Caller of the Pack


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2015 Uncommon

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Caller of the Pack

Creature — Beast


Myriad (Whenever this creature attacks, for each opponent other than defending player, you may put a token that's a copy of this creature onto the battlefield tapped and attacking that player or a planeswalker he or she controls. Exile the token at the end of combat.)

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Caller of the Pack Discussion

NyanNijet on Rhys's little helpers

3 weeks ago

Love the deck so far! Here are a few cards I think would have a nice fit in here

Cryptolith Rite makes the tokens into mana dorks, sudo Citanul Hierophants.

Wayfaring Temple good body plus on hit populate.

Sundering Growth good removal plus polulate

Rootborn Defenses allows the board to avoid any destroy type board wipes. plus populate.

Giant Adephage great body, copies himself on hit

Caller of the Pack Myriad is fun with cards like Parallel Lives and Doubling Season.

Secure the Wastes instant speed army maker

RijtBart on Mayael, the Anima EDH #HELP

4 weeks ago

A friend of mine runs a pretty nasty deck. She uses beast creatures for the most part. She lets them fight with Contested Cliffs before she attacks. Terra Stomper is great for this deck. Also Caller of the Pack is a great card.

To get those creatures out: Selvala's Stampede is badass. I second the Defense of the Heart.

have you considered Warstorm Surge?

JonnyIV on Saskia H8bear Control Aggro Multiplayr Competitive

4 months ago

I would take out the following:Arlinn Kord  Flip, Elspeth, Knight-Errant, Sarkhan Vol, Grenzo, Havoc Raiser, Skinrender, Urabrask the Hidden, Slayers' Stronghold and Skarrg, the Rage Pits as well as maybe Ogre Battledriver and Gahiji, Honored One. This in general is because either A. the card has too little impact or B. the card is too win more.

I would replace these cards with: Strip Mine, Wasteland, Vampiric Tutor, Worldly Tutor, Enlightened Tutor, Gaddock Teeg, Crucible of Worlds and Hushwing Gryff (just make sue that you play this after your commander if you have the option). I might also consider Mystical Tutor (for Triumph of the Hordes mostly) and maybe some of the myriad creatures from Commander 2015 (Caller of the Pack, Banshee of the Dread Choir, Herald of the Host and Warchief Giant) to function as extra copies of Hydra Omnivore. The other thing that you might add is some MLD such as Armageddon to cement your win. If you want more in depth reasons of each card you can ask and I'll try to reply in the next couple of days.

The_Grape on Things and thingies

4 months ago

Mutant's Prey can be helpful for getting rid of threats. When it comes to dropping cards for others in your maybeboard, let me comment on that.

  1. Broodbirth Viper-doesn't help you much. It gives you decent draw, but it doesn't even give you xp for it's clones.

  2. Caller of the Pack-too expensive, no xp, not even a bonus from dealing damage

  3. Illusory Ambusher-really expensive for what it does, you will only get 1 draw from it in the beginning and it isn't good enough to waste a turn putting coutners on it

  4. Will-Forged Golem-expensive and doesn't give you any benefits

  5. Second Harvest-this seems to only be useful some of the time.

  6. Day of the Dragons-will get rid of all of your hard fought counters-when your creatures re-renter, yes you can get a crap ton of xp and etb triggers, btu all the buffs you put on them go away and the tokens don't come back. a single Declaration in Stone removes your hard work and the enchantment is still on the field.

DuBie15 on Death is not the End

4 months ago

Cards that could come out for upgrades that i found are Sever the Bloodline, same name is not really relevant there is way better removal. Banshee of the Dread Choir, Blood Bairn, Caller of the Pack, Cloudthresher, Eater of Hope, Extractor Demon, Great Oak Guardian, Indrik Stomphowler, Altar's Reap, Thief of Blood and Ambition's Cost could all be better cards i think.

Wolfrage76 on Things and thingies

4 months ago

I think I'm going to drop both Caller of the Pack and Broodbirth Viper - maybe replace them with token or counter creators. Thought being I don'y need biggies, I need more tokens and counters. Myriad is nice but eh.

RedUndead40 on New to mtg and commander

4 months ago

TC the best cards Ive found with Saskia are more damage doublers to really get aggressive.

Gisela, Blade of Goldnight, Gratuitous Violence, True Conviction, Dictate of the Twin Gods, Wound Reflection, Quest for Pure Flame, Furnace of Rath, etc all seem to end games very fast with her.

Also any creatures that can hit multiple opponents at once such as Hydra Omnivore or any creature with Myriad (though Caller of the Pack and Herald of the Host are probably the only good ones). Blade of Selves will surely put in lots of work as well.

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