Resilient Khenra


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Hour of Devastation (HOU) Rare

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Resilient Khenra

Creature — Wizard

When Resilient Khenra enters the battlefield, you may have target creature get +X/+X until end of turn, where X is Resilient Khenra's power.

Eternalize 4GG (4GG, Exile this card from your graveyard: Create a token that's a copy of it, except it's a 4/4 black Zombie Jackal Wizard with no mana cost. Eternalize only as a sorcery.)

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Resilient Khenra Discussion

Zrobass on Savage Stompy

1 week ago

Hey, thanks for the comment! I can tell you that I originally played Resilient Khenra and Channeler Initiate but found Merfolk Branchwalker and Drover of the Mighty to be far, far superior. Regarding Prowling Serpopard, I am heavily considering giving it a try in the board, but I've been liking Lifecrafter's Bestiary so much as my anti-control card. Regarding Rishkar, Peema Renegade I originally ran 2 of him and 3-4 Verdurous Gearhulk, but it wasn't as good as going more dino-centric. Lastly, I don't think Shapers' Sanctuary is worth the 1-drop spot, especially going more dino, because Commune with Dinosaurs is just an excellent t1 play.

LittleBlueHero on Savage Stompy

1 week ago

I just went 2-1 at standard showdown with mono green stompy. Only match I lost was on 3rd game mana screw to sultai energy/taker/scarab god thing.

I really had no business winning against the Approach of the Second Sun deck i played in my third match. He dominated me the first game countering everything i played. Second game he somehow ran out of gas before he could find his wincon and couldn't attack or block with his kefnet. Game 3 he was stuck on three mana that didn't allow him to cast Settle the Wreckage. I chalk it up to luck entirely.

The deck I run is a very different from yours but we are trying to achieve the same things. I run 4 Shapers' Sanctuary main since the deck doesn't have a solid one drop. Its been the difference maker in a lot of games. Particularly Energy decks and red decks that target heavily. In matchups like approach its easily sided out. Prowling Serpopard is the only thing that can put me ahead in that matchup honestly... So...many...counterspells.

I ran Resilient Khenra and Channeler Initiate as my two drops but there were a lot of games when I would end up with the khenra and Rishkar, Peema Renegade as the only creatures in my hand with nothing on the board and it was frustrating when I knew I couldn't get the bonus off one of em. Im thinking of swapping the khenra for Merfolk Branchwalker and was wondering how its played for you?

vortical42 on Green Energy Build a Better Future

1 week ago

The idea looks good, but it feels like there are a lot of sub-par cards thrown in just because they interact with energy. Blossoming Defense, Longtusk Cub, and Bristling Hydra should all be 4x in the main deck. Those 3 cards are the core of a green energy deck, and can win you the game by themselves. I would also suggest making room for a few copies of Resilient Khenra and Rishkar, Peema Renegade.

Spoonybard on Mono Green Zombie Hydras

3 weeks ago

backinajiffy - thank you for upvote and comments. I might actually be moving away from a lot of the energy in the deck and boil it down to just hydra's and zombies. I was thinking of taking out the Longtusk Cub for Resilient Khenra. In the event you can't get a GPG, you can at least Eternalize it.

Murphy77 on Abzan Explore Reanimate

3 weeks ago

I just seems that your reanimate cards are super expensive to summon and will only be available late-game. You might consider Lurking Chupacabra, which does some serious removal with multiple explores per turn. Deadeye Tracker will normally give you an extra explore per turn. Wildgrowth Walker will just keep growing.

Maybe, if you could give Emperor's Vanguard flying, with something like Cobbled Wings you would have more penetration and explore power.

I feel that Resilient Khenra and Liliana, Death's Majesty are likely to slow you down - and I am missing Ixalan's Binding or Cast Out, which could add some value to this deck.

I started working on an explore deck with Explore aggressively, but probably moved on to other decks without developing the deck's full potential.

vortical42 on UG Pummeler

4 weeks ago

Have you looked at Resilient Khenra? Having another way to pump your creatures is always good, and it leaves behind a body that they don't really want to kill. Perhaps a mix of 2 servants and 2 Khenra. I would also suggest that Deathgorge Scavenger is a must for the sideboard. Pretty much every major deck includes some sort of graveyard interaction that you want to shut down.

Zrobass on Strictly Green

1 month ago

I think you are trying to do too much here. A good deck is a deck all on board to do one plan. I think Old-Growth Dryads needs to go. Replace it with another Commune with Dinosaurs, Blossoming Defense, Ripjaw Raptor, and Savage Stomp. I also think that Resilient Khenra is not that great, and that you should be playing at least two Deathgorge Scavenger. Lastly, Merfolk Branchwalker is a solid 2 drop, either drawing you a card or pseudo-scrying you at a 3/2 body. Feel free to take a look at my Stompy deck for inspiration, and thank you again for the comment there!

Murphy77 on Unblock Party

1 month ago

Herald of Secret Streams and River Heralds' Boon are good for this deck (possibly replacing Nimble Obstructionist and Resilient Khenra) - then maybe a Rashmi, Eternities Crafter in place of one of your Blossoming Defense.

My version of this deck is ME Pointed Ears

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