Dauntless Aven


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Hour of Devastation (HOU) Common

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Dauntless Aven

Creature — Bird Warrior

Whenever Dauntless Aven attacks, untap target creature you control.

Dauntless Aven Discussion

chronomentro on How would this scenario play ...

8 months ago

The 3 cards involved are Merieke Ri Berit , Curse of Inertia , and Dauntless Aven . I control all 3 of these and it's my turn. Merieke Ri Berit is currently tapped and I have control of an opponent's creature. Curse of Inertia and Dauntless Aven are already in play, and I plan to attack with ONLY Dauntless Aven this turn. My opponent has 2 creatures able to block. Once I declare Dauntless Aven as an attacker there are 2 triggered abilities that I have to deal with; tap/untap target permanent, and, untap target creature I control. What I would LIKE to do is untap Merieke Ri Berit with 1 of these triggered abilities (destroying the opponents creature I control), then immediately tap Merieke Ri Berit taking control of 1 of my opponent's remaining 2 creatures...AND THEN use the 2nd triggered ability to untap Merieke Ri Berit AGAIN; destroying thAt creature; tap Merieke Ri Berit and take control of the opponents last creature. Opponent gets priority to play instants/activate abilities after each of my actions...opponent now has no blockers...combat damage step Dauntless Aven deals 2 damage...End of Combat. I don't think it works this way though bc the rules state that the abilities have to resolve before any player gets priority...so, the 2 triggered tap abilities have to be assigned targets, they resolve, THEN i would receive priority to use the activated ability of Merieke Ri Berit . We're noobs but quickly learning all these 'magic'al rules haha.. Just had to check with the real experts about this dynamic.. Thank You in advance for the help!

PedroMarcello on They Deftly Maneuver and Muscle for Rank

1 year ago

Provoke seems to work amazingly with First-Strike.So things like Cartouche of Solidarity and Ethereal Armor is where it excels.

For Extert you should consider Act of Heroism, Copperhorn Scout,Dauntless Aven,Mobile Garrison,Seeker of Skybreak, Veteran's Reflexes and Village Bell-Ringer

lolboy on

1 year ago

maybe add Dauntless Aven

surftheWhiteRays on

1 year ago

I feel that Rampaging Ferocidon doesn't belong in this shell as it want more tokens to ping the opponent than your few creatures. Maybe even try the other Huatli, Dinosaur Knight Planeswalker! Another viable Rare/Mythic replacement could be Combustible Gearhulk (for more gas) or Burning Sun's Avatar

Even though not a dino, I would look into Dauntless Aven as a means to protect your Huatli, by giving your big creatures Pseudo vigilance.

I would try these changes for a bigger punch through:

-1 Sky Terror (You already want to get to late game as soon as possible so you can skip 1)

-1 Imperial Aerosaur

+1 Charging Monstrosaur

+1-2 Huatli's Spurring (with the other Huatli, it makes this spell even better!)

+1 Honored Crop-Captain

Caerwyn on RW EDH Revised Brion

2 years ago

Crested Sunmare is an interesting card for this deck. It provides you a 5/5 indestructible blocker whenever you gain life--sacrifice this horse with Brion, gain some life via lifelink, and immediately gain another replacement horse in the next endstep.

I might think of adding more sacrifice outlets and untap mechanics. You have numerous capture spells, and several which capture multiple targets. A few more sacrifice outlets will allow you to use, attack, and then destroy these captures, even if there are several of them or your commander tapped/is not on the field. I found a couple which might be interesting, at budget-friendly prices:

Helm of Possession allows you to both destroy a borrowed creature and net another creature semi-permanently.

Ashnod's Altar provides and destroys one of their creatures.

Infernal Plunge nets you some mana when you sacrifice their creatures.

Scapegoat is fairly inexpensive to cast, and has a number of uses in this deck. Not only can you sacrifice a stolen creature, but you can also bounce other stolen creatures to their owners' hands and bounce your own thieves, such as Conquering Manticore.

Rupture has the downside of harming yourself. However, you have a solid number of flying creatures, so it may not affect your boardstate much.

There are some W instants (ex. Burst of Energy) and creatures (ex. Dauntless Aven), as well as some artifacts (ex. Thousand-Year Elixir) which untap creatures, and would allow you an additional fling with Brion. Not sure if any of these are efficient enough to be worth a card slot, but it might be worth playtesting.

PickleNutz on [Modern] We All End Up As Spirits

2 years ago

So, since this isn't standard anymore what will you change? They took away Spirits, but you could try out the Avens for control and have a pretty decent deck. Aven Mindcensor, Nimble Obstructionist, Dauntless Aven, Aven Wind Guide, Tah-Crop Elite, Aven of Enduring Hope,and Dawnfeather Eagle are just a few. Maybe not the best, but it gives you a super cheap tribal until you can come up with something new.

UsedToVenom on Boros Standard

2 years ago

9 out for maybeboard:2x Fling, 2x Onward, 2x Tormenting Voice, 1x Honored Crop-Captain, 2x Dauntless Aven

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