Nullstone Gargoyle


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ravnica: City of Guilds (RAV) Rare

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Nullstone Gargoyle

Artifact Creature — Gargoyle


Whenever the first noncreature spell of a turn is played, counter that spell.

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Nullstone Gargoyle Discussion

sylvannos on The best cards not worth ...

1 month ago

Glare of Subdual and Long-Forgotten Gohei were some of my favorite cards in Standard from eras past, but sadly aren't that viable in Modern.

I've also wanted to build a deck around Quest for Ula's Temple, Nullstone Gargoyle, Hair-Strung Koto, and Realms Uncharted. They're all missing some key components, however.

Other oddball cards I'd like to use are Fossil Find, Boneyard Wurm, and Nighthowler. I also wish there was there was room in decks to play the Skarrg, the Rage Pits cycle of utility lands from the original Ravnica.

goblinguiderevealpls on FLAVA FLAAAAAVES' clock collection

2 months ago

Yes they can, you are correct

However you can completely ignore, or at least bypass this this via self-counter engines like Blood Funnel, and if I had the money, mishra's signature card Nether Void

I used to run many more of these when he was the stax variant such as Nullstone Gargoyle, Planar Chaos, Ice Cave and Guile, but the storm variant cares more about storm count than artifacts actually resolving

bimjowen on Daretti, Stax Savant

3 months ago

Mark_Hill_AL, welcome! I think you made some good points, although you may have missed a few nuances (which is totally forgivable since you noted you don't play Daretti).

Trimming the curve with Daretti is a good thing, yes, but we do want to make sure we have a decent number of threatening artifacts to reanimate with Daretti. These reanimation targets are often high CMC and they do pull up our curve, but we don't typically plan on ever casting these as we cheat them in with our -2. I've already made some painful cuts -- I removed all the Eldrazi, Bosh, Iron Golem and several other high CMC cards. Nullstone Gargoyle is a headache for most opponents. Generally an opponent will have to burn two spells to answer this guy, at which point I can reanimate him again the next turn. He can really create card disadvantage for our opponents similar to Possessed Portal -- a great suggestion you made and a card I am only not playing currently because I don't own one.

Myr Retriever is decent, but he doesn't do anything upon early game -2 Daretti activations to sac him when my yard is empty, or if my yard is exiled. I think if I'm looking for -2 fodder that Ichor Wellspring may be better.

Wheel effects are this deck's bread and butter for two reasons: red card draw is hard to come by, and filling our graveyard is critical to make use of our -2.

Some of the card selection spells are okay, and they do feed my yard a bit, but some of them force random discard (bad) or don't provide card advantage (bad).

Stranglehold is in to prevent combo decks from simply tutoring a wincon that I cannot interact with (I'm playing mono red after all). It also stops their fetches! Extra turns are rarely in my meta but that's just sort of a bonus effect. I agree it's a bit pricey at 4 CMC and it doesn't synergize with the deck since it's not an artifact, but again, in red we need every advantage possible to prevent people from comboing off because we usually cannot stop them once they do.

Charbelcher is much better than you'd think, particularly with Unwinding Clock and stax pieces in play.

I agree with your point on Mirrorworks and Prototype Portal. I think I'm going to cut PP because it creates card disadvantage if it's killed before I get to use it, but Mirrorworks is generally solid. Mirrorworks also goes nuts with Ugin's Nexus!

Believe it or not, Chandra Ablaze has pretty nice impact generally. Her -2, used with no cards in hand, is a straight draw 3. Alternately, she acts as a mini wheel and fuels my graveyard while wrecking the hands of my opponents! Chandra Flamecaller is pretty similar but only hits me. Chandra, Torch of Defiance usually doesn't have that much impact in the testing I've done. She seems like she should be good, but her +1 Mana ritual is almost always useless so she's basically an Outpost Siege that my opponents can swing at and kill with their hate bears.

Paradox Engine and Ruination are definitely going in! I'm just considering what to cut for them.

Again, Crucible of Worlds is much better than you'd expect because it allows me to get back lands I pitch to Daretti's +2 and it also allows me to expediently recover from my land destruction spells. There's also a little bit of tech between Crucible and my nonbasic sacrifice lands, but that's secondary.

Grafdiggers isn't bad. It does hurt Nullstone Gargoyle though. But it hoses certain decks like Meren and Karador, but they aren't really the problem decks for me in my meta -- it's the blue decks that are problematic.

Let me know if any of this makes sense or if you disagree! Thank you for your huge comment!!

Mark_Hill_AL on Daretti, Stax Savant

3 months ago

ibstudent2200 - Yeah, I thought about Grafdigger's Cage for a little while. I thought that the most likely target for his -2 would be to reanimate a stax piece rather than a creature. Currently there are only 6 creature targets in this deck - perhaps I misread here though. If this is the case though, the upside of neutering opposing reanimator strategies seems high.

Is Nullstone Gargoyle that good even when cheated in? I guess in early turns it can be quite disabling. In my meta there are usually many spells cast each turn so I am probably underestimating.

ibstudent2200 on Daretti, Stax Savant

3 months ago

Grafdigger's Cage shuts off Daretti's -2 ability on creatures.

You don't cast Nullstone Gargoyle in a Daretti list. You just cheat it into play using Daretti's -2 ability.

Mark_Hill_AL on Daretti, Stax Savant

3 months ago


Really cool deck! You have a good mass of the most important stax and LD pieces but I think the biggest think you can do now to up the competitiveness of the deck is to really drop you mean CMC. At the moment it is quite high, dropping it would allow you play more stuff in a single turn getting to your lock pieces quicker and reducing the number of dead draws in the early game.

Trimming your curve is pretty time consuming, it's something I have been working on over a long time with my decks - but it's really worth it! Looking at your list briefly I have a few suggestions (caveat: I don't play Daretti personally so these won't be the most informed).

Things i would consider cutting:Nullstone Gargoyle - this is very expensive for a fairly mediocre effect. Would swap this out for Myr Retriever.Magus of the Wheel - not sure you need any more wheel effects than you already have.Chandra Ablaze - I think Chandra, Torch of Defiance is just much better.Outpost Siege - I appreciate the pseudo card advantage but I think you are better served playing a few more card selection spells like Cathartic Reunion, Tormenting Voice, Faithless Looting.Stranglehold - This might be a meta call, if you are playing against Narset turns or something it seems good but in most situations i think it's a bit too specific. Stopping players from searching libraries is good but if you achieve a faster lock they won't be casting anything anyway...Crucible of Worlds - don't think you get enough value out of this to be worthy of the include. Goblin Charbelcher - I think there are definitely more synergistic things you can be doing at this slot. Mirrorworks - I think instead of copying what you already have these slots are better dedicated to getting to the things you need quicker. Prototype Portal - I think this is just a bit slow, also same thing as for Mirrorworks.

In terms of what to put in i think Paradox Engine is an auto include. It makesThe Chain Veil even better besides allowing you to generate absurd amounts of mana - particularly good after you have wiped the board of lands leaving your mana artifacts behind. I would also definitely try and squeeze in Possessed Portal this is a super hard lock if you can keep it around. As I said, more card selection so I would think about the suite of Faithless, Tormenting and Cathartic. Ruination is noticeably absent, this card is great here. I didn't notice and graveyard hate? Maybe Grafdigger's Cage is worth a shot?

Anyway I am not sure if my suggestions are of any use but I stand by the lowering the mean CMC argument. It may just take a lot of play testing and time to figure out!

Happy staxing!

bimjowen on Daretti, Stax Savant

3 months ago


Ruination is a great suggestion; holy shit, I can't believe I forgot to add that!

Chandra, Flamecaller is nice, but she does cost 6. I might end up running her as well. It's a good suggestion.

Starstorm is a great suggestion against more aggressive decks, particularly elfball. Conversely, All Is Dust is almost never a card I'm happy to draw. It spares my artifacts, sure, but it kills Daretti which is counter intuitive to our plan. If I'm going to kill my general, I'd rather it be to Ugin, the Spirit Dragon -- at least he has multiple modes and can stick around generating additional value.

Duplicant and Sandstone Oracle aren't bad cards per se, but in a more competitive meta decks can't really afford to be stuffed with high CMC cards that don't generate tremendous value short of instantly winning the game upon cast. Duplicant is a 1 for 1 and often doesn't end up with a devastating power and toughness ("I'll Duplicant your Jin-Gitaxias... My Duplicant is now a 5/4" -- not very scary). I used to have Sandstone Oracle in the deck, and while occasionally he'd draw me 5 cards, drawing him felt so awful when I had more cards in hand than my opponents, or he'd end up drawing me only one or two cards.

Drownyard Temple is some solid tech with all my MLD and as you noted, it synergizes with Daretti's -2; I like that suggestion.

HOLY SHIT at Blinkmoth Well! What a suggestion! Loving that one!

Yeah buddy, Nullstone Gargoyle does work! Outside of Meren / Karador decks that ETB triggers or Caustic Caterpillar and the like, some decks have real trouble dealing with the Gargoyle!

I'm still testing Gonti's Aether Heart. Currently, my thought process is that if this thing is imprinted on Prototype Portal you can really start going nuts with value Time Warps off it every couple turns. Alternately, copying the Heart with Mirrorworks as it comes into play then letting the real one die to the Legend rule could create some useful situations, as you could then activate and exile the token version, then use Daretti to recur the real one and so on. Finally, exiling the Heart and copying the extra turn effect with Rings of Brighthearth is solid value. Again, all of these scenarios are a little clunky, but it's Daretti -- we're working with what we've got, lol.

Anvil of Bogardan is a bit iffy. It comes down early and while it does feed our opponents, remember that it's not a Howling Mine -- it's not straight card draw, it's filtering. I believe that in most cases this will help us more than our opponents, as Daretti is happy to pitch the high CMC artifacts into the yard so he can recur them. Anvil does help our opponents who run reanimator decks, but they're not tremendously common in CEDH. Blinkmoth Urn I'm not sure about; I haven't tested it extensively enough. I just added it.

I really loved your suggestions though. Some of these are going in immediately! Haha

ibstudent2200 on Daretti, Stax Savant

3 months ago

I'm a big fan of Ruination in mono-red decks.

I personally prefer Chandra, Flamecaller to Chandra, Torch of Defiance. Being able to discard your hand and draw more cards than you had before is extremely nice.

I've found Starstorm to be useful as an instant-speed boardwipe, even if it's not particularly efficient. All Is Dust is another helpful boardwipe.

Duplicant and Sandstone Oracle are cards that I've found to be fairly handy with Daretti.

Drownyard Temple is fun with Daretti, and also fun with MLD.

Blinkmoth Well shuts off Winter Orb and Static Orb.

I had completely forgotten about Nullstone Gargoyle! I'm definitely picking it up ASAP.

How has Gonti's Aether Heart faired for you?

I'm not a huge fan of Anvil of Bogardan or Blinkmoth Urn, since your opponents benefit before you do. I've had way too many games where multiple opponents gained 2-4 mana from the Urn, only for one of them to blow it up before I could use it.

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