Good stuff.? ------||~~WORK IN PROGRESS~~||------
Game Plan:
Use etb recursion to remove threats and buff toothy. Swing with toothy for the win or alternatley win via Lab-Jace / Simic Ascendancy
Friendly deck: Possible upgrades in the potential tab and maybe board. Deck is 100% better with Prime Speaker Vannifar in the command zone.

Spell fun:
Spellseeker into Crop Rotation to get Blast Zone or High Market or Glacial Chasm
Creature fun:
Birthing Pod or Prime Speaker Vannifar or Neoform, sacrificing our boi Toothy to get cmc5 then into Woodland Bellower which can get Eternal Witness or Fierce Empath or Reclamation Sage
Above combo can then get Fierce Empath which allows for getting Bane of Progress or Protean Hulk, sacrificing the hulk with pod etc. can get Woodfall Primus AND whatever you want such as Deepglow Skate


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