Dunes of the Dead


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Hour of Devastation (HOU) Uncommon

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Dunes of the Dead

Land — Desert

: Add to your mana pool.

When Dunes of the Dead is put into a graveyard from the battlefield, create a 2/2 black Zombie creature token.

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Dunes of the Dead Discussion

Jimmy_Chinchila on Paleontologist, The dinosaur excavator

3 weeks ago

I wanted more draw. Maybe go up Pull from Tomorrow a copy or 2, you could afford to drop a Dunes of the Dead and go to 25 lands, and either a Rhonas or a Commune. And try with 3 Pull. Im worried with all the Deserts youll end up hurting yourself, Evolving Wilds might be nice as a second land in a turn, to be reused with Excavator.

Sounds weird, but Overflowing Insight or Kumena's Awakening (which goes well with Search for Azcanta) could be interesting ways to draw cards. Field of Ruin is solid utility that can be grabbed with Hour and replayed with Excavator. A single Kefnet the Mindful might also be fun.

DeathByDesign on The Eternal Benefactors (GW Tokens)

1 month ago

I hadn't really considered Hostile Desert and seems good alongside Benefaction of Rhonas (since the explorers can't get lands into the graveyard). The thing about Dunes of the Dead is that it seems pretty busted to me with Anointed Procession out. Activate one of my two other deserts to get a pump (team or individual) and then get two 2/2 Zombies out (four if I have two processions o.O). I think Dunes is better against single targeted Removal (the Fatal Pushes of the world) but worse against sweepers so it really could go either way (though one thing can be said in that I would rather not sac Hostile Desert to my other deserts so that might be something). You're right about the ranger, so I reduced one Appeal as a lot of times, I'm more interested in the front half of Appeal // Authority, but do like the back half still. I didn't want to go down the landing, and it is a powerful engine with Anointed Procession as well.

Any particular thoughts on the sideboard and matchups?

Cluracin on Ifnir Black -- budget mono-Black Aggro

2 months ago

I would add some Dunes of the Dead. Obviously being mono black let's you get away with playing the colorless mana without too much risk, plus nothing is sweeter than activating Ifnir Deadlands and getting a bonus 2/2.

Hakamiah on The scarabs will have a feast !

2 months ago

Since you have a control approach, I think the raid on ixalan cards are negligible. The cycle of Unburden is better than the raid on Heartless Pillage, since on late game your opponent will have no cards is hand, and an extra draw from a dead card can't hurt. I have a similar deck, running 4 Ammit Eternal, it's a 5/5 body with 3 Mana, and Afflict 3. Can be used with Yahenni's Expertise, normally having more impact on board than a 1/2 dreamstealer. Run only 2. The deserts, Ifnir Deadlands, Dunes of the Dead, and Scavenger Grounds can help with removal/make chump block. Since using deserts, a good drop 2 is Wretched Camel, adding to the choices to when lost 2 life, kill and discard, etc. Raiders' Wake is a very bad drop 4, since with early Duress and Harsh scrutiny, your opponent will have nothing to discard. Stick on 4 Torment of Scarabs and none Raiders'wake.

Hakamiah on Counter Token

2 months ago

I have done a similar deck, with only BG. Seems you don't have much removal on deck, and usually playing with BG, you need to protect your key-creatures. Hapatra is 2/2, dying to a simple Shock or Magma Spray. Blossoming Defense and Hapatra's Mark can save your token producers. The synergy between Key to the City and Archfiend of Ifnir can make a solid wipe on opponents creatures, or cripple all of them. Sticking on BG makes room to Ifnir Deadlands and Dunes of the Dead. RIX will give a good Vraska on PW decks, better than Liliana, Death Wielder

Feltrix on Landsbreaking

2 months ago

Yeah, you should be fine with 3x Excavators. Hostile Desert could be fairly useful here. I've found Ifnir Deadlands to be quite useful, and you may want to use Sunscorched Desert for a little extra damage. Maybe sideboard Scavenger Grounds? Dunes of the Dead or Grasping Dunes could also be fun. I wouldn't include too many, though, as it throws off your mana fixing.

Hyperalgialysis on Mono red burn

2 months ago

If you have them, yes. Flying is really big right now and his ability is very good too. If you can, Dunes of the Dead Grasping Dunes or Scavenger Grounds is better than Desert of the Fervent. They all have a relevant ability, versus cycling to potentially draw another land, and the fact the enter tapped makes them too slow for this deck.

Violinist on Crafting a Consistent Mill Deck

3 months ago

A Handful of Dust

Standard Violinist


It's been actual literal years since I last shuffled a deck, and now I'm trying to get back into the game by brewing up a mill deck, and I'd really appreciate some feedback.

My main concern right now is consistency. Going by test draws and goldfishing I feel like I'm far too often seeing nearly useless opening hands, and periods of multiple turns where I can't do anything, either because mana screw, wrong cards in hand, etc.

I'm still liking the seed concept of it, especially after the addition of Ramunap Excavator. Sacrificing a Dunes of the Dead and then putting it right back feels good. But as it stands the deck feels screwed without an Ipnu Rivulet in or near the opening hand, and I too often look at my hand and wish it was something else.

It's been so long since I wore my homebrew hat I seem to have lost it somewhere. What big mistakes am I making? How can I make the deck more consistent?

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