This deck is intended to be played by 2 players, as a minigame. Both players draw from the same deck and share the same graveyard. Players start with 20 life. After deciding order of play, the first player draws seven, then the second player draws 7. Players decide if they will mulligan in turn order (London mulligan rules). After mulligans, players draw 4 cards from the sideboard. In turn order each player must veto one of the 4 drawn cards. As the game starts, players should treat the 2 remaining cards as well as Prismatic Omen as emblems in play. Players cannot interact with these cards (they don't count as enchantments, they can't be destroyed). After these modifications have been chosen the game begins and players play normally. This deck is balanced with 2 player games in mind but more than 2 could theoretically play.
I will put rulings for individual disputes in this section. In general the rules are the same as normal mtg. Any card that references your library has the same effect as one that references your opponents library, cards like Squee, the Immortal or Lingering Souls (when in graveyard) are available to both players. Players share one exile zone. 1. If a card says for example; "gain control of target permanent you own" it can target any permanent that was either in your hand more recently than your opponents, or if it came into play as the result of a spell or ability you controlled. 2. Flickering a creature returns it to its controllers battleground.

if anyone has card suggestions i'd love to hear them.


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