Loyal Warhound

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Alchemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Brawl Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Pre-release Legal
Standard Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Loyal Warhound

Creature — Dog


When this enters the battlefield, if an opponent controls more lands than you, search your library for a basic Plains card, put it onto the battlefield tapped, then shuffle your library.

berserkerbrot on Keep on going

3 months ago

zu beanstanden wären folgende karten: Knight of the White Orchid Loyal Warhound Mentor of the Meek Soul Warden Soul's Attendant Darksteel Mutation Skullclamp

ansonsten interessantes deck.. lass ma widda zocken

CavemanlyMan on Halvar, Divine Voltron

5 months ago

What are your thoughts on Deep Gnome Terramancer and Archivist of Oghma. Each time I look at the arhivist it gets better in my eyes. It triggers off of fetches, tutors, certain ramp spells, and probably more. It also gains life, which is relevant to me because of a lifegain deck I have that wants as many lifegain triggers as possible. It's also a 2 mana 2/2 with flash, so the base stats are pretty solid. I think it is almost better than esper sentinel.... almost. I'm not sure what I'd switch it for in your deck. Probably Wandering Archaic  Flip because I just don't like the card. However, I know you do, so idk.

Then there is the gnome. I'd say it's probably better than Loyal Warhound, but maybe that's just me. Instead of just being a one and done ramp situation, you may be able to ramp several times, and it doesn't care if the opponent has more lands than you. I don't know what your playgroup's meta looks like though, so I can't say for sure.

Those are just my thoughts. Do with them as you may. I'd love to hear your insight though.

Masterful on Necronomicon | Teysa Karlov | Primer

5 months ago

Housegheist Maybe Bennie is better than I'm giving him credit for, but even though he can trigger on our opponents' turns, he has a few downsides compared to our other draw engines. To trigger him on our opponents' turns, we need to have one of our 12 creatures that die and make tokens, Ophiomancer, or Urza's Saga. That means we have 14 ways to trigger him multiple times per round as long as we have a sac outlet. That's not bad, but in comparison, Grim Haruspex and Midnight Reaper have 31 ways to trigger since they count all of our creatures. I'd say its worth it if we can consistently play him for one mana early, but I don't know how often we can do that without testing him more first. That being said, I'll move him higher into my "considering" list in my head and update you when the full Baldur's Gate commander sets come out. A one mana creature that draws cards half as often as Grim Haruspex is quite good, but how often is he one mana? If you have any testing with him let me know.

kirbysan Deep Gnome Terramancer is insane. The fact that it gets dual lands, can trigger multiple times per round, doesn't care if our opponents have less lands than us, and HAS FLASH will make it a definite include. I'm not sure if I should cut Knight of the White Orchid for costing double white, Loyal Warhound for only getting basic plains tapped, Land Tax for being a non-creature utility card, or a fodder piece to have more ramp. I'm leaning towards Warhound or Land Tax since having more "only if the opponent has more lands" ramp technically has anti-synergy with this dude. With this dude and Black Market Connections, I'm super excited for what the rest of this set has to offer!

Monomanamaniac on No Man's Land (Mageta) [[Primer]]

7 months ago

I know it's far from budget, but maybe an Avacyn, Angel of Hope would be pretty good in this deck. I've never seen this commander before, but I like the idea of a kinda boardwipe tribal. I might also suggest Loyal Warhound.

cac1212 on Teysa Karlov

8 months ago

Ok I messed up and can't edit my comment so I'll continue from where I left off:

...Of course all commander decks need some good card draw, and black gives us plenty of options. We have plenty of access to cards like Night's Whisper which is always good, but since we want to kill our creatures we generally prefer to opt for things like Village Rites or repeatable triggers (which Teysa doubles for extra value) like Midnight Reaper or Dark Prophecy. These will help us get to the pieces we need to win. If you start off a combo such as Reveillark + Karmic Guide (a well-known combo that many player will try to stop very quickly. Consider removing this if your opponents tell you that your degenerate deck is only played by beta cucks) with repeatable card draw on board, you'll run into what you need to win eventually.

I personally like to (or maybe need to) run LOTS of removal to make sure our opponents don't trample all over us before we can set up our finishing turns. Targeted removal is my drink of choice, but good board clears like Merciless Eviction (which unfortunately doesn't let our creatures die if we cant sac them all first) and Austere Command can be easily subbed in if you find yourself going against lots of wide boards.

We love our recursion in this deck. All of our petty fodder and nasty big-hitters like Kokusho, the Evening Star (a card that can be subbed out for a tutor for a more combo/high power deck. I decided to leave him to help cope with the loss of Yosei, the Morning Star . I just think they're neat!) and Vindictive Lich are practically begging to be brought back to life to once again experience the sweet touch of death. Killing our creatures once is good, killing them twice is better. Also, if one of your three essential components gets hit by removal early, your opponents with audibly moan when they come back later. Thus, take out some recursion if you become the one at the table who inspires fear and loating.


Our main combo that will win us the game every time it's out (even without Teysa) is Reveillark combined with Karmic Guide. If Reveillark is in your graveyard, put in karmic guide and bring it back, sac karmic guide, then sac reveilllark to bring back karmic guide, rinse and repeat. Of course, we need a sac outlet to kill our combo pieces and our Blood Artist-type cards or card draw death-triggers to get one out to make the most of this. Best of all, we have a tutor card, Final Parting, which tutors out BOTH of our combo pieces! Simply put reveillark in the grave and bring in karmic guide on the next turn, or the same turn if you have 10+ mana from all of our juicy ramp. As I said above, infinite combos are mean and unfun to play against, so be careful. This one at least needs 4 cards, none of which are our commander, to win the game so it's not nearly as bad as others, but if you need to take it out, don't worry! Teysa will still eek out massive value from all of our other cards and get you plenty of wins without tilting your playgroup. Other infinite combos not included in this deck include Nim Deathmantle + a token generator such as Ministrant of Obligation + Ashnod's Altar or alternatively Reassembling Skeleton + Phyrexian Altar + token death-trigger like Blight Mound. There are many variations of these which I won't go into depth here.

Early Game Strategy

In your opening hand, you ideally want to have a ramp spell or two (preferably a creature to be used as fodder later like Loyal Warhound), one or maybe two removal spells, some fodder, some card draw, and lands. We don't want too many basic plains in our hand or we'll stifle our creature ramp cards like Boreas Charger (keep in mind Knight of the White Orchid can tutor our double land Godless Shrine). We won't worry about board clears or heavy hitters until later. Hangarback Walker may not seem like a good opening card at first, but he can quickly become a big threat in the midgame if played on turn 2 (or turn one with sol ring) and used as a mana sink with his tap ability which adds a counter to him for one mana on future turns. Recursion we don't want at all until we start killing our creatures. Tutors can be good, but the tutors I have included in this deck (with the exception of Ranger of Eos who is great in our first hand) are more useful in the mid/late game since they either put things in our graveyard (Unmarked Grave) which requires we have recursion, give our opponents a tutor as well (Scheming Symmetry or Wishclaw Talisman), or scale off of how many lands we have (Beseech the Queen). We won't be needing a sac outlet until later and we can be reasonably sure well run into one eventually if we have card draw; if not we can always use our small sacs like Phyrexian Tower to suffice in the mean time. Our protection spells can come in handy, but only keep these if we have our other good early game cards in hand.

Mid Game

In the mid game phases (~turns 4-6), don't get too hasty and play Teysa early if you have something else that is part of our 3 essential components (fodder, sac outlet, blood artist-type) which you don't already have on the board. It's often advantageous to instead opt for more card draw or removal on these turns to prolong our window of opportunity to pop off our game winning turns instead of playing Teysa before she is needed. Even though she does double the value of nearly everything we do, we dont necessarily need her on board to win, and we really only need her on the turn or two before our winning turn.

Late Game

All that's left to do once we have our three basic components is to start getting out as many token makers as we can to start reaping what we have sewn. Ideally we want repeatable card draw and recursion to draw into more and more creatures that we can sac on every turn. Even without our infinite combo we can do massive damage just with our tokens and by bringing back our creatures. Graveyard hate from our opponents can really hurt us, but with any luck we can out-pace our opponents with our ramp/card draw.

Miscellaneous Mechanics

If you're about to have something exiled, sac it! Let no fodder go to waste. You can also sac a creature as it is about to take combat damage after blockers are assigned without having any damage go through to you.

Brought Back can be used on our fetch land Marsh Flats for extra ramp. Consider adding more fetch lands to up the power level a bit.

Closing Notes

Have fun with Teysa! Add your own spin to things and let me know what card you love/hate. This deck is still in developement and will be changing bit by bit in the future. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments and I'll do my best to get to them. This is my first deck that I've posted on any platform and I'm excited to see what y'all think!

Oldcrow80 on Shorikai Reanimator

9 months ago

Jokes aside, Loyal Warhound and Stoic Farmer are potential includes you could add, at their worst it's ramp, but at their best they are more copies of Knight to abuse Emeria Shepherd with.

eliakimras on Breena - Silverquill Statement Upgrade

9 months ago

Hey, me again! I really like Breena, the Demagogue's premise. I want to build her in the future, since I'm cultivating a combat metagame. But I have some ideas that can make your deck funnier and stronger:

I imagine you're trying to keep the idea of giving gifts to your opponents for them to killing each other, while reaping benefits to you.

One way is to force combat. You might want to put Martial Impetus and Parasitic Impetus back to deflect attacks and get draws off Breena. (Too bad goad is a blue-red thing - come on Wizards, give us on other colors). Otherwise, they buff Breena to hit harder.

Another thing you should consider is protection for your creatures:

How about protection to you?

About recursion:

About card draw:

About your ramp:

Sorry for not commenting on your whole deck. Since I have not played her myself, I could only suggest more general things. I hope the suggestions have inspired you somehow. As always, have fun with the Demagogue!

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