not Pharika's Libation it or Withering Boon it or board wipe it, in casual those are pretty common option for metagaming.

Peoyogon on An Old-School Nightmare

1 month ago

Wow, thank you for all the advice, ClockworkSwordfish! I have a lot try out! I think I drooled a little after I saw Ashen Powder... This deck as increasingly grown a janky control sub theme with the likes of Ritual of the Machine, Withering Boon, Ashes to Ashes, Reckless Spite, etc and this would fit in perfectly!

Thank you as well 3n3rgy2! I am a little skeptical with cards that only bring creatures back to my hand but I will definitely have to give it a shot!

griffstick on Is Competitive Phage Possible?

1 month ago

Withering Boon, or Thrull Wizard, or Nether Void, or Dash Hopes to counter phage, then retrieve her from the grave to cast her from your hand.

Snap157 on Do you like your hand?

1 month ago

In a word: spicy.

Consider swapping a swamp for an Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth to maximize your Cabal Coffers, and adding in Geier Reach Sanitarium would play into your discard theme. I would replace Fabled Passage with it.

Feed the Swarm is a new piece of tech to answer enchantments for black, and Withering Boon comes legitimately out of nowhere.

It seems like you need more repeatable ramp. Maybe consider Jet Medallion, Arcane Signet, Worn Powerstone, Prismatic Lens, Mind Stone, and Wayfarer's Bauble?

While your commander also give your cards, I would still get up to ten sources of card draw. For a repeatable discard engine, I would suggest Phyrexian Arena, Sign in Blood, Read the Bones, and Night's Whisper and the king of all black card draw, Necropotence. Necro might not play nice with your own discard, but I don't think you rely on reanimation enough for it to be an issue.

I really like this deck and hope this helps! +1

Profet93 on Send them to the slaughterhouse

1 month ago

I used to run Xiahou dun, upgraded to Sidisi. Respect for sticking with the Dun.

Your land count is a little high, especially for your CMC. I run 37 lands with a 3.3ish CMC. Your cmc is much lower with slightly less ramp. You should cut 2-3 lands for more ramp IMO.

Infernal Darkness - Like contamination but it doesnt shut off coffersn or requires continuous sacrifice. Can be used as redundancy to contamination and counterbait against blue.

Replace Cabal stronghold with Volrath's Stronghold - Cabal takes too long to get online, stronghold helps you bypass commander tax or reuse a utility creature. Can even potentially save a creature from grave hate worst comes to worst.

Replace Memorial to the folly with Deserted Temple/Blast Zone - Untapping cabal coffers or having a wipe that can interact with artifacts and enchantments is key. I know you have 2 cards or so that can interact with enchantments, but a a land that doesnt take up a slot and is tutorable through expedition map is definitely worth considering.

Replace Liliana for ramp or Imp's Mischief - Lili doesn't do much on her own. Ramp will help ensure you being able to keep up with green and further your game plan. Imp's mischief counters counterspells, redirects targetted removal/draw/extra turns. Very powerful utility for 2 mana, and unexpected in black. If you like off color cards, do note Withering Boon.

Syphon Mind - Each opponent discard 1, draw 3. Pretty good and at with no lifeloss.

Deliver Unto Evil - Not an entirely serious suggestion, but is one of the few ways to get nonblack cards back from your grave.

Have you considered adding Basalt Monolith + Rings of Brighthearth + Sensei's Divining Top? Each piece is good on it's own. Monolith for ramp, rings for commander synergy (adding fetches would help, as well to be good with top) among a few others, top for general utility and digging deeper. Adding all three gives you infinite colorless mana and draws your deck.

What is your meta like - Competitive, commanders/colors played? I might recommend Boseju given all of your sorcerries and instants.

You might want to add a nev disk for good measure in case shit hits the fan. Be sure to lmk what you think of each suggestion. Mono black shenanigans are always fun. +1

Lhurgyof on Toshiro the Vagabond

2 months ago

In any mono-black deck I always suggest Withering Boon. It's so unexpected and you can cast a kill spell to counter another creature from the yard.

The recent change for Oubliette makes it amazing in EDH. Since it phases out, if you target their commander they can't chose to put it back in the command zone. Locking them out of their commander until its removed or you lose.

As far as finding expensive cards to cut, I guess I'd have to suggest Liliana of the Veil first and foremost. It's incredibly expensive and its not super strong in commander. I get that you don't mind discarding instants and that her minus ability allows you to cast them, but if you're looking to be more budget-friendly I'd suggest cutting that one first.

StopShot on Counteracting large hexproof creatures.

2 months ago

The subject of this thread revolves around dealing with and counteracting against the commanders: Uril, the Miststalker, Sigarda, Host of Herons, Dragonlord Ojutai, Lazav, Dimir Mastermind, Thrun, the Last Troll as well as commanders that consistently or typically give themselves hexproof through various equipments/auras.

While it may not be the most prevalent strategy these types of commanders can be annoying to deal with. I'd like to create a discussion on what are the best ways to deal with these commanders. Given how niche these commanders can be, running cards that exclusively dedicate themselves to their removal may be detrimental to draw into when playing a game where none of your opponents run them. Therefore cards that can both combat massive hexproof creatures as well as still being useful to have if none of your opponents are playing with big hexproof creatures should be taken into consideration when deciding what is the "best" or "most practical" solution to combating hexproof strategies.

The first cards that come to mind are Arcane Lighthouse, Detection Tower, Bonds of Mortality, Shadowspear and Glaring Spotlight. These cards entirely dedicate themselves to combating hexproof strategies, and while this may be a detriment when used against non-hexproof strategies, these cards do lend themselves some extra utility. Arcane Lighthouse and Detection Tower can be seeded into your manabase so at worst they're just a Wastes however they can be more inefficient in comparison. Given that both are lands, tapping them costs you an extra mana resource effectively making their abilities cost to activate. Not only that, but they have no effect at stripping indestructible which can be a common keyboard which may be used alongside most hexproof strategies. Cards like Bonds of Mortality and Shadowspear cost only one to activate and they can bypass indestructible, however given they're not lands you have to dedicate a nonland slot in your deck to accommodate either of them which means taking out a card that may better synergize with your deck's main strategy in their place. They also lend themselves targets for counter spells and given hexproof decks contain white and/or green, artifact/enchantment removal will pose a high potential risk. This is all not to mention you still need to provide a removal spell in tandem with these cards in order to remove the threat.

Another solution is board wipes. Cards such as Wrath of God, Damnation, Day of Judgment, Supreme Verdict, Blasphemous Act, etc. Mass creature removal is incredibly strong given that its always relevant in most metas making it a highly flexible solution that isn't too narrow to rely upon. It's biggest drawback however is if the massive hexproof creature that needs to be dealt with has indestructible, totem armor or Gift of Immortality. Even a card such as Toxic Deluge can be a risk as you may have to pay a huge amount of life if the creature is incredibly big. Cyclonic Rift is another effective card. One thing to note about boardwipes are they affect the whole table which makes them also more likelier to be countered than by effects that impact a single individual.

A more narrow solution would be through damage prevention effects such as Story Circle, Forcefield, Runed Halo, Rune of Protection: White, etc. Given each card never "targets" they can be used to infinitely "Fog" a problem creature that you can't put up with. These effects are more narrow than boardwipes but broader than hexproof removal. Cards like these still run into problems with artifact/enchantment removal and they don't run enticing side effects such as drawing a card upon entering the battlefield like Bonds of Mortality or giving a creature lifelink and trample like Shadowspear, however you won't need to exhaust your removal spells to keep the large creature(s) either. In more broader metas such as combo, stax and prison, these effects may not be as useful however. More broader variants of these protection cards exist as Ensnaring Bridge, Divine Presence, Peacekeeper and Meekstone though these cards may make multiple opponents unhappy enough to remove them than the more narrower options.

The last effect used to combat large hexproof creatures is sacrifice effects such as: Fleshbag Marauder, Innocent Blood, Vona's Hunger, Liliana's Triumph, Doomfall etc. These effects can bypass not only hexproof but also indestructible, regenerate and totem armor. Their drawback lies in if the player with the large hexproof creature has any other creatures to sacrifice in their place. Because of this caveat this effect isn't too strong unless ran in multiples which can be difficult to commit to in a 100-card format. Instead selective sacrifice effects may be the best way to devote to this solution with cards like: Crackling Doom, Soul Shatter, Slaughter the Strong, Council's Judgment, Renounce the Guilds and Wing Shards. While these cards won't always guarantee the large hexproof creature will be removed, they provide a stronger case than not compared to most traditional sacrifice removal.

Lastly there are counter spells to remove hexproof creatures. While they may be the best all purpose solution they can be rendered ineffective if a Cavern of Souls or some other can not be countered effect is in place. With exception to Withering Boon, the biggest downside to counter spells are they are entirely exclusive to blue meaning other color combinations without blue do not have this option available.

Which method do you rely on to stop massive hexproof creatures? Is there a card or solution set not listed here that you use? If you happen to play EDH decks with big massive hexproof creatures, which effects annoy/counter you the most?

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