It all started by the end of 2012. At this time I had been without playing Magic for about 8 years so buying the deck was a whim of the moment, I saw the Intro Pack decks on a shop's display and thought to myself "Why not? For old times sake.". I looked at the decks and chose the blue one with Talrand, Sky Summoner on it, I used to play a lot of blue back in 2003/2004 with the big serpents and flying creatures, so it made sense. After that I played some casual games with my friends but that was about it, ended up dropping Magic once again around the Tarkir set. Fast forward to October 2017 my best friend found a gaming cafe where Magic players usually go. We started going there aswell and as such I started to get into Magic again, but this time was different, this time I was really getting into it, I was enjoying more than ever before, I finally started to really learn and understand the rules properly and improving as a player, by the day. Some time after that, one of the players introduced us to commander. I wasn't really interested in it at the time, I kinda knew what it was, I had heard of it before and even seen some of the pre-cons being sold but hadn't really decided to check what it really was, anyway I gave it a try, why not? The guy had 3 decks so each one of us chose one and we started playing. I guess I found my new love during that game, I really enjoyed the game and it felt like commander was the format for me, my best friend felt the same, not only that but commander is the most played format in the playgroup so we decided to get into it and leave the 60 card formats to the side. At this time I didn't have that many cards so I had 2 choices, buy one of the pre-cons or build my own commander with whatever I had. I really like challenges and buying the pre-con felt like cheating (I did eventually buy one tho), so I started looking through all my cards searching for legendaries to choose which one would become my commander. At this time I had 3 main decks (60 cards), a U/B zombie tribal, a W/G cat tribal and of course the Talrand deck which I changed into mono-blue. Talrand, Sky Summoner and Mirri, Cat Warrior were the only legendaries I had and I didn't know what I could do with Mirri so I decided that Talrand was the best choice. Not only was my mono-blue deck the strongest I had at the time but being him my very first legendary it felt like the best choice, having a mono-blue commander with the guy who brought me back into Magic as the general seemed right. I started by doing the deck with only what I had at home, which wasn't much. I tested it some time after at our gaming cafe, it felt nice I liked the way it played but it still felt weak so I knew I had to take a step further and start improving it by buying singles, and this is what I ended up with. I have built more decks after this one and I can't seem to stop with new ideas popping up constantly and "new" legendaries I wanna try as commanders, my journey is only starting and I hope it doesn't end soon. Needless to say this is, and will always be, my pet deck. It might not be the best but he sure does mean something to me.

The purpose of the deck is quite straightforward, protect myself and control the board while making drakes at the same time to chip away my opponents until I have an army big enough to take them out of the game.

Aquireboard: (Some of those are non-budget, for a day far in the future when I can aquire them.)

Any help to improve the deck would be welcome. Thank you for your time if you decided to read through all this, cheers.


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