Wizard Tribal, play tons of wizards, copy them for wizard tokens and an additional ETB. Lots of card draw. I really only have 1 decent win-con I think. It's Triskaidekaphile, I'm supposed to try to get to exactly 13 cards at my upkeep. I haven't tried this deck yet so it might be tough. I have 2 cards that help me with Wizard cycling. One cool feature I have, the 3 Mages, Trinket, Tribute, and Trophy. They can help me get cards like Sol Ring, Mana Vault, or my Sword. I have lots of rocks/artifact ramp, I think I will need that if I always want to pay the 1 extra to create tokens. I think I have 5 cards that allow for no maximum hand size, and ways to tutor for 3 of them. If I want to improve this deck in the future, on a budget, I might want 1 or 2 easy two-card combos. Maybe something with Lab Maniac I don't know. Another cool feature, I have about 5 cards that can flicker my guys for another ETB, and if I have enough Mana when I flicker, I can create another token with another ETB. Anyways, thanks for checking out my deck. Leave budget friendly advice if you want. Thanks!


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