Mirror March


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ravnica Allegiance (RNA) Rare

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Mirror March


Whenever a nontoken creature enters the battlefield under your control, flip a coin until you lose a flip. For each flip you won, create a token that's a copy of that creature. Those tokens gain haste. Exile them at the beginning of the next end step.

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Mirror March Discussion

Poaralion on Judith, Rat Diva

2 days ago

That might be the most awesome yolo rat deck I ever saw. Really like the Mirror March ! Good job man !

VoidCaster113 on H: Some new Allegiance cards ...

3 days ago

Hello everybody! I opened two prerelease kits today, and I’m looking to trade into some cards I didn’t get lucky enough to pull. What I have are:


Benthic Biomancer

2x Guardian Project

Nikya of the Old Ways

Priest of Forgotten Gods (prerelease foil)

Smothering Tithe

Mass Manipulation



Glass of the Guildpact

What I’m looking for: Prime Speaker Vannifar (top priority!)

Rakdos, the Showstopper

Lavinia, Azorius Renegade

Mesmerizing Benthid

Kaya, Orzhov Usurper

pestilence spirit

Captive Audience

Biomancer's Familiar


Seraph of the Scales

Mirror March

Smothering Tithe (nonfoil]]

My binder isn’t quite up to date, so for now, these are what I’m offering. Thank you!

hunteo on B/R Aggro/Burn

4 days ago

Have you considered Skewer the Critics ? I'm not personally sure if it's going to be good in modern but it might be worth a shot. Also, I'm not too hot on Mirror March in the sideboard. 6 mana is a ton for a burn deck and you have the possibility of whiffing on the effect even after you've cast it.

hkhssweiss on Rakdos Lord of Coin Flips

5 days ago

Hey xander11,

Alright I took a look over your deck, and you built it pretty sweet! From what you told me so far you want a casual/fun deck that can threaten to stomp people to the ground :P

Here might be some fun card suggestions that you can utilize for card flips:

Aside from those fun janky cards, I would lower the curve a little bit more, add more rocks, as well as more Card Advantage (CA). The most problem with Rakdos decks is the lack of CA it can provide.

Some staples you can use of this archetype are:

Also some additional types of demon that can help:

Since cards are going to hit the graveyard at one point, recursion spells are quite nice, here might be some utility spells that are cool:

I'm not too sure on which route you want to go for your deck, but I hope this gives you some additional insight. If you like further help clarify what additional support your looking for and I'll be glad to help out!

BahGringo on One Pissed Off Combo Lady | Rakka Mar EDH

1 week ago

First thing first I hate to be that guy but, your commander would be better off being Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker or Feldon of the Third Path . Now I kinda hope you ignore that suggestion though.

My best suggestion is Sundial of the Infinite This turns anything temporary into something permanent. Exile at end of turn become "keep forever". Steal until end of turn becomes "Keep Forever". Anything that ruins your turn like cyclonic rift counter it with sundial.

Have fun going through and choosing stuff from the list and worst part of all cuts in your own deck.

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor on Ravnica Allegiance: Spoilers and Speculation

1 week ago

I do love me some graveyard/sac strategies which is why I tend to gravitate towards those cards, but I have only one true aristocrats deck that is currently in flux. I am figuring out who I would rather prefer as commander between Krav, the Unredeemed&Regna, the Redeemer and Shirei, Shizo's Caretaker (both very different strategies).

Smothering Tithe is for my Boros-Angel-reanimator list :)

and I reallllly want to try out Mirror March in Brudiclad, Telchor Engineer. Though my build has budget restrictions and is more of a spell slinger version so it might not fit.

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor on Ravnica Allegiance: Spoilers and Speculation

1 week ago

Well the top card for me is definitely Smothering Tithe. Other than that I find Priest of Forgotten Gods, Judith, the Scourge Diva, Teysa Karlov, Rhythm of the Wild, and Mirror March all pretty interesting.

The idea of Biogenic Ooze alongside 4 Quasiduplicate and 4 Repudiate//Replicate could be pretty fun in Standard as well.

Objectively, Light Up the Stage is probably the best card as I feel it slots into decks across multiple formats.

Prime Speaker Vannifar is probably the strongest Commander card and I think WOTC made a mistake printing her. I wouldn't be surprised to see her banned in the near future.

Coward_Token on Ravnica Allegiance: Spoilers and Speculation

1 week ago

Mirror March is a slam dunk for Okaun, Eye of Chaos & Zndrsplt, Eye of Wisdom, but you all thought of that already

Awaken the Erstwhile is a spicy and reasonably costed way of making everyone hellbent. Obviously goes well with e.g. Theater of Horrors & Experimental Frenzy