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Uril, the Enchanting Miststalker (EDH Primer)

Commander / EDH Control Enchantment Primer Ramp Stax Voltron


... He bides his time as you stack up with enchantments, but he comes out smashing to victory!

The first thing is that this is is an voltron-enchantment deck: a deck that focuses on one creature, and buffs him up with and Auras to win with commander damage. I like this deck, because in a deck of 100 cards, I can focus on setting up Uril, the Miststalker with various enchantments and then make him a very big, unstoppable threat with vicious auras.

With this deck, there are two main WinCons: Show

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I want to give props to Wally D. http://www.mtgcasualplay.com/mtg-uril-miststalker-edh-commander-deck/ for the great points he made when I was starting out with my Uril deck!


Updates Add

Hey, everyone. With this set, I added cards that are very useful for the deck. Here are the changes:

Wheel of Sun and Moon > Destiny Spinner Prison Realm > Shatter the Sky Angelic Renewal > Omen of the Hunt Kenrith's Transformation > Dryad of the Ilysian Grove Austere Command > Single Combat (still testing if it is a good change) Myriad Landscape > Sunbaked Canyon

Still testing the changes, but Uril is definitely pumped to see all the support for enchantments from TBD. Hope you guys test out your enchantment Commanders and update me if there's any good cards to consider! -Jelly

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