Zhalfirin Void


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dominaria (DOM) Uncommon
Promo Set (000) None

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Zhalfirin Void


When Zhalfirin Void enters the battlefield, scry 1. (Look at the top card of your library. You may put that card on the bottom of your library.)

: Add .

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Zhalfirin Void Discussion

triproberts12 on The great Temptress of Esper

6 days ago

I like the updates! With Blue Sun's Zenith, Capsize, and Debt to the Deathless, you're probably good on infinite mana wincons. A couple of small things to consider: You'll probably want to run Momentary Blink over Cloudshift. The extra value is worth the mana inefficiency is Commander. Also, regardless of whether or not you decide to put in the infinite Drake/Great Whale combo, I would put in Possessed Skaab over Mnemonic Wall. The body is about the same value, and having the flexibility to return a creature is major upside. Also, Trinket Mage would be an upgrade over Trophy Mage. The former gets you Sol Ring and Wayfarer's Bauble, while the latter gets you Worn Powerstone and Darksteel Ingot. I would also ditch Temple of the False God. It's pretty bad in general, but even more so in a 3-color deck. A basic land would be better, although Temple of Deceit , Temple of Silence , and Temple of Enlightenment , or even Zhalfirin Void would be huge upgrades with your theme. Aether Hub is also pretty bad. Some affordable upgrades include Vivid Creek , Vivid Meadow , Vivid Marsh , Arcane Sanctum , Terramorphic Expanse , Jwar Isle Refuge , Scoured Barrens , Sejiri Refuge , and Tranquil Cove . Finally, if you're going to run Karn's Temporal Sundering, you'll probably want another legendary or two, whether that's Kaya, Ghost Assassin , Obzedat, Ghost Council , Aminatou, the Fateshifter , Brago, King Eternal , or Vela the Nightclad.

Ratgut on Rat Attack

1 month ago

Personally I would recommend some variety or options.

There are a lot of decks that can either outgrow or outaggro your deck, or even just shoot every rat down.

Especially after the first 3-4 turns, just playing 1 rat per turn is not going to cut it... if you even draw one.

Maby putting in some card draw, unblockable/shadow/fear or protection for your rats might help imo. But then again, I never played with a similar deck.

Some options in the standard range i could find are: Soul Salvage Retrieving some casualities Memorial to Folly Same, but it doesn't take the place of a rat Zhalfirin Void to make sure you consistently draw a rat Abnormal Endurance protection or some extra punch Cobbled Wings flying Helm of the Host imo is a staple in this deck Not a staple is Sword-Point Diplomacy but personally I would play it.

Hope this helps.

stensiagamekeeper on Goblins in Standard

1 month ago

Comicbookguy88 Depending on your definition of budget it would probably need to be mono- and you'd need to lay off the Karn, Scion of Urza and Rekindling Phoenixs. Beyond that not much is restricting your card choices seeing as standard goblins and goblin payoffs don't cost very much besides Goblin Chainwhirler, Vanquisher's Banner, Banefire, Risk Factor and Runaway Steam-Kin.

First you should pick an archetype: Midrange tokens, aggro, Guttersnipe burn, combo or whatever. Then select goblin enablers (such as Goblin Instigator or Legion Warboss) and payoffs (such as Volley Veteran or Goblin Trashmaster) that allow you to compete on the axis that you've chosen(it's usually a bad idea to try and double dip on archetype). A couple basic mountains, Zhalfirin Voids even and a Lightning Strike or two later and you have a goblin deck.

Suggesting specific cards or sideboard suggestions would require knowing what kind of goblin deck you were building.

TheGoldenTim on Standard Mill

1 month ago

This looks pretty decent so far, I do recommend some chagnges. Running more card draw is key when its the pretty much the base of your best mill. Im talking about Psychic Corrosion. Things like Weight of Memory and Chart a Course are good ways to get to Psychic corrosion. Also I would add maybe 2-4 more lands, and different ones too like Zhalfirin Void which is criminally underplayed. I would also consider running a playset of Opt and Mist-Cloak Herald and to combo with mistcloak herald, either Curious Obsession or Rogue's Gloves.

BenTheGuyThe on I’m sorry :(

2 months ago

I did not know of the Find / Finality thing, I thought you only took two damage. I don’t think Memorial to Folly is bad, it’s probably just as good. I just like Zhalfirin Void because it’s faster. I don’t like Creeping Chill too much, but if you can make it work then that’s good

Malikin on I’m sorry :(

2 months ago

I actually liked this deck so much I built it on paper. It runs really well, but there were a few things I was having problems with. You can do what you want with this information, but the deck was piloting a bit more smoothly after I made these changes:

  • Find / Finality works well in the deck, but if it's drawn off of Ruin Raider, you take a whopping 8 damage. I actually lost a game that I was in a position to win because of this interaction. It doesn't happen often, but I decided to take the card out of my deck because it wasn't worth the risk. There is enough graveyard manipulation between Gruesome Menagerie, Gravedigger, and The Eldest Reborn to cover bringing back graveyard creatures.
  • I found that I had a lot of mana open in some games that went into the later turns. Since the deck had no mana sinks, I decided to switch out two Zhalfirin Voids for two Memorial to Follys. This change was mostly due to personal preference, so if you really like running 4 voids you can disregard this.
  • I didn't think about it much at first, but a friend recommended putting some Creeping Chills in the deck. I found that between Seekers' Squire and Stitcher's Supplier, it was pretty easy to consistently dump the card from my library. I would recommend this if you're finding yourself either dying too early or not having enough reach in the deck.

Let me know what you think, I loved playing the deck and I'm looking forward to further input from other players.

Natalbee on Boros Weenie

2 months ago

FYI, Tajic, Legion's Edge doesn't work with what you're trying to do. If he's on the field, then Truefire Captain does nothing with Star of Extinction.

And I see the combo potential, but really if you have the mana to cast a Star of Extinction you might as well cast a kicked Fight with Fire, which has the added benefit to being early removal. Fight with Fire also has to option to deal 5 damage to your own Truefire Captain.

But if you're set on keeping the Star, I would cut it down to 1 or 2 copies. Those are just dead cards early game, and late game you shouldn't need to cast more than 1, I would hope. Banefire should be a sideboard card against control, maybe 1 copy mainboard.

I would also recommend putting in some Dauntless Bodyguards. It's a 2/1 for 1, and it gives your Captain indestructible so he can take all the damage and live to talk about how awesome it was. Speaking of awesome, I hope you target your own Captain with Justice Strike, because that's hilarious. And if he has a bunch of counters on him, that's probably a better finisher than the Star - 2 mana, instant speed, and the greatest sacrifice.

Also you probably need some card draw. You're gonna run out of gas, quick. If your mana base is good, then Zhalfirin Void is a good way to set up draws. Mentor of the Meek or Militia Bugler are also good ways to filter through your deck.

Zimmers_0 on Burning Frenzy

2 months ago

WKM I do have Dismissive Pyromancer in my red/green version and he does play pretty well. Ill try it out in this deck. Great suggestion!

Diskord You can only play one land a turn so when Zhalfirin Void comes out, you get to choose if the next card in the pool worth keeping on top. I would want this over a mountain in some cases due to the scry ability setting up my next card when Experimental Frenzy is out so it keeps the momentum going. Otherwise the deck may stall out at back to back lands.

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