Act of Heroism


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Masters 25 (A25) None
Hour of Devastation (HOU) Common

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Act of Heroism


Untap target creature. It gets +2/+2 until end of turn and can block an additional creature this turn.

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Act of Heroism Discussion

Suns_Champion on Chiberia

1 month ago

Very nice! And nice background work too :)

You seem to have most of what you need. Tight list. Most of the stuff I initially thought of are already here.

One thought I have for you though would be some untap instants. Djeru's Resolve, Act of Heroism, Refocus, and Tidal Bore. These will basically serve as counters spells and combat tricks with some added utility, like buffing and drawing a card. Something to test perhaps.

Otherwise, very nice look. Reminds me of my friend's first commander deck :)


Eilel on Mono white

1 month ago

What about Pride of Conquerors instead of Act of Heroism. With the Cartouche of Solidarity and Oketras monument you'll create plenty of vigilence tokens so the untapping won't matter that much. You'll probably have the city blessing without a problem

JeranF on RW Exert (MtG Casual)

1 month ago


I must admit, I completely forgot about Glorybringer even though I have one lying around already. I'm also thinking about getting in Brave the Sands. Then I should have enough vigilance enchantments to drop Act of Heroism and Djeru's Resolve and would have some room to add in some removal to the mainboard.

Skinken on RW Exert (MtG Casual)

1 month ago

Try to get your hands on the good exert cards. Mostly Glory-Bound Initiate, but good old Glorybringer is an insane bomb, and since you have untap-synergy, it should be great. Act of Heroism and Djeru's Resolve are kinda weak. Try to aim for cards like Always Watching , and good call on Aurelia, the Warleader. They provide the same effect of untapping your creatures. But they do it 3-8 times over the course of a game.

xyr0s on Gideon Planeswalker

1 month ago

Honestly, neither Angel's Grace or Near-Death Experience is going to do as much for you, as going up to 4 Lightning Bolt and lose 3 singleton bad creatures and the Act of Heroism.

Artificial_drivers on Pushing limits

3 months ago

I was just about to replace Act of Heroism with Forsake the Worldly and drop all but that and the Compulsory Rest down to 2 a piece

Leviathan102 on Pushing limits

3 months ago

Act of Heroism isn't that good, Nissa, Genesis Mage is just bad, and Naga Vitalist isn't the best mana dork in the format, so if you need a mana dork, I'd suggest something in the direction of Channeler Initiate or Servant of the Conduit. Also, Crash Through isn't that good. Maybe take out a land.

NV_1980 on Avacyn, Judgement Day 8/29/97

4 months ago

Hi High_Priest_of_Avacyn,

I think your current draft is an improvement over the previous draft, in that it looks more consistent in terms of adhering to clear strategies (wipes/Angel-tribe/voltron). There are still some cards however, I would really consider replacing:

  • Crovax, Ascendant Hero: you are regularly wiping boards AND you have creatures who are already strong by themselves. That makes adding this card a bit moot, really.
  • Dragon Hunter: a wall against a single dragon or a creature that is unblockable in a deck that just uses dragon creatures. That seems like waaaay too specific a card to use.
  • Guardian of the Guildpact: has the same problem as Dragon Hunter, though it is slightly more powerful. In the end, this is just a wall against mono-colored creatures/spells or an unblockable creature against opponents who only use mono-colored creatures. The variation you come across in EDH is just too diverse to make such cards very useful. If you made this creature part of a deck that is specifically made to benefit from unblockable creatures, it would be another matter. But in this deck, I think it just takes up valuable space.
  • Odric, Master Tactician: Odric's ability does not seem all that useful to me in a deck that wipes the board every few turns (or even every turn).
  • Tundra Wolves: why is this in here? Just as a cheap creature to summon in the early stages of a game? In that case, I would really recommend something more powerful like Mother of Runes or, if affordable to you, something like Serra Ascendant or Weathered Wayfarer.
  • Wakening Sun's Avatar: As this deck is about wipes, I understand why you would add this. Considering the current popularity of Ixalan though, I would not recommend it. Players using dinosaurs will not be affected by this wipe. I think Magus of the Disk would make more sense.
  • Axis of Mortality : Am I correct in assuming this has been added as an insurance policy of some sort? Since your main strategy consists of wiping the board of creatures, the only consistent way other players will be able to whittle down your life total, is by using (targeted) spells. Considering that, I think it would be more useful to add Aegis of the Gods or Leyline of Sanctity instead of this card. Combined with Avacyn and your wiping abilities, this make you very difficult to defeat.
  • Black Ward: did you not just remove all wards/scarabs/circles and stuff? :)
  • Pacifism: in a deck that often wipes multiple creatures, I question the use of a card that puts only one creature out of action (Swords to Plowshares seems more useful in this regard; just remove the thing that is bothering you permanently).
  • Approach of the Second Sun: adding this card to an EDH deck (in which you are only allowed one of these) without tutors and/or ways to draw lots of cards every turn seems extremely inefficient to me.
  • Act of Heroism: I see a tendency in your deck to try and stop single opposing creatures in their tracks by giving one of your own creatures an edge (like protection or a buff to strength/toughness) over the thing it is trying to stop. Act of Heroism is one of the cards you do this with. My advice is to try and incorporate more cards that will allow you to stop all (or most of the) opposing creatures simultaneously. Even better would be to incorporate permanents that can do this all the time, because Avacyn protects those from destruction. This is why I advised you earlier on using stuff like Ghostly Prison and Norn's Annex.

That's it. I hope my comments are useful to you. Please let me know in case you would post a third draft.

With kind regards,


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