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Uril, the Enchanting Miststalker (EDH Primer)

Commander / EDH Control Enchantment Pillow Fort Primer Ramp RGW (Naya) Voltron


... He bides his time as you stack up with enchantments, but he comes out smashing to victory!

The first thing is that this is is an voltron-enchantment deck: a deck that focuses on one creature, and buffs him up with and Auras to win with commander damage. I like this deck, because in a deck of 100 cards, I can focus on setting up Uril, the Miststalker with various enchantments and then make him a very big, unstoppable threat with vicious auras.

With this deck, there are two main WinCons:

  1. Uril with 21 Commander Damage

  2. Sigil of the Empty Throne with an army of angels

Why Uril as the Voltron commander?

I looked at some other Voltron legendary creatures, and here are my thoughts:

Sigarda, Host of Herons : It was a huge debate on whether to use her or Uril. Sigarda doesn't differentiate between auras and equipments used on her, has an additional protection (flying and is against sacrificing) and has 2 colors to focus on. However, as stable as she is, I feel like she's too slow comparing to Uril who can destroy players in 1 or 2 turns later with auras. It's the main reason I stuck with Uril, besides being super deadly with Runes of the Deus .

Bruna, Light of Alabaster : She's good: flying, vigilance, and aura magnet. Problem is that she is a super late game Voltron and the colors don't have Green, which hurts with important ramping. Also, without Hexproof, she's a very vulnerable Voltron.

Zur the Enchanter : Honestly, it's a deck that right away people don't want to play with, or will target automatically and then you don't want to play. He's the easiest, lazy way of playing magic. Yes, he's Tier 1, but he's also extremely expensive and always generates hate. Not fun to play if you're automatically the target.

Deck Strengths:

  • Commander has hexproof: Uril gets around "target creature" or even "target permanent".

  • Commander has +2/+2 from every aura: Not only do you have awesome auras to play with, but you get a power bonus!

  • Cheaper colors: R/W/G tends to be cheaper than Blue or Black cards. The 3 colors have a better variety of fun control cards (white) to ramp cards (green) to beat-down cards (red).

  • Enchantress Pack Synergy: The deck has a good draw base with the Enchantresses and all the enchantments in the deck. Note there are no artifacts, and even Sol Ring isn't needed here.

  • STAX: There are lots of enchantments to control the field and slow everyone down until you have Uril out and primed to destroy.

Deck Weaknesses:

-Not many blockers. You will have turns when you'll take a good beating. Incidentally, there is a good amount of lifegain in the deck to offset that weakness.

-Extremely Commander dependent: Every time Uril gets to the command zone, it's another 2 mana to bring him out. Forget about bringing him out if he gets put in twice. If this happens to you, you can pull him from the graveyard with Eternal Witness or Command Beacon . Or go have fun with Sigil of the Empty Throne .

Uril Weaknesses: Uril is easily the biggest target on the field. Once he's out, someone will have an answer for him (so be aware). Weaknesses are the following:


-Board Wipe


-Prevent all damage, like Spore Frog : F*** him. With a passion. My friend has a very good G/B sacrifice deck with this card. It's extremely annoying, and difficult to kill completely.


  1. Ramp: Opening hand should have a ramp card and 2 lands or 3 lands or you have an enchantress card to start drawing.

  2. Set up your field for Uril: Look at your opponents' fields! Fighting tricky (blue) players; keep your hand ready with that Silence or Vexing Shusher . Opponents start to play lots of creatures; clear the field with a board wipe or stall with Ghostly Prison .

  3. Bringing out Uril: Now before you pull him out, look first. Are you sufficiently prepared to protect him? If your opponent has a counter, do you have a response? If your opponent has a board wipe, do you have a way to regenerate Uril? Be sure to have an aura in hand before you bring out Uril.

  4. Load up Uril with Auras and swing away: Kill. Win.

Things to take advantage of:

-Lifegain/Shock cards: Don't be worried about losing some life to shock lands or Sylvan Library , it'll be worth it when you get it all back through Uril with lifelink.

-Enchantress package: Draw power is key in EDH, and here you shouldn't have an issue with the Enchantress cards by your side.

-Enchant your lands instead of having your sorceries bring you mana. Helps with the enchantment count. Notice the low artifact/sorcery ramp cards. This deck is focused on maximizing enchantment power.

[Still updating the description. Be back to see more.]

I want to give props to Wally D. http://www.mtgcasualplay.com/mtg-uril-miststalker-edh-commander-deck/ for the great points he made when I was starting out!


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