Living End

Living End


Living End is black.

Suspend 3-

Each player removes all creature cards in his or her graveyard from the game, then sacrifices all creatures he or she controls, then puts into play all cards he or she removed this way.

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Set Rarity
Time Spiral (TSP) Rare

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Living End occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 0.1%

Living End Discussion

fatalzintomyum on Card creation challenge

1 day ago

Creator of Drauthi, Aether-Guardian, I am sad to say that no one can make cards that allow you to pay alternate costs or have "mana cost less than" printed on them. The reason is because of these 8 cards:

Ancestral Vision


Crashing Footfalls

Living End

Mox Tantalite

Lotus Bloom

Restore Balance

Wheel of Fate

Some of these are better than others, but all are broken when combined with cards like what you listed

Kogarashi on Inverter of Truth Ability

2 days ago

Your original library stays in exile.

When Inverter of Truth enters the battlefield, its ability triggers. When that resolves, two things happen. First, your library as it currently is goes into exile face-down (so no one, including you, can look at the cards). Second, your graveyard becomes your library, getting shuffled and placed face-down where your library goes.

The ability doesn't specify anything else happening, so you end with a new library, no graveyard, and a pile of face-down cards (your previous library) in exile.

If it were an effect that gave you your library back from exile, it would say so. For instance, ending the ability with "then put the exiled cards into your graveyard," would result in your previous library becoming your graveyard. An example of how this might work can be seen on Living Death and Living End, which ultimately swap all the creatures on the battlefield with all the creatures in the graveyards. You can see there that there is wording for the exiled creatures to then go to the battlefield. Inverter of Truth doesn't have such wording, so your exiled cards stay exiled until something else interacts with them (Riftsweeper, a Processor creature of some sort).

Justrafaplease on Living End Fortune

3 months ago

You could try swap Merchant of the Vale for Insolent Neonate , you will lose the instant speed, but neonate will work better with Living End .

Lanzo493 on We are Legion (Sliver EDH deck)

4 months ago

I have my own sliver deck

The Hivemind

Commander / EDH* Madnote


So I'll be making suggestions based on my experience with Sliver Overlord as commander.

There are 2 cards The First Sliver can take unfair advantage of. They are Hibernation Sliver and Aetherflux Reservoir . You will get a lot of free spells, especially if you have Morophon, the Boundless out. Mosswort Bridge works nice with your commander, too.

Just by looking at your deck, I get the idea that you want to get the most out of every cascade trigger. Almost every card that is less than 5 CC is a sliver, even if it's a bad sliver (several of the slivers with sacrifice abilities) or a changeling. While that does help the deck be more explosive, it really hurts its resiliency. If there's a boardwipe, or spot removal aimed at your commander, you will fall very far behind if you don't have the mana to recast your commander. That's why Crystalline Sliver is always the first thing I search for with Overlord.

I suggest a bit of a paradigm shift. I'd add more lower converted mana cost cards and some card advantage, that way you won't be blown out of the water with all-too-common boardwipes. When slivers are out, people tend to play those cards more often for some reason. I like Distant Melody , Chromatic Lantern , Aphetto Dredging , Living Death , Bring to Light , Opaline Sliver , and Sol Ring . Wheel of Fate works really well with your commander, as does Living End . It should be noted that if you don't want to cast the card you cascade into, you don't have to. If you choose to not cast it, it'll be shuffled back to the bottom of your deck to be cascaded into later instead. Also, Mirror Entity is killer with slivers.

Let me know what you think! I may change my deck to go with The First Sliver sometimes, so I'd appreciate if you have feedback I'm not aware of.

Mortlocke on multimedia

4 months ago

Hello again great mentor - I made an update to my Sliver Queen deck, and somehow lost all of the "show" and "hide" buttons in the accordion menu. I have no idea how I made that mistake...and am just facerolling on the keyboard. I'd appreciate any sort of assistance you could provide...but i'm wondering what did I delete? Warning: this is alot of code.

Code Show

Xica on Living End Lives!!... at least, ...

5 months ago

...tiers tend to describe how popular a given deck is.
In the sense that "how likely am i to encounter the deck in question during a major tournament?"
So no.
Your homebrew won't ever be a tier deck, unless it blows up, and everyone starts t copy it left and right.

More importantly you need some way to fight through hate cards - in this case Rest in Peace & Leyline of the Void .
The cascade living end decks do this by swapping Living End for Crashing Footfalls and casting big angry beat sticks like Archfiend of Ifnir or Horror of the Broken Lands .
The UR variants tend to swap to a control game plan that is enabled by Curator of Mysteries .

This deck accomplishes none of that.
Its simply a dredge deck without cards that feature the titular mechanic, or answers card for the hate that is going to come your way in game 2 & 3 in your 75.
(And Cathartic Reunion is terrible with living end, as the deck is risky enough already against counterspell decks and the card just increases the problem.)

While its true that before the ban of Faithless Looting "go-fast living end" variants were able to succeed via ignoring hate and jamming whatever hit hardest into their creature suit, the card is banned and the sub archetype is effectively dead as a result.
Right now you cannot "go under" interaction with living end decks.

match_lighter on Esper Living Gifts

6 months ago

Have you considered Urabrask the Hidden to complete the praetor theme you have going. Aside from the obvious reason why you have to play Urabrask the Hidden , it also gives you a way to beat removal heavy decks right after you Living End without the risk of a Board wipe. Urabrask will also help against the aggressive creature decks that seem to be plaguing your meta. Another card you might add is Stubborn Denial which is a hard counter when your creatures are in play and can fight through combo, and other annoying spells.

jicklemania on Anje Falkenrath's Degenerate Combos

6 months ago

neolions thank you for the feedback, and yes, I agree, this deck is pretty fragile. I think 10 more madness cards would make it a lot more consistent. The reason why madness cards are better then one-mana cycle cards is because, with Anje, they are 0-mana cycle cards. I do like barren moor though, as it is just an upgrade to a swamp. Also getting the stuff in the graveyard isn't hard because my commander can do that, and I can always tutor for Victimize . Living Death is often just to much mana when trying to combo off, and I don't like Electrodominance + Living End as two reanimation spells just do the same thing while providing some use other than together.

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