Morbid Curiosity


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Modern Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Uncommon

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Morbid Curiosity


As an additional to cast Morbid Curiosity, sacrifice an artifact or creature.

Draw cards equal to the converted mana cost of the sacrificed permanent.

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Morbid Curiosity Discussion

moxteamzirconia on Hijack, Threaten, and Fling

1 week ago

I think these are all valid. The Obligator is an experiment. It feels like a card with 2 modes. Just a body? Or a threaten also.

I'm not conviced we will ever have enough mana to cast a threaten, fling and insult in the same turn, otherwise would definitely put that in. We tried to only include cards that could be played for free off of Kari Zev's Expertise which is why we chose Altar's Reap for example. We were just curious if Morbid Curiosity would work...see what I did there?

My suspicion is that this deck is just overall too "cute" an idea to actually work. But we wanted to have some fun because there are so many powerful creature decks in the format right now, and nobody will see this coming.

Thanks as always for your suggestions!! How is it going with your control deck?

STMS on Hijack, Threaten, and Fling

1 week ago

I would definetly think about splashing green for Prey Upon and better Painful Truths hits

Magma Spray is super important in the meta right now for keeping zombies dead

why no Insult? stroongest card for this deck. Double up then attack and double up your fling

as far as cuts go I am not a big fan of Eldrazi Obligator and I don't think you have enougb creatures to feul Scrapheap Scrounger. Morbid Curiosity is a little mana intensive IMO

jellowsmurf on Golgari Midrange Evolution

1 week ago

Yahenni's Expertise is a little too slow for an answer to aggro imo. Grasp of Darkness or Flaying Tendrils is probably a better way to go, how have you fared with Y's Expertise tho?

Might benefit you to have some Grasps in the main over Haze of Pollen. It's generally better to be proactive. Also it seems like you need card draw. Not sure of the best way to do it with how your deck is built, but maybe Rishkar's Expertise or Morbid Curiosity? I mean you have blue, if you're confident in having 2 sources Pull from Tomorrow would be fantastic and I doubt they'd see it coming lol.

Really like the deck, the only other thing I can think to suggest is when you're sideboarding against aggro, you should keep in the Arborback Stomper. Side out another 7-drop or something because I think the lifegain would be worth it, plus it's easier to get to than 7.

Happy tapping tho +1

n0bunga on alesha testing

2 weeks ago

I will provide as many sac outlets as I can think of; you're in luck the last two EDH decks I've made (Child of Alara and Chainer) run a plethora of outlets.

Indestructible sac outlets like Bontu the Glorified or Yahenni, Undying Partisan may be of use to you here. For me, they stay alive when Child triggers, but for you, Yahenni not only does that, but also can be a legal target for Alesha.

Utility sacs: Morbid Curiosity - Heaven forbid you hardcast Master of Cruelties, sac and draw 5 for seems sweet in my books.

Mind Slash: you seem to like looking at people's hands. :)

Infernal Tribute: Triple Black, the same problem as the card below, but you can pitch a creature you want to reanimate later, and draw.

Dark Prophecy seems great here, if we're sac'ing creatures. Triple black is pretty unruly here, though (which is why I found it in mono-black lol).

Dimir House Guard - SUPER loose. BUT, we can transmute for a boat load of stuff in this deck, and it's a sac outlet. Oh, and Alesha can reanimate it. Transmute, then Alesha trigger?

As for ensuring a full GY, perhaps Perpetual Timepiece to give you a jump start? Or something to that effect.

And for another spicy sac outlet, that also acts as a risky way to fill a grave - Undercity Informer. Mill yourself til you get a land for the cost of sacrificing a creature.

TwoIdiots on Baby's First Multiplayer Cube (cards to include?)

2 weeks ago

CHANGELOG 08/05/17



Potential cuts (not removed, waiting your feedback):


Goblin Tribal just didnt seem viable unless you draft AND CAST Krenko. The deck leans too hard on one card and is too all-in for the multiplayer format. Sorry Goblins!

I left in the GU liege in case we want to do tap control in Simic, but I think we should move away from that archetype. I think I am more into ramp (Rashmi etc.) or cheating (Show and Tell effects). Maybe Simic is just good enough that we dont really need to plan too much for it. I dunno.

Still torn about Azorius. Do you think we have enough control in the format as-is? Can we do creature control with blinks? I want to move away from walls and wraths if possible, but I also want control (in whatever form we decide to do it) to be viable. Its important to me that there is room for control players to have plenty of fun drafting and playing, but its also important to keep the pace of the game. I think where we are now is a good mix of aggro/midrange slugfest plus control elements that cut them down and build CA over time.


zahlman on Simic Mill

3 weeks ago

My attention was just drawn to Morbid Curiosity, which seems like a much more pleasant way to make the combo go off. I might draft up a new version accounting for that.

elonth on Gods and Machines (AKH)

3 weeks ago

Off the top of my head for a sac deck the best black spells you can get for drawing are.

Your best option in my opinion is 1.Smothering Abomination he does however pack a bit of a double edge sword. With free/cheap sac outlets he can be insane.2.Key to the City can be costly but effective in getting your point across. It comes with the added bonus that with inspiring statuary you no longer need to discard to draw 2 next turn instead using it to help discount your other spells which makes up for the 2 mana tax to draw.

  1. Ob Nixilis Reignited Your already playing big 5 drops might as well play one that is hard to remove in a token shell and can do some work on its own. (hes less than 10 a piece). 1-2 should be fine. The same goes for sorin who i last checked was under $5 dollars.

4.Vampiric Rites is slightly costly but a better sac outlet then bontu is for card advantage.

5.Asylum Visitor cards that can continue to give you cards through out a long game are better than ones that are one ofs. especially on aristocrats plan. The downside is one of you needs to be in top deck mode to use her. So unless you plan to dump your hand fast she may die before even drawing you one card. +Combos with key to the city.

Altar's Reap while not the greatest draw spell in the world in a dedicated sac deck it can be a good way to dodge exile/threaten effects while also giving you some advantage.

Morbid Curiosity exists in the same vein of alters reap but it costs you greatly in board presence. The more you're willing to hurt yourself in a high artifact deck the better the pay off. in your list your best targets are Angel of Sanctions Weaponcraft Enthusiast As they either fill their job by dying or can come back on their own.

Glint-Sleeve Siphoner has already proven herself as an amazing dark confidant. She works better for high cmc decks than the OG. Her downside is you need a way to fuel her energy which is hard to do in your deck. Though she can self sustain a little bit. Aetherworks marvel might be a 1-2 of option or gonti's heart for energy production.

Cryptbreaker while prefering to be with his zombie brothers is very self sufficient especially if you are doubling token production. Admittedly he is held back in a deck that runs no other zombies.

i'm making one major note. Marionette Master is something you really should be running. You are trying to sacrifice both artifacts and creatures to get your point across. She goes well in both. You are already stretching into 2 diffrent types of aristocrat decks it makes no sense not to use at least 2 of the cards that goes into both.

DonaldFuck on Master of Puppets

1 month ago

Why is Morbid Curiosity a good card in this deck? what would you sacrifice? The servos have 0 cmc, so no cards will be drawn. The big creatures in the deck serve a nice role attacking and sacrificing Thraben and the like for 3 mana to draw 1-2 cards isnt very good deal.

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