Endless Horizons


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Eventide Rare

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Endless Horizons


When Endless Horizons enters the battlefield, search your library for any number of Plains cards and remove them from the game. Then shuffle your library.

At the beginning of your upkeep, you may put a card you own removed from the game with Endless Horizons into your hand.

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Endless Horizons Discussion

marcopollo on Odric, Who Flies with Angels

2 days ago

Endless Horizons, Marble Diamond, Knight of the White Orchid and Gift of Estates will help with the mana ramp.

True Conviction, and Test of Endurance would help with the lifegain win-con.

neosapien on Starfield & Sigil

4 days ago

Those Kruphix's Insight would be so good after an Endless Horizons. Im sure you could fix enough green in and keep all your lands plains

Happymaster19 on Nevermore Prison

5 days ago

True. Most fetching is fine at the end of an opponent's turn but that is primarily in more fetch/shovk hwavy manabases. Ive been playing enchantments for a while now and the only reason a I have fetches is for the Blood Moon splash. Before, I had forgone fetches for the aforementioned Endless Horizons. Games go long with this deck. Very long. And you really want to stretch your life as long as possible. If you stay Mono-white, I highly recommend exploring Endless Horizons. There are ups and downs. You don't lose life but you have to commit mana. You thin your deck a HELL of a lot more with only one card. And when opponent's look at it, they often don't know what to do. Do they really want to counter that? The answer is yes but it's not always obvious and even if it only sticks for a few turns, it will do its damage, keeping you stocked on land to play all those non-land cards you'll be drawing.

Happymaster19 on Nevermore Prison

5 days ago

Right? If you were gonna play anything here to thin the deck, fetches and Endless Horizons about about it. Because you run Ascencion, you may want to go all Plains, rather than fetches.

Applesauce_Magician on Keep the city safe

6 days ago

If you have money for it, I'd suggest Endless Horizons. I'd suggest Reprisal instead of Rebuke, less situational. Instead of Dauntless Onslaught, I'd go with Inspired Charge to buff your whole board. War Oracle would give much more sustainable lifegain than Arashin Cleric, which you can increase with Ascension. You might like Honor of the Pure as well.

Grantley91 on Rain of Feathers [[Primer]]

1 week ago

My only suggestion would be more ramp. Kangee's kicker cost isn't cheap, and paying (at least) 7 mana for a +1/+1 boost is pretty steep if you're not loaded with lands or mana rocks. Unfortunately white and blue are basically the worst at it, aside from Land Tax which is the only nonartifact thing I can come up with right now. Well, there's Endless Horizons, but that's risky.

like70bunnies on Experience Tranquility.

2 weeks ago

Thanks for the support and suggestions! I like most of the cards but don't think mana crypt or mox opal are right given how much money they cost me. Endless Horizons seems cool but I have a lot of manafix that may make it moot. I've been super busy so I'm not really able to sit down and make adequate switches just this second but I definitely see some things that are gonna find themselves in. I'm glad you like the deck- and yes. We are all one within the Iris.

PartyJ on Experience Tranquility.

2 weeks ago

I used to play with this Commander in this past. What this guy needs is a great amount of mana to be really functional in EDH multiplayer.

I would advise you to get more mana ramp/rocks aboard.

Cards like: Mana Crypt, Caged Sun, Mox Opal and Extraplanar Lens help with this.

Endless Horizons is tricky and could easily backfire if your meta is removal heavy.

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