Lightmine Field

Lightmine Field


Whenever one or more creatures attack, Lightmine Field deals damage to each of those creatures equal to the number of attacking creatures.

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Lightmine Field Discussion

markbeloit on Card creation challenge

2 days ago

Collective Soul


Whenever a creature dies, tap all creatures. Then that creature's controller may put a creature card from a graveyard onto the battlefield under their control. This ability triggers only once each turn.

Tap all creatures you control: Exchange control over a creature you control and a creature an opponent controls. Any player may activate this ability, but only once each turn.

Make a card like Caltrops or Lightmine Field. A permanent (creature is ok too) that deals damage to attacking creatures.

Also, for above comment, you were beaten to the punch. Iron Maiden :)

rdean14 on Card creation challenge

2 months ago

I think it works really well with her powers as someone who sees and alters fates. I'd like to see a card, preferrably a commander, with a unique built-in pillowfort method.

Current methods or deterrence:

Full Protection: Blazing Archon, Peacekeeper, and Glacial Chasm

Conditional Protection: Arboria, Elephant Grass

(Mana) Tax effects: Ghostly Prison, Propaganda, Archangel of Tithes, Archon of Absolution, Forbidding Spirit, Elephant Grass, Windborn Muse, Baird, Steward of Argive, and War Tax (My favorite, I love the politics!)

Other costs: Norn's Annex, Reclamation, Flooded Woodlands

Hurt the attacking creature: Barbed Foliage, Briar Patch, Sarkhan the Masterless, Lightmine Field, and Lost in the Woods

Hurt the attacking player: Revenge of Ravens, Hissing Miasma, Blood Reckoning, Marchesa's Decree, Riddlekeeper? (Is this even a downside? It's not a cost, per the rules.)

Protect/Help you, the defending player: Revenge of Ravens, Righteous Cause, Orim's Prayer, Isperia, Supreme Judge, Search the Premises, Thantis, the Warweaver, Slumbering Dragon

I don't count Aurification-style effects, as the damage was already dealt.

Davinoth on Marisi's Marching Band [Goad EDH]

7 months ago

     MLS91: Indeed! Lightmine Field + Vigor is pretty dope, however the whole purpose of this deck is to make my creatures take damage, so Vigor is definitely out of the question haha.

     I hate to say I don't think Lightmine Field will make the cut either, but I don't think it will. Simply synergizing with a couple/few cards in the build doesn't make it worthwhile IMO (especially considering creatures like Brash Taunter & Stuffy Doll are better blockers and seldom attack). I'm not sure that they're a permanent fixture, but the Vow Auras are considerably more versatile, and would definitely be a Non-Bo with Lightmine Field . While Lightmine Field can certainly be good, it's never going to help this deck win a game that it's not already winning (save maybe against token-gen decks). You could maybe say the same about the Vows, but they can definitely stop you from losing a game you're about to lose.

     You made a good case for it, though! =)

MLS91 on Marisi's Marching Band [Goad EDH]

7 months ago


if you'd like to counter the effect of light mine field in a really sideways (funny cause you swing all out) you can forgo the enrage synergy and add in a Vigor , instantly pump your board with the Lightmine Field making it more of an asymmetrical effect then symmetrical.

you could still utilize your enrage creatures up until you play vigor, only because vigor is a replacement effect

Davinoth on Marisi's Marching Band [Goad EDH]

7 months ago

     MLS91: Thanks for the great suggestion!

     I've had a Lightmine Field sitting in my binder for some time. It used to be in my Gishath deck, and I used it for exactly your recommendation (triggering Enrage effects)! I hadn't really thought about putting it into this deck, as wiping my opponents creatures can often be detrimental to my own strategy, but I hadn't considered the extra synergy with my own creatures.

     Something to mull over! Thanks again. =)

MLS91 on Marisi's Marching Band [Goad EDH]

7 months ago

check out Lightmine Field pseudo boardwipe in your deck and a way to trigger your own enrage creatures

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