Curator of Mysteries


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Rare

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Curator of Mysteries

Creature — Sphinx


Whenever you cycle or discard another card, scry 1.

Cycling (, Discard this card: Draw a card.)

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Curator of Mysteries Discussion

wattyfathom on Cyanomania

1 week ago

I've been running Spontaneous Mutation in place of Unsummon against all of the aggro out there (I even mainboard 2 of them). I've had way too many times they just cast the same haste creature the very next turn. I've also been running Aether Hub in place of some of the Islands. Consign / Oblivion has been my go-to instead of Winds of Rebuke. I've had Winds mill my important cards way too many times to remember. Definitely need a Crook of Condemnation or two in the sideboard.

Some other creatures you may want to consider are Curator of Mysteries (enable delirium, cycle, or just a big blocker) and Shielded Aether Thief (decent blocker, flash and card draw if you are including the Aether Hubs).

Yesterday on The Sphinxes are coming!

1 week ago

Urgh, had a whole thing typed out here and then accidentally closed the browser. That's annoying.

The deck looks neat, is it something you've played with already or still in the planning stages? Also just FYI it's Sphinxes, not Sphinx's. :P

There are a number of utility cards coming in the new commander 2017 set for tribal decks that I'm sure would help you out, but considering they're not out yet I'll stick with cards that actually exist. Like Consecrated Sphinx. Also I'm not sure what your budget is so I'm just gonna throw out some kinda expensive suggestions in the mix.

I'm sure a Cavern of Souls and possibly a Boseiju, Who Shelters All would be nice for some extra protection. As for cycling lands, in a mono blue deck that doesn't care about deserts, both Remote Isle and Lonely Sandbar are strictly better than Desert of the Mindful. On the topic of lands, if you like artifacts, there are some more neat inclusions that might interest you: Academy Ruins, Mishra's Workshop (crazy expensive), Sequestered Stash, Tolarian Academy.

Also, considering you're running Paradox Engine and can potentially tutor for it, I might recommend Mana Crypt, Grim Monolith or Basalt Monolith, maybe instead of Ur-Golem's Eye or something.

It sort of goes against the artefact theme you're running but I personally prefer Mystic Remora or Rhystic Study to Mind's Eye, it puts the tax on the opponent instead of you. You mightn't always draw cards off them, but they're somewhat cheaper in multiplayer games and can force opponents to chose to pay the tax instead of good spells, which is subtly very nice.

Argent Sphinx is actually great in here I'm just realising. Neat.

It's down to preference and playstyle more than anything, but maybe (considering you're running Warden of Evos Isle) you might want to run Icefall Regent instead of Frost Titan.

You also might want to run Shapesharer instead of Mistform Ultimus, it can target itself with its ability and also the number of other nice shapeshifters you've got in your deck.

There isn't a lot of cycling in the deck so I'm not really sure what Curator of Mysteries or Ominous Sphinx offer the deck aside from being sphinxes. Some other fun sphinxes I like are Master of Predicaments and Sphinx Ambassador, and some others that might synergise with your commander or otherwise offer good card advantage are Consecrated Sphinx, Horizon Scholar, Prognostic Sphinx, Sphinx of Jwar Isle, Sphinx of Lost Truths, Sphinx of Uthuun, Vexing Sphinx, Windreader Sphinx.

There are a lot of great sphinxes actually, whew.

Anywho, good luck with it!

Drag0nDude on UB Cycling and Recursion

2 weeks ago

I can definitely see the beginnings of a good deck here. +1 from me.

Looking at the deck, my immediate suggestion would be cut 2 copies of Essence Scatter. It is a good card, but it might not be good in all of your matchups and also you have Censor, which is probably just better in this deck. another good payoff for your cycling is Archfiend of Ifnir is great, especially in the matchup against the ever-so-popular mono red aggro deck, even though it's only five mana. I would recommend 3 of these in the mainboard. Also, because of said mono red deck, 2 maindeck copies of Bontu's Last Reckoning wouldn't hurt. 4 Abandoned Sarcophagus is also great because of the ability to let you replay cards you've already cycled. You could, for example, cycle Archfiend of Ifnir on turn 2, play Abandoned Sarcophagus on turn 3, and then play archfiend on turn 5.

You should probably go up to 4 copies of Fetid Pools and down 1 Desert of the Mindful so that you can also run just 1 Desert of the Glorified.

3 of Nimble Obstructionist is also quite good just because of how versatile it is. It can be sided out in matchups where it is not very good.]

If you want to run cards like The Scarab God or even God-Pharaoh's Gift, you need more creatures that cycle. Cards like Striped Riverwinder, Curator of Mysteries and Horror of the Broken Lands are great for this. My recommendation would be a 4 of Curator of Mysteries and a 3 of Horror of the Broken Lands and Striped Riverwinder And, of course , the 4 copies of Champion of Wits are awesome, even though they don't cycle.

If you use my suggestions, the deck will add up to 39 non-land cards (I think). In order to make the deck legal for constructed play, it will need 60 cards. Of course, you still need to add lands, but I would also cut 2 copies of Supreme Will, which is a good card, but it doesn't do anything to help with your cycling theme. As for the lands, you can tweak these to fit your budget, but I would replace the Submerged Boneyards with Choked Estuarys, just a better card, and also implement the other changes to the cycling lands suggested earlier.

Sweet deck! I hope this helped. +1 vote from me.

aleister23 on Exodia, Obliterate!

2 weeks ago

I hope you can make it possible, as i love the idea of a hedrondeck.

I dont see a reason for Curator of Mysteries and Drake Haven and would replace them with more control options like Fatal Push, Grasp of Darkness or more counters.

Engulf the Shore could easily be mass removal spell such as Yahenni's Expertise

More deck filtering could come from Anticipate or Catalog

Good luck with the deck!

zephyr_chang on Splinter Freight (Train)

2 weeks ago

I'd cut Strength from the Fallen - at 9 enchantments in the whole deck I'm not expecting it to trigger very much? I'm not sure the maindeck Gnaw to the Bone is necessary either, it could be a sideboard card instead. Also, I'm not sure how you expect Curator of Mysteries to work in this deck? There are no other cards that has cycling or enables discard in your deck.

I've tried a G/B version of this deck before, and I think black is probably better than blue for the splash. A common oversight is not playing enough creatures in the deck, and playing too many 'enablers'. 22 creatures is not that many. You'd have to mill roughly half your deck to have an average of 6-8 creatures in the graveyard, plus a modest board presence. It is usually not enough to win games?

Zetsuba on Esper living end current

3 weeks ago

The breeding pool is in there to open up side board options but has since been cut, after testing last night at locals for modern i find it to be land heavy.

Cuts as follows,

-1 Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth,-1 Bloodstained Mire, -2 Ghost Quarter, -1 Breeding Pool, -2 Hollow One, +1 Curator of Mysteries, +2 Aven Mindcensor, +1 Architects of Will, +2 Horror of the Broken Lands,

Morthius on Zombie Token / Discard Deck - God-Pharaoh's Gift

3 weeks ago

It's not about the fact, that you can use Prized Amalgam in the endgame. You can use him in the first rounds to attack your enemy every round with all you can get (Prized Amalgam /Dread Wanderer/Haunted Dead and so on). If he dies, it doesn't matter (use Gate to the Afterlife for card draw/discard and life leach). You can bring him back any time you use Dread Wanderer or Haunted Dead. In the end you should play Diregraf Colossus with God-Pharaoh's Gift for the most damage output. Don't use Prized Amalgam/ Dread Wanderer or Haunted Dead with God-Pharaoh's Gift to use the token ability of Diregraf Colossus.

Use for God-Pharaoh's Gift :1. Diregraf Colossus 2. Champion of Wits (4 Cards draw / 2 Discard) 3. Curator of Mysteries (Flying and haste) 4. Relentless Dead (Menace and haste)

Its all about to draw Gate to the Afterlife very early to play God-Pharaoh's Gift in the first rounds.

cyclinggamer on -1/-1 counter with cycling

3 weeks ago

I put bounce cards in along with hand-hate to try in the main. Put the suggested more dedicated removal in the side. Added in a land, tweaked the lands, took out Crypt of the Eternals, now that I've RTFC.

Trying to keep over 30 cycle cards in the main to feed Archfiend of Ifnir, Curator of Mysteries didn't ever really seem to get to stick and actually scry. Hollow One seemed to like early excuses to cycle, but also easily fell to Glorybringer exerted.

I feel like I need some more red spells to take advantage of the red mana. Really, it was only for splash for the 8CMC Nicol Bolas, God-Pharoah

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