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TheLargeOne Hey I am glad you are liking the channel, and hopefully the deck. Right now I would call this deck a turn 7 deck. Maybe won't kill everyone all the time, but you've probably threatened to take out at least 1 or players by that point. Hopefully that is a bit more in tune with what your meta is doing. If its not a super combo heavy meta you can cut aggravated assault and helm of the host since they are underwhelming outside of the combo, and the deck does plenty of damage without them...could easily add some creatures back into those slots. I am running without True Conviction, Burnished Hart and Solemn Simulacrum right now, but I would probably add those back in for your build since they are all great, and I was doing some very specific stuff with the deck. Ive got this tuned to run light and quick right now, mostly against other combo heavy decks, so there could be a need for more removal if people are just slamming loads of creatures. If thats the case it also doesn't hurt to up the creature count to somewhere between 20-23 just to have some blockers also. If you find that games are going longer due to removal and you need to go heavier don't be afraid to add 2-3 creatures at 6 and 7 CMC. Gisela, Inferno Titan, and Etali all do nice work. Anyway I hope the deck plays well for you. Let me know if you have questions!

March 26, 2020 5:09 a.m.

@partana I have thought about that in the past, but I do have 2 Aurelia decks so I just go full tilt equipments with this one. Right now I know my creature count is low, and that is something that I want to tinker with more. Something near 20-23 would be ideal. Honestly the truth is I want 3 more of everything in this deck: creatures, removal, and protection and utility spells. However of the 20 or so games I've played with this deck in the last month its winning more than 60% of the time against varied opponents, so until I run into some meaningful resistance (or a new set releases) the deck doesn't need any major changes. Anyway of the equipments you mention, Shadowspear has underperformed pretty hard, so in my paper build I've been using Sinew and Steel in that slot and have been happy with the results in a limited number of games. Umezawa's Jitte is easily the most complicated equipment in the deck in terms of game impact. Some games it does literal nothing, but other games it almost single handedly wins the game by killing things that matter and then pumping to take out players. I had a fun situation recently where things were not going my way at all, but around turn 8 or 9 i was able to get jitte with several counters on Aurelia, and double strike from where to take 2 players out of the game who had 0 commander damage at the start of the turn....thats what jitte can do. Basically with double strike and double combats its insane...and is also an additional source of life gain which I periodically need. I run with out True Conviction which I really don't recommend, but thats where Im at right now. With all that said I have cut Jitte in the past, it is possible to live without it, but its so good. If I were in a non combo meta I would cut the Helm of the Host, its not something I go to super often and its a big expensive play to make happen. I have run without blackblade reforged in the past but honestly I'm much happier having it in the deck. If everything else should go wrong, 8 lands Blackblade and Aurelia means lethal on a player. Its just does player killing amounts of damage really easily. Where it can be relevant also is if stonehewer giant sticks in play for a few turns. You get that first value equipment then you are probably just looking for something to end it and blackblade helps. Your suspicions are correct on aggravated assault it is a little bit clunky on its own, and you probably don't want to see it in your opener and I rarely activate it without the combo. However, the combo has won me a lot of games since Neheb also does the trick. I generally execute this combo much more often than the Helm of the Host combo, given how much easier the mana is. What also makes it powerful also is that both Feast and Famine and Aggravated Assault can be brought back with Sevinne's Reclamation should some sort of mill or wheel situation happen. Ive played without Aggravated Assault in the past, and if I weren't in a combo meta right now Id probably cut it for something else. Also its worth pointing out that this deck is tuned for like turn 7 metas with combos, different metas might require different things. SO yes a lot of your observations are correct and many of these cards could be cut, but Ive chosen to focus around them so they are still very effective at what they do. But there many different ways you could choose to focus the deck.

Ive got a few things I am trying test at the moment. Faith's Shield is one, someone always tries to blow your stuff up eventually. Intrepid Hero seems interesting a sword carrier and repeatable removal for big stuff. Haven't tried yet by Myojin of Cleansing Fire seems interesting in that it gets me a board wipe and a creature, but I suppose Realm-Cloaked Giant does the same. Also Im at a place where I want to try and get Argentum Armor back into the deck, and probably need to find a spot for Embercleave. So still lots of problems to solve. Hope this helps!

March 26, 2020 4:53 a.m.

Those seem a bit risky as its pretty common for the gods to be in an out of creature form throughout a game. Maybe in like a full punisher build with other more stable creatures.

March 24, 2020 2:01 a.m.


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