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Seat 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1 - 1 Ammit Eternal Ammit Eternal Hour of Revelation Supreme Will Oketra's Avenger The Scarab God Resolute Survivors Hope Tender
1 - 2 Unquenchable Thirst Banewhip Punisher Puncturing Blow River Hoopoe Oketra's Avenger Hashep Oasis Torment of Scarabs Farm // Market
1 - 3 Unquenchable Thirst Rampaging Hippo Ramunap Ruins Farm // Market Vizier of the True Vizier of the Anointed Vile Manifestation Open Fire
1 - 4 Tenacious Hunter Firebrand Archer Frontline Devastator Oasis Ritualist Sunset Pyramid Unquenchable Thirst Desert of the Fervent Inferno Jet
1 - 5 Sandblast Sunscourge Champion Feral Prowler Desert of the Glorified Frontline Devastator Spellweaver Eternal Desert of the Glorified Oasis Ritualist
1 - 6 Spellweaver Eternal Riddleform Rampaging Hippo Wall of Forgotten Pharaohs Ruin Rat Wall of Forgotten Pharaohs Desert of the Fervent Sandblast
1 - 7 Desert of the Indomitable Frontline Devastator Bitterbow Sharpshooters Unsummon Djeru, With Eyes Open Vile Manifestation Lurching Rotbeast Desert of the Glorified
1 - 8 Khenra Eternal Wall of Forgotten Pharaohs Reason // Believe Desert of the Glorified Frontline Devastator Striped Riverwinder Crash Through Mummy Paramount
1 - 9 Survivors' Encampment Survivors' Encampment Traveler's Amulet Desert of the Mindful Desert of the Mindful Sidewinder Naga Lurching Rotbeast Traveler's Amulet
1 - 10 Frilled Sandwalla Tragic Lesson Solitary Camel Saving Grace Wretched Camel Wretched Camel Wretched Camel Claim // Fame
1 - 11 Countervailing Winds Solitary Camel Granitic Titan Beneath the Sands Scrounger of Souls Harrier Naga Thorned Moloch Solitary Camel
1 - 12 Granitic Titan Cunning Survivor Solemnity Gift of Strength Kindled Fury Strategic Planning Solitary Camel Harrier Naga
1 - 13 Solemnity Crash Through Grisly Survivor Dunes of the Dead Proven Combatant Crash Through Crash Through Frilled Sandwalla
1 - 14 Dune Diviner Granitic Titan Djeru's Renunciation Seer of the Last Tomorrow Granitic Titan Moaning Wall Grisly Survivor Djeru's Renunciation
1 - 15 Life Goes On Moaning Wall Moaning Wall Graven Abomination Dutiful Servants Moaning Wall Nissa's Defeat Crook of Condemnation
2 - 1 Ambuscade Resilient Khenra Desert's Hold Grind // Dust Overwhelming Splendor Eternal of Harsh Truths Ramunap Ruins Hour of Eternity
2 - 2 Banewhip Punisher Sunscourge Champion Devotee of Strength Khenra Scrapper Puncturing Blow Ambuscade Merciless Eternal Puncturing Blow
2 - 3 Oasis Ritualist Unquenchable Thirst Dauntless Aven Torment of Venom Farm // Market Rhonas's Stalwart Vile Manifestation Ambuscade
2 - 4 Consign // Oblivion Riddleform Sunset Pyramid Lethal Sting Oasis Ritualist Desert of the Fervent Carrion Screecher Desert of the Fervent
2 - 5 Desert of the Indomitable Rampaging Hippo Uncage the Menagerie Consign // Oblivion Rampaging Hippo Eternal of Harsh Truths Thorned Moloch Firebrand Archer
2 - 6 Frontline Devastator Magmaroth Spellweaver Eternal Unsummon Lethal Sting Unsummon Granitic Titan Spellweaver Eternal
2 - 7 Desert of the Fervent Ruin Rat Refuse // Cooperate Rhonas's Stalwart Desert of the Glorified Feral Prowler Marauding Boneslasher Endless Sands
2 - 8 Survivors' Encampment Angel of the God-Pharaoh Sandblast Imminent Doom Manalith Quarry Beetle Wretched Camel Feral Prowler
2 - 9 Striped Riverwinder Riddleform Desert of the Mindful Gilded Cerodon Khenra Eternal Feral Prowler Gilded Cerodon Gilded Cerodon
2 - 10 Firebrand Archer Survivors' Encampment Beneath the Sands Gilded Cerodon Harrier Naga Harrier Naga Granitic Titan Gilded Cerodon
2 - 11 Strategic Planning Crypt of the Eternals Strategic Planning Traveler's Amulet Striped Riverwinder Solitary Camel Chandra's Defeat Gilded Cerodon
2 - 12 Disposal Mummy Defiant Khenra Aven of Enduring Hope Grisly Survivor Crypt of the Eternals Imaginary Threats Scrounger of Souls Without Weakness
2 - 13 Proven Combatant Frilled Sandwalla Seer of the Last Tomorrow Grisly Survivor Granitic Titan Frilled Sandwalla Seer of the Last Tomorrow Grisly Survivor
2 - 14 Steadfast Sentinel Graven Abomination Graven Abomination Cunning Survivor Disposal Mummy Nissa's Defeat Dutiful Servants Act of Heroism
2 - 15 Life Goes On Life Goes On Life Goes On Djeru's Renunciation Life Goes On God-Pharaoh's Faithful Crook of Condemnation Dune Diviner
3 - 1 Dread Wanderer Champion of Rhonas Edifice of Authority Pull from Tomorrow Plague Belcher Rhonas the Indomitable Liliana's Mastery Final Reward
3 - 2 Soul-Scar Mage Edifice of Authority Cartouche of Strength Trial of Strength Magma Spray Cartouche of Strength Wander in Death Final Reward
3 - 3 Cartouche of Strength Essence Scatter Baleful Ammit Magma Spray Trueheart Duelist Binding Mummy Cursed Minotaur Cartouche of Strength
3 - 4 Synchronized Strike Oketra's Monument Lay Bare the Heart Oketra's Monument Decimator Beetle Cartouche of Ambition Brute Strength Bone Picker
3 - 5 Trueheart Twins Colossapede Vizier of Tumbling Sands River Serpent Fan Bearer Electrify Festering Mummy Greater Sandwurm
3 - 6 Essence Scatter Merciless Javelineer Rhet-Crop Spearmaster Soulstinger Miasmic Mummy Soulstinger Manticore of the Gauntlet Unwavering Initiate
3 - 7 Doomed Dissenter Enigma Drake Ahn-Crop Champion Shadowstorm Vizier Warfire Javelineer Pitiless Vizier Supernatural Stamina Watchful Naga
3 - 8 Soulstinger Ornery Kudu Sacred Cat Doomed Dissenter Initiate's Companion Colossapede Manglehorn Initiate's Companion
3 - 9 Gift of Paradise Weaver of Currents Rhet-Crop Spearmaster Vizier of Remedies Rhet-Crop Spearmaster Miasmic Mummy Blighted Bat Those Who Serve
3 - 10 Supply Caravan Giant Spider Initiate's Companion Giant Spider Naga Oracle Thresher Lizard Pathmaker Initiate Quarry Hauler
3 - 11 Rhet-Crop Spearmaster Kefnat's Monument Giant Spider Those Who Serve Those Who Serve In Oketra's Name Desert Cerodon Reduce // Rubble
3 - 12 Seeker of Insight Pitiless Vizier Compelling Argument Slither Blade Oashra Cultivator Hekma Sentinels Sunscorched Desert Anointer Priest
3 - 13 Pathmaker Initiate Supply Caravan Unburden Spidery Grasp Painted Bluffs Trespasser's Curse Dispossess Decision Paralysis
3 - 14 Haze of Pollen Djeru's Resolve Forsake the Worldly Brute Strength Pursue Glory Haze of Pollen Forsake the Worldly Forsake the Wordly
3 - 15 Ancient Crab Gate to the Afterlife Luxa River Shrine Dissenter's Deliverance Sunscorched Desert Scribe of the Mindful Violent Impact Ancient Crab