This is my first commander deck as I transition from MTGO to playing paper. This deck is loosely based on my Modern dinosaur themed deck Spared No Expense!!! but I also took some inspiration from CardTyrant's Ixalan Park. With that said, the deck is broken down into "General" categories with more specific functions of cards listed below in the description. I am always open to suggestions so if you think of something that would fit well, please do not hesitate to suggest it.

Generally, the deck is pretty simple in its design, the focus is on ramping early, dropping Gishath, Sun's Avatar quickly, and immediately swing with her to bring in additional dinosaurs...rinse and repeat. From that point on, the focus is on protecting my board or starting over if a boardwipe hits. Everything is generally built around this core idea of getting lots of stompy dinosaurs onto the field quick and in force. With that explained, below you will find the roles cards fill.

With all the ways to generate additional mana or lower the cost of creatures, having the ability to keep cards in the hand, play from the top of the library, or cheat out creatures from the top of the deck is pretty key to success. Obviously the main focus for this deck is hitting with Gishath early and often so the amount of card advantage has been reduced with recent changes to focus more on that.

  1. Bonders' Enclave
  2. Etali, Primal Conqueror  
  3. Etali, Primal Storm
  4. Gishath, Sun's Avatar
  5. Guardian Project
  6. Ripjaw Raptor
  7. Runic Armasaur
  8. Scroll Rack
  9. Sylvan Library
  10. The Great Henge

With a strong focus on creatures and their abilities, having the ability to force specific creatures into play is extremely helpful. Worldly Tutor and Finale of Devastation once procured will likely be experimented with at some point. Both of those are on the wish list...

  1. Congregation at Dawn
  2. Defense of the Heart
  3. Eladamri's Call
  4. Forerunner of the Empire

I mentioned above that protecting my board is a point of emphasis. In my opnion, what is the point of getting out all those dinosaurs if they will just be destroyed next turn by a Wrath of God? Most of these have a very low cost or are potentially free to cast and provide what I hope will prevent removal.

  1. Akroma's Will
  2. Asceticism
  3. Clever Concealment
  4. Flawless Maneuver
  5. Heroic Intervention
  6. Steely Resolve
  7. Teferi's Protection
  8. Temple Altisaur

  1. Ghalta and Mavren for Siegehorn Ceratops - Siegehorn was one of the very few creatures that Marauding Raptor actually kills which is unfortunate. As it fills a "beatstick" role, Ghalta and Mavren can also fill that role but I believe it fills it better. The extra mana I feel is justified.

  2. Aggravated Assault for Garruk's Uprising - With Gishath's ability to rain dinosaurs from my library when damage is dealt to a player, having cards in hand is not as important as I initially thought. Aggravated Assault will provide me the ability to force extra combats to trigger Gishath more often as the expense of less cards in hand.

  3. Etali, Primal Conqueror   for Rhythm of the Wild - Originally ran primarily for anti-counter for my creature spells, countering creatures is pretty rare at my LGS so I will drop this for another tribal dinosaur that can essentially become Blightsteel Colossus.

  4. Carpet of Flowers for

  5. Strionic Resonator for Naya Charm - Naya Charm has merit but has pretty limited utility at only being only to tap out a single players creatures, which was primarily used it for. The ability to double Gishath's triggered ability with Strionic Resonator is just better in my opinion.

  6. Steely Resolve for Mountain - With all the ramp and deck acceleration, I decided I could reduce the number of lands as the ability to force them or make do without is very high. In exchange, giving all my dinosaurs Shroud makes them very difficult to remove and does not really affect me much as there is almost no targeted abilities or cards in this deck.

  7. Clever Concealment for Boros Charm - Boros Charm is a great utility card, which I primarily use for granting Gishath double-strike or granting my creatures indescructible at instant speed all for only 2 CMC; however, Clever Concealment can potentially be cast for free and protects against

  8. Selvala, Heart of the Wilds for Augur of Autumn - Selvala has the potential to grant up to 12 mana with this deck and really adds a great acceleration to the deck. Augur of Autumn was handy for getting lands of the top of the deck but that is an easy exchange for one of the best dorks in the game.

  9. Boseiju, Who Endures for Bonders' Enclave - Bonders' Enclave is a great way in this deck to get a draw if needed but I am finding that when this deck is working, draw is not something I need considering Gishath is usually raining dinosaurs. Boseiju is just a phenomenal land and I recently pulled it from a pack :)


Updates Add

With the more recent revisions to focus more on maximizing Gishath's ability to rain down dinosaurs upon my foes, the deck has been hitting significantly harder. Sample size is always small but the previous four games prior to the edits, this deck went 0-4 (worth mentioning that most games I was the player to beat but could just not close out a game) and since the edits, it has now gone 4-2. The deck is very consistent in getting Gishath out early and has a good balance of dinosaurs and support. Removing my dinosaurs is generally hard to do with the amount of protection I run and since i am usually not casting many spells due to Gishath's ability, I am rarely caught tapped out and unable to protect.

All in all, I am very happy with how the deck is turning out but would still like to pick up a few exotic cards to really make the deck hum. The upcoming Caverns of Ixalan and subsequent Jurassic Park crossover will be highly anticipated for the potential to add/swap out some dinosaurs!!!


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