Dread Wanderer


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet (AKH) Rare

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Dread Wanderer

Creature — Zombie Jackal

Dread Wanderer enters the battlefield tapped.

: Return Dread Wanderer from your graveyard to the battlefield. Activate this ability only any time you could cast a sorcery and only if you have one or fewer cards in hand.

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Dread Wanderer Discussion

Atroxreaper on Mono Black infinite

2 hours ago

np I do love the combo here what about Dread Wanderer seems like he would let you double up on oathsworn vampires and allow you to combo off with one less piece.

StonedJesus on Black Sabbath

1 day ago

I've always wanted to see this combo work, and I stumbled across this deck when I briefly named my deck (now Aggresive Prison Sex) Black Sabbath. One of the best bands in the history of metal, by the way. Now I'm assuming that this is budget so I'm going to keep these suggestions frugal. Instead of Convolute put Mana Leak or Counterspell, although it seems that Blue isn't a necessary color in here. I'd recommend taking it out completely and putting in more black removal, like Dismember, Geth's Verdict, Grasp of Darkness, Fatal Push, Gatekeeper of Malakir, Fleshbag Marauder, and Walk the Plank. I personally don't think that Priest of the Blood Rite is necessary, it might just hurt you after they kill the demon. Grave Titan, Vampire Nighthawk, Gifted Aetherborn, Phyrexian Obliterator, Skinrender, Gray Merchant of Asphodel, and such. I'm just naming good cards you should consider now, Hymn to Tourach, Torment of Hailfire, Sinkhole, Geralf's Messenger, Dread Wanderer, Diregraf Ghoul, and MOST IMPORTANTLY Dark Ritual. I just think a deck called Black Sabbath should be mono-black. Sorry if I rambled, I just want this deck to kick ass. No deck named after an amazing band should have to lose even once. Good luck


Rhadamanthus on Dream Halls - is discarded ...

1 week ago

Note that Voidmage Husher's ability can't return itself from the graveyard. Abilities on a permanent-type card (artifact, creature, enchantment, land, planeswalker) only work while it's on the battlefield, unless they specifically mention some other zone (Dread Wanderer, etc.) or would only make sense in another zone (the Flash ability on Voidmage Husher works while it's in your hand).

Murphy77 on Exploring Ixalan

1 week ago

I see what you are trying to do. I just feel that the transformed Journey to Eternity is a very expensive way to bring creatures back from the grave. I am not convinced about Dread Wanderer and Glint-Sleeve Siphoner in this deck. My version of this deck would be Explore aggressively

poopiepoopiepants1 on Golem Fights Dino

1 week ago

I like the deck so +1!

However, there are a few lands that I think you should consider.

2x Desert of the Indomitable -- late game when you're mana flooded, do you want to draw a Forest?

1 or 2x Scavenger Grounds -- against God-Pharoah's Gift, The Scarab God or Dread Wanderer or Scrapheap Scrounger :)

4x Hashep Oasis -- just some extra nice pump.

jon.grimes893 on Ixalan Standard Zombie

2 weeks ago

welcome to Magic!

-3 Untethered Express

-1 Liliana, Death's Majesty

-4 Fragmentize

-3 Bone Picker

-4 Wayward Servant

+1 Plague Belcher

+1 Gifted Aetherborn

+4 Dread Wanderer

+4 Binding Mummy

+2 Cast Out or Vraska's Contempt

+3 Dire Fleet Hoarder

Untethered is just bad, especially in a deck that isn't producing 1/1 tokens to crew the artifact.

Liliana, Death's Masjesty is a good card, but she works out better in re-animator style decks.

Fragmentize is a sideboard card. Cast Out / Vraska's Contempt are better all-around cards that can deal with planeswalkers and Scarab God.

Bonepicker is only a Turn 3 play at the earliest for you, as long as you Walk the Plank. Which implies you also have 3 black mana Turn 3.

Wayward Servant is good, but its mana intensive and Binding Mummy works out better for pushing damage.

Plague Belcher, Gifted Aetherborn, and Dread Wanderer are all too good not to run 4 in any black aggro deck. Its important to note that Plague Belcher can stick the negative counters on himself to prevent being blown out by removal.

Dire Fleet Hoarder is the only card recommendation I had slight hesitations about making. You are playing lots of 5 drops, so an early blocker/attacker who translates into an earlier Liliana's Mastery might not be the worst idea.

reeljazz7 on Ixalan Standard Zombie

2 weeks ago

Not sure how much experience you have with MTG or how familiar you are with the Standard Meta, but there was a solid zombie deck that just rotated out. The problem is it relied heavily on SOI and EMN.

That said, there are a few cards from that deck that would help you out here. Dread Wanderer is a good one drop, Lord of the Accursed can make life interesting with his ramp ability. Plague Belcher is good. Fatal Push is probably the best black removal card in Standard ATM.

For land, I'd start with a few Ifnir Deadlands, and then focus on getting more dual lands such as Concealed Courtyard.

As for your sideboard, you can add some cards like Dispossess, Lost Legacy, Never / Return, or Duress.

DracomnisMTG on Mono white zombie aggro

2 weeks ago

Hyperalgialsysis: I think your suggestions are great ideas. What would you take out for those cards,as well as some copes of Fumigate?I also have a single copy of Dread Wanderer and some copies of Gifted Aetherborn and Lost Legacy

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