Grind / Dust


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Hour of Devastation Rare

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Grind / Dust


GrindPut a -1/-1 counter on each of up to two target creatures.

DustAftermath (Cast this spell only from your graveyard. Then exile it.)

Exile any number of target creatures that have -1/-1 counters on them.

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Grind / Dust Discussion

Calibus101 on UB Ifnir Cycle

1 day ago

I'm not certain on Fraying Sanity, it looks like something to add to it for some silliness in some casual matches.

Cast Out was definitely a thought. Issue being single target and I would have to change my land distribution if I were to consider sideboard and mainboard. Grind / Dust is just more effective thanks to interactions with Archfiend of Ifnir

New Perspectives and Abandoned Sarcophagus are going to replace both Scribe of the Mindful and Wander in Death as Sarcophagus breaks the synergy. I was considering 2 of each and fitting in 2 more Nimble Obstructionist for some countering and tricky flashback from the grave thanks to sarcophagus and new perspectives interaction with each other.

Titanco on UB Ifnir Cycle

1 day ago

If you are splashing into white for Grind / Dust, then I would recommend also adding some Cast Outs for extra removal/cycle potential. Also, this one is a bit of a silly idea, but Fraying Sanity might work well here due to all of the cards being cycled, particularly if you combine it with New Perspectives.

nerf_herder_2983 on Did someone say tokens with deathtouch?

3 days ago

I think this is a pretty good deck so far, but might be a little slow. Have you thought about cards such as Ruthless Sniper and Archfiend of Ifnir? With Archfiend, it might be a good idea to find a good discard outlet like Nahiri's Wrath or even Prophetic Ravings, which allows you to cycle any card. As far as cards to remove, probably Crocodile of the Crossing because I feel like on turn four you'll want to play a couple of your one or two drops if they got removed early game. I'd also get rid of The Scorpion God just because I think Archfiend will work better for you in the end. But I would at least keep it in the side board. Or even side board archfiend. And for board presence, maybe run another Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons and only 2 Ammit Eternal, you'll get more creatures on the board. I'd also sideboard Nest of Scarabs because you have hapatra, which produces better creature. If you are up against creature control, then I'd swap the hapatras for the nest. Lastly, throwing in a couple more Canyon Sloughs might be good as well, or even Needle Spires so you can fire off that aftermath on Grind / Dust. Either way I don't think you are running enough land, even with Channeler Initiate. Other than that I think this will be a fun deck. Just have to be prepared for a Solemnity.

multimedia on Hour of Hapatra

3 days ago

Looks great +1.

I have four suggestions, first one is cut 2x Nest of Scarabs for 2x more Ammit Eternal. I'm not a fan of Nest because it doesn't do anything by itself and both Eternal and Spider are better three drops. Making it easier to curve turn two Hapatra into turn three Eternal is good.

Second is cut Splendid Agony for 1x more Grind / Dust and 1x more Grasp of Darkness. Grind is better than Agony because of Dust discarding it to Key to the City. You'll need more Grasp to deal with your opponent's five drops.

Third is add Ifnir Deadlands in place of Swamps because it can be used later on to put counters on creatures. Using lands that have synergy with your deck's strategy is very good. Spider can help to gain you the life back that you lose from Deadlands.

Fourth, I recommend trying to find room for Blossoming Defense maybe in place of Fatal Push, put Push in the sideboard. Blossoming can protect Hapatra and because combat is kind of important to get the most out of your strategy. Hapatra, Eternal and Spider need to engage in combat to get the best out of them Blossoming can help with this.

jaylawlerrr on Jund -1/-1 Counters

1 week ago

kasta96- yes, of course! Fatal Push does work well here, but like you said- keeping it relatively within a budget is another thing. And I do completely agree with the point you made for Grasping Dunes, that is why I haven't implemented any in my deck either.

Grind / Dust is an awesome card, the only real issue is the color combination, which I suppose isn't that big of a deal. Channeler Initiate should be able to put up the mana for it... And I don't think it will be an issue for you to keep him on the battlefield because, like I mentioned before, you are playing Claim / Fame. Also, "Dust", being played from your graveyard, doesn't pressure you into finding a way to cast it right away which I think is great.

kasta96 on Jund -1/-1 Counters

1 week ago

jaylawlerrr Thank you for your insight on the deck! I'd love to play at least to copies of Fatal Push in the deck but I'm looking to establish a budget deck base that I can improve with better cards.

I don't know about Grasping Dunes, in theory they look really good but I don't know what lands I should remove to put them in and how many copies.

Grind / Dust might be a good sideboard card indeed, thank you for pointing that one out!

jaylawlerrr on Jund -1/-1 Counters

1 week ago

Zingano: Any burn outlet- like Shock, (or Magma Spray) will yield poison counters, as long as Soul-Scar Mage is on the battlefield. Also, they will net some long as Hapatra, Vizier of Poison is next to it (or Nest of Scarabs, which shouldn't be too difficult, seeing Claim / Fame will see play). That's why we choose burn spells over hard removal such as Murder, or Unlicensed Disintegration. Although, don't get me wrong... they are good in any deck built with these colors, there usually isn't enough room. Fatal push still managed to find it's way into my deck, though it isn't really budget friendly -> (Jund Poison [HOU Update])

I agree with DrWings1987- Grasping Dunes & Ifnir Deadlands are both great cards that boast at least somewhat decent abilities here. Personally, I would choose Grasping Dunes over the other simply because it is a little cheaper mana-wise.

Personally, I would recommend Grind / Dust... at least as a pet spell in your sideboard. It is fantastic in these counter decks- not only does it net a couple of counters and tokens, but it has the potential to sweep the entire board from your graveyard if you need it to.

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