Sylvan Messenger


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic Origins Uncommon
Duel Decks: Elves vs. Goblins Uncommon
Apocalypse Uncommon

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Sylvan Messenger

Creature — Elf

Trample (This creature can deal excess combat damage to defending player or planeswalker while attacking.)

When Sylvan Messenger enters the battlefield, reveal the top four cards of your library. Put all Elf cards revealed this way into your hand and the rest on the bottom of your library in any order.

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Sylvan Messenger Discussion

Thewayoflife234 on Gruul Elves Concept

1 month ago

Bring elves in as fast as other things you can cast, like Shamanic Revelation or Sylvan Messenger, which keep the ramp in your hand to protect from boardwipes. guy hit me with Restore Balance (keeping archdruid and a forest) and the following turn I cast 3 manadorks, so the next turn i cast messenger, drove of elves, then the next turn attacked for 18 and won.

Thewayoflife234 on Gruul Elves Concept

1 month ago

Suggestion!!! 3-4x Dwynen's Elite, maybe 1 Ezuri,Renegade Leader, or 1-2 Triumph of the Hordes? None of those enchantments or Atarka's command. No dwynen, Essence warden is better tbh. You don't need 4 joraga warcallers. Once you put fetchlands in this deck i think you can drop to 15/16, with copperhorn scouts and reducing you avg CMC. Should be around 1.5...I use Mono Green elfball, and still dont use Dwynen, Gilt-Leaf Daen. she is just not good for modern play. Essence Warden is good for elfball, but i understand why you wouldn't use that. I feel like Joraga Warcaller is a win-more card. Might of the Masses is really nice, because you can just plop your hand and leave 1 mana up to cast might of the masses after the opponent attempts removal. I may have a more skewed sight of this since i play Drove of Elves as 2-of and I use Ezuri. the 8 Enchantments and Atarka's command should come out for more creatures, especially mana dorks. I use 15-16 lands in my elf deck. I need 1 land and all the elves i can get!!!!!!! I remember attacking for 200+ infect damage from Triumph of the Hordes turn 6 from 2 promenades turn 5. All off 1 mana. Real story, actual game against affinity. I have also won games turn 4 vs burn with Triumph as well. It's actually my only reliable wincon against some decks. I use 2, but I might should run 3 because it's that good. I have 15 lands, 4 Promenades, 2 MotM and everything else is creatures. You have nowhere near enough draw, which is why you are running such high cost spells. This is midrange, Elves should be Ramp and Sideways!!! Like a village. Sylvan Messenger is an underrated card in modern elf decks! i use 4 because it picks up promenade and because i have 14 mana dorks in my deck (3 mystic, 3 Llanowar, 4 Beastcaller Savant, 4 Elvish Archdruid) it's what works I'm telling you. I know this is crazy but Imperious Perfect is NOT A STAPLE for elves. He's a lord that makes elves, but he also costs 3 mana and doesn't

G-rider on UB Elves

1 month ago

Zunaechst mal gefaellt mir die manabase nicht besonders. 9 waelder sind nicht genug dafuer, dass du eine hand ohne gruene sources nicht halten kannst.

In dem zuge, und weil die einfach zu langsam sind fuer das was zu zu erreichen versuchst, wuerde ich vermutlich die Leaf Gilder und Lifespring Druid durch Elves of Deep Shadow ersetzen.

Mit den zusaetzlichen 1-drops koenntest du dann die Thornbow Archer durch irgendwas cooleres ersetzen (die gefallen mir wirklich nich, relativ zu den manadorks und den high-impact 2-drops), zB durch Wren's Run Vanquisher (die ich fr ziemlich starke beatdown-elfen halte). Damit waere schwarz dann zu nem splash degradiert, was wesentlich angenehmer fuer die manabase waere.

Und der rest is halt ne frage des ausprobieren welche karten gut performen. ich koennte mir zB gut vorstellen, dass das deck mehr Dwynen's Elite gebrauchen knnte. Vllt nen 3-3 split zwischen Elvish Visionary und Sylvan Messenger, je nacht wie die manasituation regelmaessig aussieht.

multimedia on An Elvish Frontier

3 months ago

Trtl, your very welcome, glad I could help. More green is the right direction, it will bring a lot more consistency.

Even though I think more green is the right way to go I'm suggesting a black card, haha. I've done a little Frontier research and it looks like Gilt-Leaf Winnower would be a great sideboard card. She's an Elf and can kill a huge amount of the best creatures in the format. Most notable Siege Rhino and Spell Queller, but in just about all matchups she has a target. Beastcaller Savant can help to cast a Winnower which helps the . I like that Sylvan Messenger can find Winnower which is very nice in matchups where you want her.

I'm not a fan of cards like Stain the Mind. I think Duress and other cheap discard is better. You have Duress and Warping Wail to stop board wipes. Wail is a pretty creative sideboard option you have come up with to stop board wipes, Languish, good job. Unfortunately, you're not playing enough mana sources to cast it. Only 4x Llanowar Wastes can cast it. Only four land sources to cast Wail is not enough. You're going to want at least 8x colorless land sources to be able to cast Wail when you need it, turn four. Without more colorless sources I'm afraid it's best to cut Wail for other sideboard options.

An idea to keep Wail is to add Aether Hub. Hub can first make any color of mana as well as colorless. It's not ideal by any means because you're not using an energy strategy. Hub is also not a very budget friendly land although it really should be seeing how it's an uncommon.

You could add both Hub and replace Beastcaller Savant with Servant of the Conduit to get energy to power both. This move would give you a mana Elf who can make any color of mana at least two times as well as a land which can also make colorless to cast Wail.

Another option would be to include Yavimaya Coast in place of Forests because it can make both green mana and colorless.

multimedia on An Elvish Frontier

3 months ago

Trtl, I haven't looked into Frontier yet, but I'm a huge fan of Elves and Shaman of the Pack, maybe I should. Nice deck I'm all for a budget brew. +1

Since this deck is budget my suggestions will also be budget. Even though you're not using a revolt theme I still suggest that you add both Narnam Renegade and Greenwheel Liberator. I would replace Thornbow Archer with Narnam and move Duress to the sideboard for Liberator. Getting turn one green for a 1 drop is much easier than getting black. You're already playing Elvish Mystic so you want green turn one.

Both Renegade and Liberator allow you to be more aggressive which is the main theme here since you're using Foul-Tongue Shriek, you want to be attacking. Just the threat of being able to activate revolt lets you get more damage in and if Elves die which they will then you can benefit from this.

Chord of Calling is very good with Elves and Shaman of the Pack. It's not a budget card, but I suggest that you replace the one Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth for one Chord. Both are comparable in price and Chord can actually be a win condition with Shaman or Dwynen, Gilt-Leaf Daen or give you card advantage because it can also tutor for Sylvan Messenger. Urborg is fine, but Chord would have much more impact.

Eyeblight Massacre is not really a main deck card. It's a good sideboard card vs Tokens and nonElf aggro like Atarka Red, but pretty bad vs everything else. I would move it to the sideboard for 2x more lands, 1x Forest and 1x Swamp, giving you 20x lands. 18x lands is kind of low even with mana Elves.

Good luck with your deck.

apolloflame on B/G Elves Modern

3 months ago

Me and my wife run our elf deck a little bit different, I notice you have Collected Company, but have you considered Sylvan Messenger, this card will allow you to draw 4 cards and if all 4 are elves you put them all into your hand, not just 2. Also tribal elf cards like Elvish Promenade are able to be picked up with Sylvan Messenger because its subtype is elf.

steadyw on Ultimate Elves Deck

5 months ago

What about Sylvan Messenger to help load up your hand?

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