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Purphoros, God of Infinite Tokens [cEDH PRIMER]

Commander / EDH Aggro Combo Competitive Multiplayer Primer Stax



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Want to destroy all of your opponents quickly and at the same time without attacking? With tokens, here's how.

After lots of research, testing, and changes, this work of art is a great Purphoros EDH primer. This is a very competitive Purphoros deck, and there's been lots of changes to make this deck start faster, protect itself from disruptions, and covers its weaknesses. It's also a pretty fun deck to play. Best thing about this simple deck is that new EDH players can learn EDH through this deck easily and rack up some wins, too! (Proven this fact in multiple bases and shops!)

To begin with, Purphoros is used as the commander instead of Krenko, because of a few reasons:

  1. He can attack several opponents at once with his ability just by sitting there as an indestructible enchantment. Literal God status.
  2. You can tutor for Krenko with multiple cards ("target Goblin card", etc), but you can't tutor for Purphoros with pure red decks.
  3. He is an Indestructible enchantment first, which protects him from most board wipes and anything targeting creatures.
  4. Speeds up the game. Seriously, a Commander that deals 2 DMG to every opponent for every creature will speed up games like nothing you've seen before.

What makes this deck good? Several points:

1. Really Low Mana Curve Show

2. Deck Cycling/Drawing/Tutoring Show

3. Great Mana Ramp Show

4. Control Show

5. Destruction Show

How to Play: Show

Speeds up WinCon: Show

Infinite Combos and Other Win Conditions (Not Used) Show

Cards that didn't make the cut (and why): Show

Modest Budget? Substitute! (Under $5 Cards) Show

I'm always looking forward to any comments and/or improvements. Please also suggest what to exchange for said improvements. I enjoy any suggestions, and I try to put much thought about them. I tend to update often thanks to good reminders. If you like any of my decks, don't forget to give ol' Jelly here some love or catch me at Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ded_pul25/.


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