I'm A Lifelong fan/player of MTG, since like 93, or 94. Almost an O.G. I Mostly play/build Selesnya, but also a dash of Boros, Rakdos, Naya, Gruul, Orzhov, and Mardu. Occasionally, I love to watch things Burn with RDW, Or Suicide Black. Angels are my main tribe , but I also have an Affinity for Elves. That being said, I love MTG in all shapes and sizes, I'm always open to suggestions and commentary, and, who knows, I may even offer a small bit of wisdom in return, if I am Able. So, As We all know, The New sets keep arriving on the daily anymore, and it's really hard to keep up. I'm always looking to Improve my old builds and collect the Fancy Versions of all my favorite cards as they reprint them and also make new fun decks, mostly Aggro these Daze, (let's be honest)! So I say, let's all Help each other out! If we all work together to make better builds, funnier decks, and sillier combos, then we will all enjoy MTG more together! May The Mana Be With You! And Also With You.

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Yeah, I'm not super interested in going three colors for Linvala, but I have an Angel Party deck built on Arena that uses her ability along with Faceless Agent, Angel of Unity, and Universal Automaton, along with the usual suspects, it makes for some interesting plays. But yeah the 15 wins in a day on Arena is something I only get to do once in a while, I only play B01 so the rounds go pretty quick most of the time as I play mostly Aggro decks. I'm actually in my mid 40's, married with Children, so my Arena time is usually on my tablet while we watch "family" shows in the evenings. But I have been into MTG since like 1994 and have played off and on over the years, won a couple local events back in like 2013. These days I really only play against my bro occasionally or on Arena, but I like my decks to be competition ready in case I ever decide to hit up a local event again. I'll have to check out Cockatrice, I hadn't heard of that. Thanks for the assist on the Deck editor, I can't believe I have never used that function of the editor before, I've always just typed in the set code written on the card like an idiot. Learn something new everyday I guess?

May 16, 2023 10:09 a.m.

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Yeah Im stoked I finally found a couple Youthful Valkyrie, they are surprisingly elusive Cards. As far as the MTGA goes, I guess I was mostly talking about weaknesses for the Angel Archetype in general, Modern or Historic, bc I basically have the same game plan on both. Gain Life, make big Angels, smash face with fluff! Lol. I was thinking boardwipes have been an issue, and counterspells. combo decks sometimes. And the fast creature builds when I have a slow start. I think Heroic Intervention is a good one for board wipes or even targeted removal, And the Caverns of course, for counterspells.

I do the same thing with the daily rewards on Arena, I have decks for every color, but once those are done, I shoot for the 15 Wins with my favorite decks. Usually the coco Angels. I added the new Sigarda to that as well for playtesting. Hey side note, I am having trouble getting those paths to switch to the promo printing with the Angel on T.O. what set code did you use to make it display correctly? It says (PRM) on the card, but T.O. doesn't accept it. Thanks again for all the advice!

May 15, 2023 8:30 p.m.

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Wow, I hadn't seen that vs of path yet! I just ordered 3 along with 4 of the new Sigarda, and a couple Youthful Valkyrie, which I have been wanting for a while. Now I can build the deck as Orzhov or Selesnya! As far as problems go, I played a Dozen or so rounds on arena last night and the decks I had trouble with had a ton of board wipes and removal/counterspells. And planeswalkers. Or decks that just went off too fast like goblins or slivers or elves. I know Cavern of Souls helps with counterspells but they are outside budget right now, and not on Arena, the Heroic Interventions would help with the board wipes, and in I have those, so there's another point for green! I added my third Aether Vial back in for now, I don't have a fourth yet. Waiting on my Sigarda, Font of Blessings to show up now!

May 15, 2023 2:56 p.m.

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Dude! You have helped a ton! Thanks so much for all the feedback! I Made a few changes for now, and I'll try it out and see how it works. I'm gonna leave the black in my build for now Mostly because I don't have the new Sigarda, Font of Blessings yet, and I can't really afford to buy another playset Horizon Canopy right now. I didn't know about some of those green removal spells so that's good food for thought. I do have a couple other selesnya builds, the bogle deck, and a soul sister deck in Modern, so I'll keep those in mind for those as well. I like the look of Atraxa's Fall. I put the Anguished Unmaking back in because of the awesome angel art, and being a prime reason I went to black in the first place alongside Vindicate. I put the Giver of Runes back in, and two of my Aether Vials. I went back to 2 and 2 of the Thune/Lyra, I only have the 2 Thune, so that will have to do. I slipped the einganjo back in place of the 7th plains. I also stuck the Linvala, Keeper of Silence back into the Sideboard in place of the Go for the Throat I'll try and get some games in now!

May 14, 2023 6:55 p.m.

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darkmus! Awesome to meet another Angel Tribal Member! Angels are my favorite tribe in magic! You are just the person I need to talk to! I just checked your build out, and it looks good! +1! I had not seen the new Sigarda, Font of Blessings yet, I'll have to track her down and get some copies. Kinda of a Realmwalker effect going on there, I like it! I was kinda surprised you are running Green and No Collected Company tho? I guess you have 9 Angels that are 4 cmc tho, so maybe not great for your build. I Run this deck as Selesnya CoCo Angels on Arena and have pretty good luck with it, but my Paper Deck I switched to Orzhov for better removal. My bro plays a dragon deck with Stormbreath Dragons and they are kinda hard to get around with all white angels. Thus the black removal spells in the sideboard. Plus my Horizon Canopys are in my Bogle Deck, so, yeah I picked up some Silent Clearings and here we are. That, and I feel like the Godless Shrine goes well with the flavour of the deck. I do have two Archangel of Thune she is one of my Favorite Angels for sure, and I did have them in the deck for a while, I kinda go back and forth with the Ratio, Two Archangel and two Lyra Dawnbringer or 3 lyra and 1 Archangel. IDK. Maybe I'll throw them back in there based on your advise. Shadowspear is there for when I run into a bogle deck or something else that has indestructible like Heliod, Sun-Crowned or whatever. I had the Esper Sentinels in the deck as well as my two copies of Giver of Runes but right now I am testing out having the Soul Wardens and Speaker of the Heavens instead. I tried the Aether Vials along with a playset of Serra Avengers but wasn't too happy with how it played out. I don't have the Cavern of Souls but those would probably be nice. I do like having the Soul Partitions tho, it's pretty decent removal in my opinion, and so is the Lay Down Arms but you have to keep your plains count up to make it consistent. Legions to Ashes I was using to help against my brother's Squirrel deck, but I've also been using Temporary Lockdown in my arena build with some pretty decent success. I actually just saved my own ass with it this morning against a merfolk deck for the W!
Do you play in Modern tournaments with your build? I never really see anyone playing angels outside of Historic on Arena.
Thanks for the advice, the upvote and for sharing your deck! Much Appreciated!

May 14, 2023 2:43 p.m.


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