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Sram's Paradoxical Draw Engine | Sram EDH

Commander / EDH Aggro Artifact Combo Mono-White Multiplayer Voltron



Rough Draft of a theoretical Sram, Senior Edificer deck, utilizing his Equipment/Aura draw engine, mana rocks and Paradox Engine to to find Aetherflux Reservoir for the storm win. Back-up win con is voltron attacks with a weaponized Sram or token swarm with Monastery Mentor .

I am aware this deck is a glass canon. I like it that way.

Combo: Paradox Engine , + mana rocks, + Cage of Hands , Conviction , Flickering Ward = infinite spells! Add Aetherflux Reservoir to gain infinite life and machine-gun all the other players! Add Monastery Mentor to get infinite tokens! Altar of the Brood for infinite mill! A creature with Viridian Longbow attached for infinite damage! Sram, Senior Edificer for infinite draw BUUUTT it's not a "may" clause so you need to get hid of him before combo-ing of with Mentor of Altar, or Reservoir. Sack Sram with Ashnod's Altar or Alter of dementia to continue the combo; and with infinite creatures from M.Mentor you get infinite mana or mill!

Gameplan: Win in 7 semi-easy steps.

Step 1. Get Sram out.

Step 2. Use cheap equipment, enchantments, or tutors to search my deck for Paradox Engine .

Step 3. Continue to utilize Sram's draw power and Paradox Engine to find a bunch of mana rocks and Cage of Hands , Conviction , or Flickering Ward .

Step 4. Use the mana rocks, one of the bounce enchantments, Paradox engine, and Sram to draw through the entire deck(need enough mana rocks that can be untapped by Engine to continuously play and return enchantment. Sram draws off of each cast).

Step 5. Play a sac outlet, and either Monastery Mentor + Altar of the Brood or Aetherflux Reservoir .

Step 6. Sac Sram so he doesn't kill us.

Step 7. Continue playing bounce enchantment to get infinite tokens/mill or infinite life/damage for the win.

I want every card in the deck to have a cmc of 3 or less, unless it's important to the combo or it's utility is too good to pass up. I want to run an extremely low land count.

All comments, upvotes, and suggestions appreciated!


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