Endless Horizons


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Eventide Rare

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Endless Horizons


When Endless Horizons enters the battlefield, search your library for any number of Plains cards and remove them from the game. Then shuffle your library.

At the beginning of your upkeep, you may put a card you own removed from the game with Endless Horizons into your hand.

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Endless Horizons Discussion

viperfang4 on Teysa Is Kinda Sexy, Right?

2 days ago

Renegade Map just came out, Walking Atlas is always good, you might like Reaper from the Abyss in your creatures, Yahenni's Expertise just came out, Liliana of the Dark Realms helps with grabbing swamps, Endless Horizons grabs plains, Thawing Glaciers is the only fetch land that goes back to your hand, Gilded Lotus is good despite the mana sink, Sorin Markov pings someone to ten, Tree of Perdition too, Hell's Caretaker, Champion of Stray Souls, and Debtors' Knell all grab creatures from your grave regularly, Dark Confidant is like phyrexian arena in a way, Vow of Duty and Vow of Malice could be nice on teysa, Entangler is ridiculous on her, Conqueror's Flail would be good too, and I will come up with more stuff later, that's enough for now.

Revedeka on Mono-White Defend and Spam

1 week ago

I would find a way to fit in Wall of Omens here, if I were you. Not only a 0/4 for 2, it has defender so it benefits from your other creatures and lets you draw a card. This card draw should not be underestimated. I would play Wall of Omens over Wall of Faith, and Im not sure if Endless Horizons is that great here. I would only run Endless Horizons if you're planning to run a pretty low number of lands, or if it combo's well with another card (even though it combo's here with Ghirapur Orrery). If you want to run more tokens, you could find a way to play Extraplanar Lens maybe, it works well with Ghirapur Orrery and Endless Horizons, and is extremely good with spells with in their mana cost, which most token spells are. If you go that route, you could try Secure the Wastes or Entreat the Angels and maybe soem token pump spells like Intangible Virtue or Elspeth, Sun's Champion.

Good luck with your deck!

eeee1994 on Mono White Storm :O

2 weeks ago

Just got back to computer access so I'll respond to all the comments here in order now, thanks for all the upvotes by the way!

I love Astral Steel but its just such a bad card haha, if I'm playing for flavor I'll definitely add it!

Ornithopter sadly isn't a vehicle or he'd definitely get included.

I only run Neglected Heirloom  Flip because its so cheap and I don't particularly care about what my equipment does. Loxodon Warhammer is powerful, but just too expensive for what I want.

I added Sensei's Divining Top, Alhammarret's Archive and Endless Horizons and will test Scrap Trawler.

I have added Monastery Mentor over Kemba. I'm still considering Sculpting Steel and Prototype Portal but they are kinda expensive and only good if I have another expensive artifact out already.

I was considering the tron lands but decided I have so few lands that I want mostly plains and the nonbasics I opted to use are mostly land destruction stuff.

Eiti3 on Mono White Storm :O

2 weeks ago

If at all possible, I think running a Alhammarret's Archive or a Sensei's Divining Top would be a decent contingency to drawing into lands and ruining your storm. Another idea to counteract drawing too many lands would be running a Endless Horizons as a Mana Severance.

Additionally, I recommend a Scrap Trawler, which is coming out with Aether Revolt too, in which combos perfectly with Krark-Clan Ironworks. Sac any to artifacts to essentially ritual until you end up sac'ing to the drop. With all of your reducers out, that's Crucible of Worlds sac'd into 2 drop (Draw from Sram), sac that into a 1 drop (Draw from Sram), into a 0 drop (Draw from Sram).

cornpie987387 on Enchantments and Angels

2 weeks ago

Thank you Firebones675! I did not make those connections. Beyond being able to draw Hallowed Fountain and Prairie Stream with Endless Horizons, is there any other bonuses to using them over Glacial Fortress? I didn't want this deck to cost an absurd amount of money and those special lands are a little expensive. Same reason I didnt jump for Greater Auramancy. Quick question, if I use Endless Horizons and it gets destroyed, do I lose those plains? I would assume I would but I read something weird about how it resolves somewhere. I wanted to put enchanted evening in to prevent players from using cards like Spring Cleaning but I did not realise I would destroy my own lands. Does any one else have other ideas to prevent enchantment board clear cards? Thank you for commenting!

Firebones675 on Enchantments and Angels

2 weeks ago

I agree with Apakakuta. Keep in mind thatHallowed Fountain and Prairie Stream are plains and Endless Horizon never says the plains has to be a basic plains.

Thalia's Lancers might be a consideration it can fetch Augustin, several angels, and nykthos

I see you are considering Enchanted Evening. Keep in mind that when combined with Starfield of Nyx would cause all your lands to be a 0/0 and immediely be put into the graveyard as a state based action. Just something to be mindful of.

Love-in-Theory on This Fortress of Tears (Zedruu Pillowfort/Control)

2 weeks ago

ZomBee_Hunt - I appreciate the feedback!

  1. Most of the time Transcendence and Vicious Shadows are how I win.
  2. Endless Horizons , Tithe , Land Tax are in here temporarily because I'm still figuring out/and purchasing IRL the right lands for the deck. (Though I love Land Tax + Scroll Rack synergy)

  3. I've considered Mind Over Matter, I'll look back into it. (Decking my opponents can be useful!)

  4. I'll probably take out Celestial Dawn

I'll keep you updated, thanks again!

ZomBee_Hunt on This Fortress of Tears (Zedruu Pillowfort/Control)

2 weeks ago

Was looking at your deck and saw that you want to make it more competitive. Well the first thing I think you have too many board wipes. In a competitive environment you should be proactive rather than reactive. and the mana used to cast those board wipes is a lot which means you are doing less of your game plan.

What is your win condition, is it Laboratory Maniac?

Some cards I would take out are Transcendence, this card can be an instant win but you have to have less then 20 life to even cast it and you need to get rid of it right away.

Chromatic Lantern and Celestial Dawn are essentially the same card now with the rulings on mana. except that clestial dawn doesnt tap for mana. I would take both out and focus on a more consistent mana base or if you have to run one, then take out dawn.

Land Tax, Tithe, and Endless Horizons are all taking up space by cards that can help you win or control the board more efficiently. If they let you put the lands into play it would be better but as it is just filling up your hand with lands you need to have unlimited hand sized other size other wise you jsut discarding lands.

I would suggest working on your mana base so then you can cake out those cards. Once the mana base is goo, the consistency will come.

Temple Bell is a good card but you are helping out your opponent. If you want to run Mind Over Matter you can do an infinite combo and deck every one. Fevered Visions is another one blah card to me. It helps every draw more and the damage they take is small in comparison to their life total.

As a fellow zedruu player, I built my deck to it any meta I play in. I have many controlling aspects of my deck that are more proactive then board wipes and exiling creatures.

I do like the scroll rack though, you dont see that in a lot of builds and I think it works great with zedruu.

Once you start taking this to more competitive tournaments, let me know how it goes.

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