Mind's Dilation


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon (EMN) Mythic Rare

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Mind's Dilation


Whenever an opponent casts his or her first spell each turn, that player exiles the top card of his or her library. If it's a nonland card, you may cast it without paying its mana cost.

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Mind's Dilation Discussion

Workman4137 on Ramos' Cascading Engine

4 days ago

Rzepkanut while genesis wave is absolutely silly, it doesnt synergize well with ramos cast ability. Since it says, put all permanents revealed this way onto the battlefield I dont get the cast triggers. I removed Genesis wave for this reason, unfortunately.

Rashmi, Eternities Crafter is a must have for me since Im constantly playing big spells and cascading into other fun spells! Plus, at worse its a card draw. Ill see what I can take out for it.

Mind's Dilation is very fun! Im tempted to put it in there because of the pentacolor shenanigans. Im adding it in because of all the silly casting effects~ but I dont know what to put into my spellslinger deck. Ill keep it on my maybe list and figure it out later~

Thank you for the suggestions. They help out greatly!

Rzepkanut on Ramos' Cascading Engine

4 days ago

Mind's Dilation too, it even casts the spells so it triggers Ramos.

girlyvader on The Roil: Chaos in 5C

1 week ago


Mind's Dilation is one of those things that I run mostly to stall the game at key stages where I'm often low on options and haven't hit draw yet. Players tend to be far more conservative if they risk losing a key combo piece, and I've had success at quite serious tables because of cards like that. Yes they are annoying and draw attention my way, but when you're mentally engaging 'serious' players, the key is to make removing the annoyance cost more than it's worth, and I've found 'serious' players at a four person table usually have other issues to worry about by that point in the match. Outside of this specific usage, however, how good dilation is depends on the playgroup you're running it in; that's going to give big creature decks far more pause than, say, a storm deck.

MagicalHacker on The Roil: Chaos in 5C

1 week ago

Sounds great! Since you are playing it more online than in person, it makes sense to focus card choices on staying under the radar. Mind's Dilation is the only one that stands out to me as being seen as worse than it actually is. It's great, but people think it's worse than it actually is, so what have your experiences with it been? Has it stood out in games and given you too much attention?

hugeIsNotBig on

3 weeks ago

out Foundry Inspector, Tree of Perdition, Trophy Mage, Mechanized Production, Inspiring Statuary, Mind's Dilation et in des choses que tu as deja comme Whirler Rogue, Chief of the Foundry, Reverse Engineer ou Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas.Au fait, t'avais gagne contre les elfs de Ptijoule l'autre soir, on a mal joue Whirler Rogue

Temur_Frontier on Taigam, Serene Spellslinger

3 weeks ago

lol it's Mind's Desire not Mind's Dilation, though they look, sound, and play similarly. How does Mind's Desire work for you? Don't get too many duds or anything with counterspells or irrelevant stuff? And which is better, Mind's Desire or Magus of the Mind? Desire is a spell itself that would be great to rebound with all the other stuff you cast with it that could be rebound, but Magus' ability costs only one, meaning you can stack a lot more spells with him. I'm thinking of throwing one or the other in my Taigam deck Ojutai's Mystification because it also kinda runs in a storm fashion. And in this build, how many tokens does Rise from the Tides net you? I took it out because it didn't give me enough :/

MrTomDawson on Zedruu the Dickish

4 weeks ago

Wolfrage76: You are indeed running very low on mana rocks, and some of the ones you've got (Sphere of the Suns, Pentad Prism) aren't great choices since once they're out of counters you've got nothing to do but pass them off to another player. Personally I'd aim for cheap stuff (CMC 4 or less) that produces at least 50% of its casting cost on the turn you cast it. Good stuff like Thought Vessel, Mind Stone, Prismatic Lens, definitely Sol Ring from the maybeboard because it's one of the best mana rocks in the format, Chrome Mox, Mana Crypt if you have the budget, Thran Dynamo. Most of those will serve you much, much better than your bouncelands and ETB tapped lands, and make the deck run oh-so-much faster.

Omniscience is good, but very hard to resolve when everyone knows how good it is. Mind's Dilation is fun but unfortunately a little too random. You're probably better off running more acceleration in the form of mana rocks, and being able to cast the things you naturally draw into.

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