Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Hour of Devastation (HOU) Uncommon

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Whenever you cast a noncreature spell, you may have Riddleform become a 3/3 Sphinx creature with flying in addition to its other types until end of turn.

2U: Scry 1.

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Riddleform Discussion

Frytrix99 on Crazy spellcasting, featuring flying creatures

2 days ago

Hey, thx for the feedback. You're right that I'm somewhat vulnerable to indestructible creatures. Counterspell are not in the deck for nothing. If it's really a problem, I got 4 Essence Scatter with the sideboard. Cryptic Serpent can also block smaller indestructible creatures. Tbh, I didn't fell like indestructible was a problem, but I guess it could be.

For my "win con is vulnerable".. I mean.. any win con is vulnerable at some point. Riddleform is not that vulnerable. On the opponent turn, it's often an enchantment, so difficult to deal with (can't be burn or targeted as a creature, etc etc). Yes, Enigma Drake is vulnerable, so what? I still can protect it with Negate or Unsummon. So I don't understand why you say that?

Land wise : Opt and Chart a Course as well as Perilous Voyage give me some draw/scry to find the needed lands. I never feel too shorts on lands. Especially that alsmot all the cards cost less than 4, so I don't want to be manaflood as well.

I tried to play Primal Amulet  Flip and when I have it in hand, I almost never has the possibility to play it. It doesn't help much with my instant/sorcery and waste a turn to cast this instead of react to a 4 drop like.. let's say Hazoret the Fervent.

Kari Zev's Expertise, on the other hand, remove blockers as well as giving me more power. I like how it perform, and prefer to keep it.

For Supreme Will. Yes, I thought about it and I don't really like it, event if I know that it's good and people like it. Finally, Rekindling Phoenix is WAY too expensive. I play on a budget. I don't even consider cards that cost more than 4$.

jadanielnc on UR Terribad

2 days ago

Removed 2 Siren Stormtamer, 2 Spell Pierce, 3 Soul-Scar Mage, 1 Chart a Course. sideboard 2 Unsummon and 2Insult

Added 3 Protean Raider, 2 Curious Obsession, 3 Storm Fleet Sprinter, and 2 Consuming Fervor

Trying to go more aggro less control. I think Curious Obsession + Storm Fleet Sprinter is a nice draw source hence removing cathartic. Always wanted to try Consuming Fervor + Riddleform.

Countermage on Ixalan Boros Aggro

4 days ago

CryptonicNova Maybe I was a bit ahead of myself with that comment and only time will tell, but what does Ram Red have for the mid game that this deck can't have? We can run Hazoret the Fervent and Chandra, Torch of Defiance exactly like them. We can switch to a more midrange deck with Glorybringer, Rekindling Phoenix, Cast Out, Regal Caracal or Gideon of the Trials like Desert Red usually do. And now we have access to Fragmentize against Search for Azcanta  Flip, Riddleform, Authority of the Consuls, Drake Haven and all the new fliplands.

Hyperalgialysis on Four-Color Approach of the Second Sun

6 days ago

Vraska's Contempt is gonna be better than Hour of Glory most of the time, I know the double black is hard but if you can get them they will be worth it. Riddleform would be a decent sideboard card too, honestly if you run just spells game 1 and game 2 bring in creatures you will be at a huge advatnage since your opponent will likely drop most of their removal. Also consider dropping a single Supreme Will for a Bontu's Last Reckoning it does really well against energy decks and some of the fater starts in the format like pummeler. Good luck hope it does well for you.

Frinckles on [Izzet] Enigma-Raiders

1 week ago

Thanks for the input Hyper. I added Shock & Lightning Strike on the sideboard because I really do like burning opponents directly and it gives you an option against Planeswalkers with the redirect rule. That said, I think Abrade still has its uses in covering artifacts and artifact creatures, while people are still running creatures that embalm and Eternalize. It's really a situational thing.

Confiscation Coup is super cool but is a bit costly if you're just handling smaller creatures from aggro decks, while at the same time may have trouble against bigger creatures with Hexproof like Carnage Tyrant that may pop up. The energy is a really awesome bonus though, and I'd like to see a deck played around them now. Haha

Riddleform was actually my original win con alongside the drakes before I got Locust Gods. They're really fun and quirky but their niche is filled by Enigma Drakes who are much more consistent. I also feel like they can run out of steam if you're forced to use a lot of spells early. They think they have a place in a deck, perhaps just not this one.

Thanks for all the awesome advice.

Hyperalgialysis on [Izzet] Enigma-Raiders

1 week ago

I like it! Riddleform may fit well. I think Shock instead of Magma Spray and Lightning Strike instead of Abrade since they can hit the opponent, you could run them in the sideboard if you need to exile something or trash an artifact. With the energy production Confiscation Coup might be good as a one of.

ItsRuben on Drake of Azcanta

2 weeks ago

Thanks for your tips!

4x Baral, Chief of Compliance is indeed a high number. I have two reasons for this:

  1. Baral is one of the main engines of the deck next to Search for Azcanta. Because we're a control and counter a lot of spells, we can draw and discard a lot of cards with him (which is kind of the main goal of the deck) and to make that work we really need Baral/Azcanta on the battlefield (or both :)) as early as possible. Running four copies of both is therefore the best option to get one or both of them in your opening hand.
  2. The instants and sorceries are also selected to synergize with Baral for optimal use.

I like you suggestion of Riddleform and it indeed is an interesting one. Therefor playtesting seemed like the best option. While playtesting I found out that for 2 mana a 3/3 flyer is pretty good, there were only some problems with it: the deck is quite tight and it's hard to cut anything that isn't a useful card in the deck. So if I want to add Riddleform I first need to cut some cards, any suggestions? Also this is a control deck and not a tempo deck. In a tempo deck, were I would likely play something like Unsummon, I can play Unsummon in my Main Phase, activate Riddleform and attack with it in combat. In a control deck, we play our 'noncreature spell' 95% of the time in their 2nd main phase, because that's were people play their spells (especially with Riddleform on the battlefield) and our Riddleform has become useless; we cannot block or attack with it.

So how much I like the idea of Riddleform, I just don't think it will fit in this deck.

Chasedrk1 on Drake of Azcanta

2 weeks ago

I really like this deck concept. This looks like a well thought or board +1

The one thing I believe is aloof just looking at it (without playtesting) is that 4x Baral, Chief of Compliance seems high for any legendary creature.

Lastly, Riddleform seems like it is begging to be in the 75 somewhere.

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