Unpredictable Cyclone

Unpredictable Cyclone


If a cycling ability of another nonland card would cause you to draw a card, instead exile cards from the top of your library until you exile a card that shares a card type with the cycled card. You may cast that card without paying its mana cost. Then put the exiled cards that weren't cast this way on the bottom of your library in a random order.

Cycling (, Discard this card: Draw a card.)

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Unpredictable Cyclone Discussion

Necrosis24 on Looking For Inspiration

4 weeks ago

I think I would more or less do the same with the commanders you have laid out so I don't have much to offer there. Instead here are some deck ideas I have planned/currently working on:

Kazierts on Rakdos Worldfire Sins [Budget/Casual/Primer]

2 months ago

I think your last suggestions (Wild Evocation, Unpredictable Cyclone and Aetherworks Marvel) are a bit too much for me. However, I actually loved Dream Devourer and Ignorant Bliss. I'll probably get a playset of devourer, once I start buying the deck and test the ratios. I just don't think impulse draw will be that useful after Worldfireing since I won't have mana.

Really grateful for your suggestions!

lagotripha on Rakdos Worldfire Sins [Budget/Casual/Primer]

2 months ago

I quite like this. I'd consider Dream Devourer and . Dream devourer helps cheat on the cost of larger spells, while also setting up any colourless creatures as a wincon - its really sweet here.

On a pure jank level, I can reccomend my favourite card; Ignorant Bliss. It sets you up post-wildfire and counters thoughtsieze. In a similar vein, effects like You Find Some Prisoners or Light Up the Stage that exile cards from the top of libraries and let you cast them can set up a post-wildfire state in a pinch.

Wild Evocation or Unpredictable Cyclone is a cute way to set up worldfire, Aetherworks Marvel plays nice with garagodon, and mana rocks are good. Especially alongside devourer.

Best of luck - Jank brews like this are a lot of fun.

StarstormKK on Flaming shark tornado

4 months ago

I was looking around for a deck to build that uses Shark Typhoon because I keep finding them in the packs I buy. I came across yours and I like the idea of using Unpredictable Cyclone in conjunction with it. It allows you to cheat out more expensive spells pretty effectively, while still creating a shark army. On that note, I would completely revamp the spells you have chosen, aside from Neutralize and Boon of the Wish-Giver , because they need to have cycling to trigger this awesome effect. I do really like Narset of the Ancient Way for this deck. I would remove Teferi, Time Raveler unless you decide to use more sorceries, like Essence Fracture .

In any case, I love the basic concept and enjoyed trying to think about some synergy for it.

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Will WotC Ever Print this …

7 months ago

Tutors make deckbuilding easier, as you basically add additional copies of important cards. That's a useful thing on one hand, but it also is very powerful and very boring.

Power Level concerns aside, WotC wants to add splashy effects to the game, and that is a good thing I think (I'm talking splashy, not op). Adding a card to tutor for Instants, sorceries and enchantments ticks many hooks for WotC to not print it: Veeery powerful? Check. Very boring? Check.

They sure could, but I'm pretty sure they won't, and I think this is a good thing.

With regards to Elsha: Have you considered Unpredictable Cyclone with only some very specific enchantments?

Xenephrim on Jeskai - Cycle Your Opponents to Death

11 months ago

Thanks ModernT1mes,

If it were me, I would take out Lightning Rift and Drake Haven for Drannith Stinger and Glint-Horn Buccaneer. I personally am not a fan of cards that only do something if you pay a tax on something else (if that makes sense). On their own, Lightning Rift and Drake Haven do nothing. You make an initial investment to get the enchantment into play and then have to pour more mana into it just to get anything. Hoofprints of the Stag falls into the group as well. I'd replace it with something else.

Chromatic Orrery feels out of place here. I'd recommend swapping it out for Alhammarret's Archive.

I'm not entirely sure what your game plan for Fires of Invention and Unpredictable Cyclone are, but I'd swap both of those out at some point in the future. Possibly for Shark Typhoon and Rielle, the Everwise.

Hoobynobber7395 on Draw your Victory

1 year ago

if you are trying to build draw/tokens you definitely should look into putting Drake Haven, Valiant Rescuer, and Spirit Cairn in the deck to produce higher volumes of tokens

Abandoned Sarcophagus lets you play what you cycle from the graveyard as well

Unpredictable Cyclone is a fun card if you ever get tired of drawing into hand

Shark Typhoon is another token generator that might be a spicy include

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