'Bolos the wandering Pilgrim was a Tireless Stoner. He loved nothing more than to toke it up and meet new peeps. Along his various travels he met a lot of really Cool Stoner Friends Along the Way. This is their Story'.

I have been wanting to build a deck Around my collection of Planeswalkers for quite some time now, so here it is. This is the first edition. Edits to come. Suggestions welcome.


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So now that my Homie BolosGolos, The Tireless Pilgrim has been Banned from the command Zone, I am sad, but determined to make the best of it and keep my Stoner "Friends" deck alive somehow? I guess Esika, God of the Tree  Flip is probably the best choice, but she only buffs creatures, but God of the tree? I mean come on! Kinda right on point here! But really I would be casting the prismatic bridge most of the time! Which seems weird to me having an enchantment as a commader? Is that legit? Well anywho, Might have to make a few changes to the deck as well, but for now we will let it ride!


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