Whenever an opponent discards a card, Megrim deals 2 damage to that player.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Megrim Discussion

Tzefick on Vexxus, Lich King

2 weeks ago

To me that is definitely something you can get creative with. Focusing on zombie generation, discarding your opponents, Megrim -like effects. And it might actually be strong enough for decks like Nekusar, the Mindrazer to play him in non cEDH settings.

Also they have printed Illuna, Apex of Wishes - so I don't think it is completely off the table to have a Zombie Knight Wizard.

Poseidon31 on 8-Rack control

1 month ago

Liliana's Caress is better than Megrim but you want to deal damage via the Racks. So I would Cut megrim instead.

ZombieCat on Looming Shadows {Tergrid Brutal Build}

2 months ago


Thanks for the upvote, much appreciated and I absolutely love the Head Games combo, as far as I know I'm the first to figure out that one.

Infernal Darkness is good but I don't like the cumulative upkeep of since that's mana I could be using for a spell or effect. I do have one in my binder just in case.

Mind Twist is a great card in the deck but I don't like the mana intensive side of X.

Ill-Gotten Gains already got a foil one, amazing card. Considering it.

Cavern of Souls and Boseiju, Who Shelters All - How did I overlook these!?

As for Megrim like cards, I want to thoroughly test them out before cutting them. I figure if I make someone discard their hand that's automatic 14 damage.

Extraplanar Lens I run in my Avacyn, Krenko and Korlash builds (On my profile) and I've never had issues running 24 or less basics with it. If I need to I might up the land count to 32.

Thank you so much for your feed back, gave me a lot to think about wish list some stuff.

ZombieCat on Tergrid, God of Lost Friends (EDH)

2 months ago


With how much discard you're running, I thought I'd suggest Megrim Liliana's Caress and Fell Specter so you can bleed your opponent to death. Works great with Dark Deal which is already in your build.

ZombieCat on Tergrid's Damnation

2 months ago

Hey buddy,

I've got a couple of ideas for your build. Megrim and Liliana's Caress for bleed whenever they discard. Mind Slash for a sac outlet for Mindslicer and you choose what they discard for 1 black and Geth's Grimoire so you draw off their discard.

MLS91 on Relics of Fear

2 months ago


I guess it would/ could be considered win more, I think that i'm utilizing Memory Jar for Tergrid and in the deck itself presents both the best card draw and theft effect, I guess I was just considering how to win with it at that point when in reality Tergrid wins through resource theft and denial so yeah I think I could skip over the megrim effects until further notice. also totally forgot about Liliana's Caress , simply a cheaper Megrim good looks on that curve, also forgot about Sangromancer more bang for the buck, you're right.

Memory Jar ability resolution link

MLS91 on Relics of Fear

2 months ago


I was doing some research as per your question about Memory Jar and came across some pretty insightful articles more or less about the extended formats it was in at the time (or not actually considering Memory Jar is and currently is the only card to have ever been pre-banned before release) and came across some pretty sick interactions I have more then well overlooked, such as Megrim effects. Luckily there are several copies at my local shop (next pick up), and of "megrim" effects I have noted to 2 that I would most like to include in the deck.

Those being the cards:



Fell Specter

the_solitaire on First ever EDH deck... help?

4 months ago

I am really a 60 card deck kind of person, but the group I play with favors 100 card commander deck games.

In the past few days I tried to catch up with the current game (been out for 20 years) and tried to jumble together a few theoretical decks, trying to get to know some of the new cards. With some of that done, I now try to construct a 100 card singleton deck (look here: First attempt BW)

By all means, I tried to set a theme: Discard through spectres and assisting sorceries), then threw in some cards that have some kind of synergy with discarding Megrim Liliana's Caress The Rack

That left me with pretty much (after adding lands) a 60'ish card deck.

So here we go out on a limb. I added white. To get access to Wrath of God and Mageta the Lion as well as an additional tutor card.

I am not yet convinced that this wil lever work, so before I go out and buy a load of cards, maybe someone here would be kind enough to have a look at this jumble of cards and help me make some sense of it.

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