Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Hour of Devastation (HOU) Uncommon

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Whenever you cast a noncreature spell, you may have Riddleform become a 3/3 Sphinx creature with flying in addition to its other types until end of turn.

2U: Scry 1.

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Riddleform Discussion

NippDip on Kill It With Water

3 days ago

Ornge and nav566:

-Harnessed Lightning: This card I have considered quite a bit, but I value killing creatures with removal spells that can hit players as well, as usually one or two Shocks and Lightning Strikes are enough to finish off the game, and if my opponent resolves a big threat like Torrential Gearhulk, I've probably lost anyways.

-Riddleform: This card I've been considering for a while, I'm not sure how many I want in my deck though. I was thinking a 2-2 split with Deeproot Champion?

-Kari Zev's Expertise: This is a great idea for a sideboard against Ramunap Red. I'll put some in.

-Larger Than Life: I don't know if I want this card in as it can't be used at instant speed.

-Servant of the Conduit: This is going to have to be a no because of how it doesn't benefit from casting spells, and it's not that big.

Ornge on Kill It With Water

4 days ago

Harnessed Lightning would work well with the fact you are running 4x Attune with Aether. also, putting one or two Riddleform in the maindeck would be beneficial. have you considered Larger Than Life or Servant of the Conduit? I would also take out Cryptic Serpent

Darsul on Enigma of the Featherlight

1 week ago

hmmm, your focus is off IMO. Nimble Obstructionist, Enigma Drake and Bloodwater Entity all share the same cmc and don't play well together though it may at first glance seem like they do. Looking closer we see Bloodwater Entity and to a lesser extent Riddleform are counter productive to Enigma Drake and Nimble Obstructionist just feels pushed. You need to focus on whats your power and weakness.

EDedan on Nimble Sphinx Assault

1 week ago

Nice Deck man ;), tried to make a Favorable Winds deck with Riddleform Bloodwater Entity and Enigma Drake. not completed thou so im happy that you made a nice brew :)

munky702 on U/R Riddle Drake (Ixalan Standard $30 Budget Deck)

1 week ago

Adding green. While keeping it budget friendly. Cards like Deeproot Champion, Attune with Aether and Aether Hub really makes the deck pop. Keeping the ability to still stay under 3 Cmc which is what youd want for this deck. And would you oppose throwing in a couple Cryptic Serpent instead of Riddleform and to be able to add a few more spells?

backinajiffy on Creative Grixis Jank in Ixalan

1 week ago

This is a seriously wierd deck. I love it, but it takes a second to really understand all the interactions.

Really diggin the cool useage of Riddleform here too.

I would consider the addition of Essence Extraction into the main board as I would image you'd taking quite a bit of damage pre turn 6. Censor definitely feels like a excellent card here as well, 2 copies appears like it may be 1 too few, especially considering how useful the cycle is for a combo deck.

Pickacantaloupe on It's a bird, it's a plane!...

2 weeks ago

What do you think about me removing Enigma Drake, and adding Dreamcaller Siren? That seems more of a viable option. Trading a 4 cost for a 3 cost, though, I'll possibly add one more Storm Fleet Aerialist.

So that'd be 2 or 3 Dreamcaller Siren and 4 Storm Fleet Aerialist if there are only 2 Dreamcaller Siren.

If I decide to remove Sweltering Suns what do you think I should add in it's stead? I was thinking another Riddleform ? Or even something else I'm overlooking here? Whirler Virtuoso could also be added in if Enigma Drake is being removed.

Edit: I like Enigma Drake because he's a big flying wall. He has the added bonus of being an attacker if you cast plenty of Sorcery/Instants, but I almost think that may be a bit too slow, now that I've seen this deck against other decks.

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