Endless Horizons


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Eventide (EVE) Rare

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Endless Horizons


When Endless Horizons enters the battlefield, search your library for any number of Plains cards and remove them from the game. Then shuffle your library.

At the beginning of your upkeep, you may put a card you own removed from the game with Endless Horizons into your hand.

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Endless Horizons Discussion

Esbilon on

1 month ago

I don't think Luminarch Ascension is really worth it. It does nothing when it comes into play, and for at least 4 more turns. Sure, it's just a 2 drop and it does provide devotion, but I only really see that card working well in multiplayer.

Mox Amber also seems like a subpar choice, you don't need the mana-fixing, and Kytheon, Hero of Akros  Flip is the only card that really allows it to ramp you. I'd just get another plains, or possibly a fancier mono-white land like Eiganjo Castle, Mistveil Plains or Emeria, The Sky Ruin.

You don't have a whole lot of removal, so I'd definitely consider adding some. Path to Exile and Oblivion Ring are the classics, but Angel of Sanctions is on theme even if it is pretty pricy.

Your curve is pretty high, so maybe consider Knight of the White Orchid, Mind Stone or Weathered Wayfarer. There's also Endless Horizons and Extraplanar Lens. For the second, maybe consider switching to Snow-Covered Plains.

Sicktoid on Attack, Attack again

1 month ago

It could. Savage Beating and World at War too. Question is what to cut for them. I'm kinda thinking that Aurelia herself might be enough as a source for extra combats. I made an exception with Waves of Aggression - the synergy between it and Land Tax & Endless Horizons seemed so nice... And I guess it's a good idea to have a backup plan if Aurelia gets Pacifismed or something.

Thanks for the suggestion! I'll see if I can make some room for more extra combat cards in the future! :)

SufferFromEDHD on Boros 43 Lands.dec!

1 month ago

If you read under the deck description Goblin Welder along with an artifact land can create a very one-sided hardlock with Possessed Portal. I've never hardcast it but it's won me some games!

Land Tax does the job the job of your Endless Horizon suggestion. Good card, just not in this list.

cmsrDPM on Boros 43 Lands.dec!

1 month ago

Based on how often lands will die and Some will comeback: I don't see anyway you will be casting Possessed Portal. You may also Like Endless Horizons (although it is vulnerable and you don't have too many plains).

RedmundR2 on Don't Die

2 months ago

I have a few suggestions of cards I run in my version of pillow fort that might improve your decklist. I personally prefer running only 1-2 wincons, I find that Sigil of the Empty Throne is the most effective, because making a bunch of 4/4 fliers everytime you play any card you would want to play anyways is harder to stop as opposed to something like Azors elecutors which just needs some face damage. This would mean making your deck more enchantment based than the current iteration.

This would allow you to add:

Runed Halo Porphyry Nodes Sphere of Safety Nevermore Leyline of Sanctity Rest in Peace Endless Horizons Heliod, God of the Sun

PillzHere on Angel Tribal

2 months ago

dizzierabit I like the suggestion but it would require me to rework my mana base which I am probably already going to do but at the same time I would need to add quite a few basics which would make the ramps spells so much more important to hit. I have a friend in my meta who likes to counter ramp spells too so I think I will try playtesting this at the very least. Cloud Key I have found is really not needed and will probably be cut too. My meta which mainly consists of me and 3 friends are pretty predictable. No one cares about me until I have a threatening board state and my other friends like to play big creature decks and act like they have a big dick so I let them hash it out while I just sit and get strong. But, my biggest thing is I want flavor but I also need utility to play the flavor so I appreciate the advice and will see how it plays out.

Heliogabale She isn't legendary even though wizards have basically admitted that she should have been. Endless Horizons definitely seems like a high risk high reward card that I am interested in trying However, I dont think Exploration would affect it based on how Endless Horizons reads. I don't really want shapeshifters cause as I've said, I want to get as much flavor as possible rather than competitive plays. I have debated both Door of Destinies and Coat of Arms and I don't feel I really need them, they are for sure in my watchlist though because I havent had alot of testing. I also have a friend that plays tribal eldrazi and a fine tuned Ur-dragon deck so coat of arms is pretty much a no no. I feel 36 lands is enough too and I'm not sure what I would cut at this point to add more lands. I use Belbe's Portal rather than quicksilver and I dont want too much cheat because I got a fair bit of cast triggers that I dont get from just putting it into play. I agree to cutting Font of Mythos but with how much lifegain and draw I can get I really like Alhammarret's Archive. Oh and asuza is only for playtesting right now, I figured the one exception I can make to angels is humans but it's really just iffy right now.

Heliogabale on Angel Tribal

2 months ago


Why would Maelstrom Archangel be an illegal Commander? I don't see it on any official Banned list. Please tell me if I am missing something.

There is a lot to be said in favor of theme over cookiecutter; however you do need to enjoy the games, so a little efficiency is still required.

If you are looking for on-theme ramp, I suggest Endless Horizons. it would ensure you always have a second land for your Exploration or Burgeoning. I don't think ou will ever have enough cards for Azusa to have value; since she is not an Angel you may want to lose her.

Are Shapeshifter allowed, since they are considered Angels, like a Metallic Mimic? Adaptive Automaton is also an Angel and works in a similar fashion.

Tribal pieces that would add power to this deck include : Door of Destinies, Vanquisher's Banner and Coat of Arms.

I don't agree you need more than 36 lands, what you do need is ways to cheat your high CMC cards into play. Maybe a Quicksilver Amulet would be welcome here?

You can afford to cut Font of Mythos and Alhammarret's Archive.

Hope this helps!

Weekend_Magic_NC on Bulk Box Format for Kids

2 months ago

cdkime good questions. For the initial draws the deck cards were drawn face down. The only reason the land cards were face up was so the kids could remember which lands were where; they could just as easily be played face down. We only played bulk box cards so issues on "good cards" rarely came up. If you fetched a land for any reason we considered it a search. For instance if someone played Rampant Growth they would simply choose a basic land, and then (since the card says to do it) they would shuffle their library. I imagine that had Endless Horizons been played we would have removed the Plains cards from the top of the Plains pile (still counting it as a search, so we would have shuffled) and then play the card out from there. Keep in mind this was a format played with some pretty young kids so there was a lot of room for leniency.

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