Hello and welcome! This is my first EDH deck that I've completed, despite the fact that I'm adding cards to the holding sideboard for it all the time. This is Rakdos, Lord of Riots an EDH deck that allows you to cheat out huge fatties often before your opponents can properly respond to them. I love playing this deck for that 'Powder Keg' feeling you'll get while sitting at the table, you always feel like you're sitting on a heap of dynamite and just looking for that tiny spark to explode off.

Often times it will feel like you're setting the pace and tempo of the table, something I truly enjoy as Rakdos will begin to dictate who can do what and when, not through allowing things to resolve or not, but by the imminent threat of death that he brings to the table.

As a small note, there are many cards in this deck that could upgraded or swapped out to provide for something more efficient, however given that I own every card here listed in paper, some choices have been made to reflect both financial availability or personal choice. This isn't meant to be the End-all Be-all Rakdos deck, merely my take on a devilishly fun Commander. Much credit goes towards user Zakass as his deck served as both the inspiration, and the shell from which I built this, much of his influence remains in the sideboard, should the need to revive Staxdos come about.

Lastly, my sideboard is quite large, and ever growing. Any time I find I card that I feel could find a spot, I pick it up, provided that it's reasonably priced of course, and it comes along for the ride.In particular, Triskelion is sideboarded out unless I come across one of 'those' players, because while Triskelion along with Mikaeus, the Unhallowed represents an instant Win-Con, it's tiresome and unfun for the table for it to be included natively. You do have to play against the same guys week to week after all!

4/8/17 Edit: Killing Wave has been cut for Toxic Deluge Too often I found that Killing wave only affected Weenie decks and my meta doesn't have many, if any of those. Of course as always, your meta may vary!

4/22/17 Edit: Commune with Lava and Bedlam have been cut. Too often Bedlam would not provide anything other than a means for myself to get ruined, and Commune with Lava never fired. Modern Masters and some scrupulous trading have brought forth both Chromatic Lantern for easy mana fixing, and as a soft counter to the next card we're going to play Blood Moon providing a way to lock out expensive and diverse mana bases on the cheap.

4/24/2017 Edit: Cut Kaervek the Merciless , Ogre Battledriver and Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs for consistent under performance, and for being the most reasonable things to lose in the pursuit of more lands.

4/25/17 Edit: Mail time! Desolation Twin and Mass Hysteria while being relative all stars in their respective roles, have been cut for Kozilek, Butcher of Truth and Sneak Attack respectively.

5/31/2017 Edit: Viashino Heretic has been removed in favor of adding consistency in the form of Vampiric Tutor

6/1/2017 Edit: Talisman of Indulgence has finally found it's replacement at the back end of some Eternal Masters packs I picked up on a whim. Chrome Mox has taken its place.



CaptSillva says... #1

You could try out Steel Hellkite and Solemn Simulacrum.

June 16, 2017 3:41 a.m.

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