Living End


Living End is black.

Suspend 3-

Each player removes all creature cards in his or her graveyard from the game, then sacrifices all creatures he or she controls, then puts into play all cards he or she removed this way.

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Living End Discussion

TheAlexGnan on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

1 day ago

Is there any card in the new set that warrents closer inspection? At first glance, the only remotely interesting card seems to be that 3cmc board weipe with downside, put probably not because Anger of the Gods. Is grixis control doing anything new? And how is the improved Living End deck doing competitively?

Zaueski on Hour of Devastation Spoilers

2 days ago

enter image description here

I really like the card, makes Drake Haven and New Perspectives decks so much better, it's probably a little bit too bad for Living End in modern though at cycle 2

ChaosJester on Mono B Control Demon Beatdown

1 week ago

Ok dude, I have following combinations in my mind. The first one is: Bloodgift Demon Master of the Feast and Underworld Dreams. This combo is demonic and I already use it in one of my decks. An another combination is more for fun due to its mana intense challenge. You put all your favourit Demons in one deck and cast Morality Shift plus Balthor the Defiled or Living End ooor Twilight's Call. If you combine that with "enters the battlefield-abilities", this will be funny.

mtgplayer100 on Tron: Legacy... just kidding, Modern [PRIMER]

2 weeks ago

Yeah i know, eldrazi winter was the worst thing modern has ever seen. But in the current format, tron still wins over midrange/control, dredge and Living End, plus being ok against eldrazi and Death's shadow (assuming you're playing GW, since i haven't won a single game against eldrazi and shadow with red). Affinity is also a winable matchup.

Sjorpha on Inspired Madness

2 weeks ago

landofMordor Thanks for the feedback.

Alms of the Vein is great in certain matchups, but IMO not good enough to mainboard. As you can see I have it in the SB here versus burn and to swap for Fiery Temper against decks without small creatures.

The synergy of Demigod of Revenge in this deck is with Disciple of Deceit, when you untap Diciple you put one god in the grave and get the other one to play for putting both (or more) on the field, or if you need Voldaren Pariah or any of the 5 CMC sideboard cards you get that the first activation, then on second activation put Pariah on the field with madness and get a new god. Demigod also has great synergy with self discard in general, and is awesomw against control since the cast trigger can't be countered. For me it has been super good.

Bomat Courier is a discard outlet and hand refiller that's also aggressive, plus he turns on our Skirsdag High Priest on demand and flips liliana heretic healer, it is also a very good card against Living End which is no the rise in modern. Vexing Devil is good early pressure, turns on skirsdag, flips liliana and comes back the same turn, and can be picked up with Grave Scrabbler for more pressure. This deck goes for burn/aggro and aims to pressure the life total fast, and the self sacrifice effects are an important part of the synergy with making sure there are creatures dying and put in the grave to recur.

So far in testing the copters, skirsdag and attacks have been enough to tap my stuff, but I'm considering adding a 1-off Cultivator's caravan or a 4th copter, you don't really want more than 1 vehicle in play though, so they are often bad topdecks which is why I run 3 and rely on looting and Diciple activations to find one. I used to run this with 4 Caravans and Asylum Seeker for crewing, but I like this version better since the copters doubles as a discard outlet.

MattStar on Soulflayer, Angel of Wrath (Jund)

2 weeks ago


Short answer: I don't. Not yet at least.

Forced sacrifice and Edict effects ruin this deck, and in most situations so does targeted removal and graveyard hate. This deck is largely just a showcase of what can currently be done with Soulflayer (and likewise Death-Mask Duplicant, Cairn Wanderer, and Odric, Lunarch Marshal) and seeing how far its effect can be pushed. As it stands it makes for a cheeky turn 2 tricky/tough threat and a fast clock, which is great and can steal a game-1 on a decent starting hand, but it certainly crumbles post sideboard or just in the wrong matchup.

This deck is basically in the experimental stage right now, and I'm definitely looking for any and all criticisms for the whole concept (big reason I linked the sister deck). As it stands in the current build, this is what can be done with a hyper aggressive mentality just trying to race for basically one solid creature, which is certainly high variance and by no means a safe bet. The next step for the build is likely to design a shell for it, maybe something similar to jund or grixis mid-range kinda like those that feature Tarmogoyf and Tasigur, the Golden Fang, or maybe a newer kind of shell that works with delirium.

Whatever future evolutions of this deck come about, it's certainly going to require some gutting of the bulk of keyword creatures to substitute in a healthy package of removal, disruption, or control. Alternatively I'll also be on the lookout for any new potential printings of cards that may make the aggressive build more efficient or consistent; maybe some new keyword creatures with just the right combinations, or maybe some hyper-efficient pseudo-tutors.

But as it stands, the deck is fun and can catch a lot of people by surprise (game-1).

Living End is actually in the sideboard as an alternate strategy and could be considered for mainboarding, it works well if you spend some turns filtering creatures into the graveyard and as you're digging for a Soulflayer, catching a Living End can be just as good if not better. It would require something like Kari Zev's Expertise or Yahenni's Expertise, so it's still not super reliable, but on the other hand, the go-wide strategy it would allow would make up for the Edict-weakness that you pointed out.

like I said, I'm still experimenting but there are just so many potential routes to go at this point and so many potential dead ends, so any and all input is definitely appreciated.

Gakros on Soulflayer, Angel of Wrath (Jund)

2 weeks ago

how do you survive sacrifice effects ? (example Smallpox)?
Also why Living End on SB?

Metroid_Hybrid on Mono-B(udget) Midrange

2 weeks ago

Here's what goes through my mind when considering Erebos's Titan in your list.. 1) It's first ability is extremely conditional, and therefore unreliable. (Not to mention opposing Dismembers are a thing).. 2) You have no way to trigger it's second ability at all..

So while Lashwrithe doesn't add Devotion, it does stick around and grow bigger & bigger.. A Godsend(lol) when you're in "top deck mode", and you draw a small creature; even better when it's a Deathtouch/Lifelink..

You actually make a good observation about Flaying Tendrils.. In that case you should keep the pair in your sideboard.. (Myself, I ran a mainboard Mutilate and a Damnation in the side).. However Protection doesn't apply to most Boardwipes in general, because they don't Block, Target, Damage, or Enchant.. (example: A Mirran Crusader can be taken out by a Drown in Sorrow)..

Faerie Macabre confused me at first too.. You see, this card can technically go into any deck, (I actually run this in Modern & Legacy colorless Eldrazi) because you never actually Cast it! It just chills in your hand until a Snapcaster Mage comes down & targets a spell, or they try to turn-1 reanimate a Griselbrand, or something else scary out of their Graveyard (even yours!).. You then say: "While that is on the Stack, I'll respond with discarding Faerie Macabre to exile X & Y.." Super sneaky & cutthroat as hell, but I will concede that it is strictly worse against Living End. But such is life, and why you want to build a varied sideboard..

Here's a link to my old list: Devoted to Obliteration.. (Note: I haven't updated the Primer in forever)..

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