Bone Picker


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet (AKH) Uncommon

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Bone Picker

Creature — Bird

Bone Picker costs less to cast if a creature died this turn.

Flying, deathtouch

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Bone Picker Discussion

ohmless on Mono black aggro+counter

3 days ago

in main more deserts? for the sb, 4x Duress, 4x Walk the Plank, 1x Bone Picker, 2x Sword-Point Diplomacy? I am returning to standard after having taken a break from it. sorry if these are bad rec's, but i am sure the duress and walk the plank are solid.


PickleNutz on My girl Vraska

1 week ago

ALSO, what about Bone Picker instead of Gifted Aetherborn? Your deck is packed with removal and you can use that to cast Bone picker for super cheap and it has flying. It also dodges fatal push without Revolt.

bLaZiNgShArK on Mono Black Control

1 week ago

Madcookie Hi, thanks for your response. Please, check the deck now and let me know what you think. The deck changed quite a bit and i decided to go really budget (under 100 dollars), but honestly i don't think the deck has lost that much. Btw you said you didn't like Arguel's Blood Fast, but there are creatures in the deck that you perhaps didn't spot - 4 copies of Noxious Gearhulk. Plus we lack 2 drops and even the front side of the card isn't bad and when we flip it as a swamp it's acceptable, so i think it has potential and i want to try it out, but as you see i'm only running a copy. Maybe i could run more creatures like Gifted Aetherborn or Bone Picker.You also mentioned Magus of the Coffers, but in my opinion he's too slow and we have a rather high land count and Liliana of the Dark Realms also helps us get them. Not to say that Torment of Hailfire seems good even when X is not like 5+.

shadow63 on Control Freak ($20-$45)

1 week ago

With the way your deck is set up you shouldn't ever pull off the effect of your arch feind I think Vampire Nighthawk would be a better option maybe even Delver of Secrets but I know he's not super budget Frost Titan could also fill the spot. Maybe even Bone Picker

multimedia on U/B midrange

2 weeks ago

Hey, the control list I suggested was based on an overall perspective of Standard not on your specific FNM meta because I didn't know that meta at the time of suggesting the list. Now that you say 80% of it is control and midrange I can now give better suggestions. I consider Tokens a control deck because it plays very few creatures and the two most important cards are not creatures.

To answer some of your questions in my opinion 4x Scrutiny or no Scrutiny, same with Duress. I also don't like Scrutiny if you're facing a lot of control it's way too miss. Scrutiny is good vs Temur, but because of a lot control then it's a dead card too much to make the deck and there's better sideboard cards to use. Control or Tokens would need to be the most dominate matchups in the meta before I would consider Duress a main deck card and if this is the case then you want 4x Duress. I say this because you want the best chance to cast it turn one because then you can take Search for Azcanta  Flip or vs Tokens Hidden Stockpile. I don't have any experience playing Hailfire, but it seems like it needs a ramp strategy to consistently be good enough/worth a spot. I would cut it.

80% is a huge percentage ratio of control and midrange in your meta I recommend using cards that are good in both matchups this gives more versatility with game play. 4x Doomfall and 4x Contempt seems like auto includes because you want either as well as multiplies of these cards in either matchup.

Here's a list to consider, built for a control and midrange meta:

  • 4x Glint-Sleeve Siphoner
  • 4x Aetherborn
  • 4x Ballista
  • 3x Gonti
  • 2x Noxious

  • 3x Aethersphere Harvester

  • 3x Blood Fast

  • 4x Doomfall
  • 4x Contempt
  • 3x Plank
  • 2x Push

  • 16x Swamp
  • 2x Deadlands
  • 4x Aether Hub
  • 2x Field
  • 1x Grounds

  • Sideboard:
  • 4x Duress
  • 3x Scrounger
  • 2x Push
  • 2x Reckoning
  • 2x Disposses or Legacy
  • 2x Tracker

Cards in this list that are good in both midrange and control matchups are: Doomfall, Gonti, Blood Fast and Harvester. Siphoner and Blood Fast are draw engines to keep up with control and get ahead vs midrange both are two drops which is amazing in these matchups. I can't stress enough how good Blood Fast is in these matchups especially getting it into play turn two. Doomfall and Gonti are ways to exile Scarab and Torrential before they can be cast. Gonti can't take either from opponent's hand, but possibly getting one from your opponent's deck is just as good as is anything else really such as Chandra or Glorybringer from Temur, Glimmer or Disallow from control.

Harverster ties this list together because it's great vs midrange Temur, as a blocker vs Glorybringer and Thopters. Provides some energy for Siphoner or life for Blood Fast vs control, it's also a resilient threat in this matchup. Good vs aggro too if you face that matchup. Gonti is another glue card in the list because it's good vs both control and midrange, especially Temur because of deathtouch. Being able to build a ground defense with Aetherborn, Gonti to combat Cub, Hydra and defend the air from Glorybringer with Harvester is very nice vs Temur.

I'll admit I don't have play experience with Torment of Scarabs, but I just don't think it does enough right away for four mana. I would replace it with a card that gives you more immedient value consistently. I would replace Torment with Gonti because Gonti gives you more advantage faster and also exiles something away from your opponent's deck which you can then cast and use later on in the game that's more important than them losing 3 life.

Over time Torment does make your opponent lose life, but is this worth a four drop card? In my opinion you're not benefiting enough from it. If your strategy was to be aggressive and attacking in the early game doing a lot of damage before you drop Torment then Torment could be better because then the opponent 3 life loss does matter. With a midrange or control strategy however the 3 life lose doesn't matter enough to be playable. Maybe you win a game with Torment if the game goes a lot of turns after turn four, but I think you're better off playing something that can give you more immedient advantage consistently in it's place.

Bone Picker is also for aggressive strategies where your small aggro creatures are going to die thus getting to cast it for only one mana. It's also good in aggro matchups because then Push is good and Picker and Push are a nice combination. For four mana with a midrange strategy however it's too lackluster; there's better cards to use four mana on such as Contempt or Gonti. If you're consistently playing Picker for only one mana then great keep it, but if you're not I would cut it.

Field of Ruin is for Azcanta, the Sunken Ruin without some kind of targeted answer for this land your opponent will overwhelm with card advantage. If your meta is control then control decks are playing Search, if they aren't then you're lucky. Playing only black for the manabase lets you safely play Ruin. Same with Grounds, one is nice to have, but I agree with you that Tracker or Crook of Condemnation is much better for turning off graveyard shenanigans. 2x Tracker in the sideboard because it's better vs control than midrange, it doesn't do much vs Temur. Sultai Energy yes, Temur no. Hub is here to help power both Siphoner and Harvester. Being able to go turn one Swamp, turn two Hub and Siphoner is a nice start. If Siphoner lives you're drawing an extra card turn three.

I agree with you Plank is a much better removal spell than Push in midrange matchups and it's not completely dead like Push is vs control because it can kill either Scarab or Torrential in a pinch.

Scrounger is great vs control, but pretty bad vs midrange without Reckoning because it can't block that's why I put it in the sideboard along with Reckoning. Main deck Scrounger is better with aggressive strategies with more creatures not midrange.

3x Plank 2x Push main deck because you're not consistently facing aggro. 2x more Push in the side in case of a possible aggro matchup. Push is still nice to have main deck because you know you'll be facing Cubs and killing a Cub at instant speed for one mana any time of the game is a great feeling.

If you find yourself starting to lose to Tokens which I can see happening because it's a bad matchup then a third Reckoning can help with this otherwise 2x Reckoning sideboard is enough because you do have Ballista. It's a good reason to play 4 of it because it's excellent vs Tokens.

plakjekaas on Mono-Black Aggro Ixl

3 weeks ago

Your Dowsing Dagger is a weird card in an agressive deck that does not have the evasion to pass the 2 free blockers you hand your opponent with it. My suggestion would be to replace them with Bone Pickers, you play enough removal and small creatures to suicide to play them birds for just each

Poseidon31 on Modern Mono Black Aggro on a budget

4 weeks ago

I would replace Tombstalker with Gray Merchant of Asphodel, Bone Picker with Vampire Nighthawk and would add 2 copies of Doomblade.

Than you need more Lifelink, to use the Whip as a crucial finisher and the Arena as a card draw, without high selfdamage, maybe with Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet or Tribute to Hunger. Normally your opponent will only have one or two creatures on the board. Therefore Tribute to Hunger is more efficient as Consume Spirit. Then you need something against Aggro or Token Decks. Yahenni's Expertise should do its job, and can bring you a Nighthawk or else back on the board, after you cleared it.

Those creatures are all double black for your devotion to black.

I run a siilar deck, maybe you give it a look:You played a creature? And.... its gone!.

Jory476 on Bontu's Charge

4 weeks ago

Consider Hidden Stockpile with an Anointed Procession out it can double up on tokens each turn. This also triggers Bontu the Glorified and Bone Picker for you.

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