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I disagree with some of the above. I do agree that the artifact lands are fragile. It may not happen every game, but when you lose them to a vandal blast type of effect, it hurts real bad. Its very rare that I run into problems with the Rav bounce lands so keeping the boros garrison is just fine. Its essentially 2 lands for the cost of 1 card.

I really like solemn simulacrum in aurelia. Its a creature and a land. And it stops a big non trampling attacker from coming in, because they won't get the damage through and you just draw a card, so they will attack someone else. Its subtle, but Ive found I'm happier with it in play than not. I counted about 8-9 pieces of ramp, so I think you are in good shape right there.

One thing I did notice is that you are a little crowded on 4CMC cards so you should probably cut a handful of those, and add some stuff at the top end for late game punch. You have a good amount of ramp, so you want to have good things to ramp into. Heres what I got, (this one will be controversial) but I would actually cut Bruse Tarl, for True Conviction . Same ability, but more powerful and fixes curve issues. I would love to see you cut a PW out of the 4 slot. They are all good in their own ways, but I think Nahiri is the weakest of the bunch. For me it usually just ends up being removal. I feel like I'm not getting enough value if i just use the + mode and the ultimate can be lackluster without an eldrazi. I would replace this with a Wear / Tear or Chaos Warp depending on which type of removal you need more. also both are sun forger targets. Again just for curve considerations, I would cut wrath of god for blasphemous act. The times they don't do the exact same thing are uncommon enough. Its a tough choice right here, but my next cut might be Exalted Angel. Is it sweet? Absolutely? Have I won games with it? Oh yeah. But it does force you to choose between attacking with a massive token army or just your commander and that is awkward. So I might switch that out for Adriana, Captain of the Guard similar type of effect, but pumps your whole team, and fits the curve better. Archangel of Thune would also play a similar role pump your whole team and gain you life. I also wouldn't mind you seeing add another 6 drop to the deck. Etali, Godo, and Inferno titan are all sweet choices. Thats what I got for now :)

January 19, 2019 2:07 p.m.

Step 6 is obviously use sunforger again to cast angel's grace again so you don't lose the game.

January 18, 2019 12:39 p.m.
  1. Cast Final Fortune or Chance for Glory during your turn with 2 white permanents and mistveil plains untapped, and a white to pay for it. Sunforger Must also be in play.
  2. activate the mistveil plains and cycle the turn spell back to the bottom of your library
  3. Complete your first turn.
  4. Start your second turn. Equip sunforger if necessary. Cast Angel's Grace with Sunforger . Then use the mistveil plains to cycle angel's grace back to the bottom. It gets a bit mana intense here, but if you can re-equip sunforger and play another extra turn spell go ahead and do so.
  5. At some point you will need to get Sword of Feast and Famine or Sundial of the Infinite to keep the loop going since you need to activate mistveil plains twice in a turn both of which can be picked up with a sunforger cast of Enlightened Tutor

This sequence would allow you to go infinite. It is mana intense, so either ramping a lot and/or getting something like a kazuul's tyrant Brass Squire or Balan, Wandering Knight is recommended. You can also play the sequence to not go infinite and just grab a couple of extra turns, which may enough to put you ahead and take key players out of the game. Typing it all out it does actually seem a bit complex, but once you do it a few times you should get the hang of it.

January 18, 2019 12:37 p.m.

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As mentioned above, I would look into a few of those 1 sided board wipes, those will be crazy with your commander in your play, but also just good in general. Couple quick suggestions, I had looked at things like trepanation blade, and trepanation blade. I think they will be a bit underwhelming. With Body and Mind the trigger happens after damage, so you have to untap with it for the boost to be relevant. Trep is fine, but usually only hits for 2-3 cards at a time. I think Id really like to see Altar of Dementia in that spot. Since it can also act as a win condition if its power is higher than your opponents library, plus the good utility that it brings. Rite of Consumption also seems good, but otherwise really solid.

January 17, 2019 1:37 p.m.

I did a queen marchesa deck a while back that focused on the final fortune, angels grace combo off of sunforger and mistveil plains. I think I am going to do another version of this deck with those combos in mind. Stay tuned.

January 14, 2019 6:13 p.m.

Said on Boros Legion...


Hey so I took a look at the deck. Your choices are very solid, not a bad card in the list. So that means that were talking about really fine tuning, and getting into some fairly knit picky choices. Some of this will depend on how fast your meta is, if its slower than its cool to go a little bigger, if your meta is a little faster either go faster or play removal to slow things down. But One of the first things I was looking at was just over all count cards. Creature count looks good, land count Id like to see you go up 1 to 37. I would like also like to see the enchantment count come down slightly, maybe subtract 2. I think the big change needs to be that your artifact needs to come up so that we can make sure that you always have metalcraft in the mid to late turns. On the same note Id like to see more mana ramp as well. Your ramp count is about 4 ish right now id like to see that closer to 8. Cards I would like to see added, Thran Dynamo and Worn Powerstone, are amazing sources of ramp, and Palladium Myr does a nice impression of worn powerstone plus can be an attacker late. Then Sensei's Divining Top is so good for everything that you want to be doing, metal craft and smoothing out draws. Its not out yet but Smothering Tithe looks like it will be incredible in this deck so I would add that when it comes out. Another artifact that looks very good is Shrine of Loyal Legions is an artifact that makes lot of artifact tokens, metal craft and power. Also looking at your maybe board, theres a lot of good cards in there as well. Conquerors flail is super sweet, especially if you are like me and prone to get blown out by cyclonic rift mid combat, or even just shutting off counterspells so good. A few other cards that I would add or at least think about are Windbrisk Heights, and Spinerock Knoll, also side note becareful with how many colorless mana producing lands you run it can cause problems especially early in the game. I have found myself cutting slayers stronghold of late since tapping out 3 is kind of a lot, unless its really late. Hanweir garrison is just much better IMO. Few more cards to think about White Sun's Zenith end step and hit big on your turn, and finally Gift of Estates and Boreas Charger and/or Tithe making land drops is so important, be sure not to get stuck on 4 or 5 lands. So those are the cards I would add or at least think about. Oh Cultivator's Caravan would be interesting also.

Next up cards to cut. This is generally the harder part. And as I mentioned you don't really have bad cards in the deck, so cuts will be difficult. Like I mentioned, I think enchantment count needs to come down a little. Do you find that breath of fury, and goblin assault are carrying their weight? Those might be the 2 that I would cut, though I haven't played Breath very much myself. Has curse of opulence performed well?

Lands - Do you find that you are getting value out of slayers stronghold, secluded steppe, and kher keep? Cut any that you really don't find yourself using.

Creatures - Cut 1 or 2 of your worst creatures. Has Tilonallis Summoner performed well? Firemane Avenger is sometimes awesome, sometimes not in my experience, potential cut. Are you getting value from mirror entity, I don't run it often but I feel like I never get to activate it.

Artifacts - heres my controversial picks...Do you find that sword of fire and ice and rogue's gloves are performing well? Fire and Ice is amazing but doesn't necessarily belong in every deck since 5 is a lot of mana to draw a card and shock something. Treasure Map is much cheaper and faster which may help the metal craft plan much more.

Anyway let me know what things are working and what things aren't, and about how long your games go turn wise and maybe I can help with the cuts a bit more.

January 7, 2019 6:11 p.m.

Hanweir is awesome, I like it better than hall of the bandit since that one comes in tapped. Also that 3 life adds up if you end up tapping it a few times. As you mention an anthem card or 2 could be a good idea. I have found that the +1/+1 anthems are typically underwhelming, so I would stick with things that give atleast 2 power with cards like Dictate of Heliod, Glory of Warfare, or even Adriana, Captain of the Guard which the more I think about, I think I really like for this deck. All in all I think the deck is looking pretty solid though, so we are down to some pretty nitpicky choices.

January 4, 2019 11:52 a.m.

@ianmute I am aware of that combo. I generally try not to use it unless I have to. I just like the value that altar brings, and the protection from exile effects since it is a gy deck.

@petru yeah Boros reanimator is surprisingly good. Boros has a lot of good creatures in 4, 5, and 6 CMC slots, and if you are getting them back after board wipes good things will happen. Its the only color pair where someone builds a bad deck, then blames the colors instead of just accepting that they built a bad deck. I really wish that there was an easy way to tutor up Emeria Shepherd cause its just amazing. Anyway your deck looks really sweet.

January 3, 2019 6:09 p.m.

White sun is awesome, especially if you get to a point in the game where you can come up with 8-10 mana. Just end step it, cast Aurelia and you are probably taking atleast 1 person down. Theres no real need for grafted when you have Helm of the Host, does the same thing but better. I understand that removal happens, but I think you only need 1 card in that kind of role. If duelist heritage isn't working for you, Id go with either true conviction cause its ridiculous, or insult/injury. Insult injury has been insane for me when ive drawn it. It shuts off fogs, comeuppance, glacial chasm, sporefrogs and other cards like that that might ruin your day. Also if you cast both halves in the same turn that 4 damage to a creature which can remove important blockers plus added bonus of damage to the face. Thran Dynamo is busted magic card, I would keep. Over the course of a game it will produce about as much mana as sol ring or mana crypt. Even if the mana isn't useful for Aurelia it is for your other spells such as white sun and friends. Forget if I mentioned it already, but Ogre Battledriver might be an interesting source of haste over the hammer, also in the web of war, but tends to be a bit expensive at 5.

January 3, 2019 6:04 p.m.


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