Life Goes On

Life Goes On


You gain 4 life. If a creature died this turn, you gain 8 life instead.

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Set Rarity
Hour of Devastation (HOU) Common

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Pioneer Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Life Goes On occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 0.0%

Life Goes On Discussion

antacidbrn on I am tired of losing ...

4 days ago

I have tested Klothys and Rhonas in my Zoo and love both!

For this reason, I am moving away from Naya and more into Gruul.

I maindecked 4x copies of both Feed the Clan and Weather the Storm. My clear fav is Weather the Storm. When playing against control, leaving the mana up while they Opt, Scry, whatever feels good. It also negates all the burn spells with equal lifegain.

My only question now is, would Life Goes On make sense?

antacidbrn on I am tired of losing ...

1 week ago

In my local Modern Meta, there are a lot of burn deck players. Most common is the Boros Burn deck with the usual spells: Lightning Helix, Lightning Bolt, Searing Blaze, Boros Charm, etc. Mana bases are usually a few shock, fast or pain lands with occassional Sunbaked Canyon.

The problem I have is that the game comes down to a dice roll most of the time. I am running Tiny Zoo, Naya colors, and the deck has its fair share of burn spells. But overall, the games vs. Burn are usually over by T4 and the winner of the dice roll wins the round. I am trying not to be salty, but I want to build a deck incapable of losing to Modern Burn. Any ideas?

I have kicked around with running Life Goes On or Dragon Claw in the main deck. Maybe Kor Firewalker?

Tzefick on Two Life-Draining Spells

2 weeks ago

WizardOfTheNorthernCoast But Warleader's Helix is generally considered overcosted - although that's maybe not entirely a fair appraisal.

Lightning Helix is the combination of Healing Salve and Lightning Bolt. We all know the value of Lightning Bolt, but much less so that of Healing Salve. These days, Lightning Bolt is too strong for Standard and we refer to Lightning Strike for a more appropriately costed card for that damage range. If we look at specifically instants or sorceries that deal 4 damage, we come into the midrange territory and the costs are similarly higher or with extra conditions or restrictions. Char, Collective Defiance, Electrify, Flame Lash, Exquisite Firecraft, Lightning Blast, Slaying Fire, Stoke the Flames. On the cheaper side we have Cut, Flame Slash, Heartfire, Galvanic Blast, Lava Coil, Reckless Abandon.

I think at the least we can say that dealing 4 damage to any target unconditionally is more likely a CMC 4 spell that usually has some additional benefit stuck onto it or a 3 CMC with some requirements. So the raw unconditional 4 damage is somewhere around 3,X CMC.

Now healing 4 is way cheaper and can be done with Life Goes On for a single mana, at instant speed, with a condition to gain more life. The only other card to note is Sacred Nectar, which I believe we can quickly agree is overcosted and underperforming. All other cards that gain life around these ranges have something else going on for them, Feed the Clan, Blessed Alliance, Life Burst. As such, the raw 4 life is not even worth a mana.

So 4 damage is roughly worth 3,X CMC and 4 life is worth 0.Y CMC. Put those effects together on a multicolor card and Warleader's Helix seems like a fairly costed card at uncommon. Although fair does not equal good.

That was a rather long way to go just to say that Warleader's Helix is a fairly costed card... but not a very good one.

A condition may shave off a mana in the cost, but that leaves us at 3 CMC for a 4 damage, 4 life spell. The Vampiric Helix is definitely undercosted by 1 or needs a tougher condition, say control 2 or more vampires.

Now the biggest issue I take to this card is the ability to play it mono black. Mono black is not that efficient, seeing cards like Consume Spirit or Agonizing Syphon, Pharika's Cure. However neither red nor white has these effects by themselves. I think a good midway would be to have black as a required cost and then have the supplementary color be hybrid: would be fair in my eyes. Alternatively you could have white as the primary color and black/red as the supplementary, but that is not very flavorful as far as Vampire tribal goes. To compensate the increased cost, you could have the base version be 3 damage/3 life.

CheeseE on Mono Green Stompy 2019 Primer

3 weeks ago

Ah, a fellow mono-green stompy player! I've been testing a version of this deck for a while, and would love to compare lists! I agree with so many of the points you brought up in your deck description, so I think we're pretty much on the same wavelength here. However, there are still a few noticeable differences between our lists that I would like to discuss:

Here's my list:

For our 1-drops: I prefer value Experiment One to Pelt Collector, but they are so close it's not much of a talking point. I do only run six of those total, as in testing I have found hands with multiple of them to be sub-optimal (since I would rather have something that evolves the first one rather than the second). Probably the largest difference between our lists is that I run three copies of Hexdrinker. I have indeed found it to be a useful mana-sink, with little opportunity cost. I do love Dryad Militant, but went down to three copies since their ability doesn't stack. As for 2-drops: I have yet to test Syr Faren, the Hengehammer thoroughly, but you may have convinced me to add a copy or two. If you indeed end up running three I would finish the playset of Rancor. My 2-drop count is a bit lower than yours, but that's just me. Lands: I run 20 lands and it has felt good, so I was a bit surprised to see only 18. Traditional burn runs 20, and if anything I think this deck does a better job utilizing more mana. Also I missed Okina, Temple to the Grandfathers until I saw your list (thanks!!) but would also suggest Pendelhaven. Hitting for one extra damage with Experiment One after a sweeper has won me the game before. Spells: I'm not a fan of Once Upon a Time in this deck I think, but lmk how it's been playing. Just seems too bad to draw into. Sideboard: I run Feed the Clan and the new Setessan Petitioner instead of Life Goes On, but have agonized over it for a while and can see both sides. I also think the raw power of Veil of Summer may just make it better than Shapers' Sanctuary. It is nice that Wheel of Sun and Moon gives devotion, but I think its a tad too expensive for a deck that wants to be jamming creatures? For that reason I have a lower-costed, more reactive graveyard-hate package.

Tell me where you think I'm wrong and how I should change my list! The optimal list is probably some combination of ours :)

HalbrechtHalbrecht on Anointed Procession Cats

2 months ago

I think we may just have a difference in philosophy regarding Heroes' Reunion . It was drilled into me that a card that only gains you life is bad. Incidental lifegain is great, but only if attached to an effect that helps your gameplan. If Reunion fits your playstyle and deckbuilding instincts better, go for it! But if you'll indulge me, let me attempt to present a stronger argument one last time. If you disagree, then I won't bug you about it again. ;)

Blessed Alliance's 3rd mode is good removal in this deck. You'll be swarming the board with a lot of little lifegainers, so I found in my playtests that the opponent would rather crash in with one or two bigger and/or evasive threats rather than let me gain a lot of life and put cards like Sacred Cat into the graveyard for additional value. In one game, the opponent had a large threat protected with Spectra Ward , swung in with that each turn, and kept his other creatures back as blockers. But Blessed Alliance doesn't target, so it completely bypassed his Protection, and he got 2-for-1ed! Likewise, it'll deal with Hexproof and Indestructible creatures (imagine facing down an Oketra on the other side of the battlefield). Obviously, it won't be as good against decks that DO attack with a lot of creatures, as they'll just sac their worst, but that's where your sideboard will help you — you'd side Alliance out and bring in something more effective.

Alliance's second mode is mostly useful with Pride Sovereign's Exert ability. Since he doesn't untap the turn after exerting, sometimes you're put in the bad spot of having to decide whether to generate cats to develop your board or leave him available as an attacker / blocker. What if you didn't have to decide that? Or, what if you wanted to generate FOUR cats (or even EIGHT with Procession out) by using his exert ability twice, perhaps the turn before you land a Regal Caracal ? Blessed Alliance just happens to have incidental value with Oreskos Sun Guide as well, but Sun Guide was hardly my main focus. (In fact, I'm not even a fan of Sun Guide, since, like you said, you have to attack with him to get any value out of him. I'd recommend a different card.) Finally, say you take advantage of an opening and attack, but that leaves you without enough blockers? Simply untapping two of ANY of your cats in response to a counter-attack will leave your opponent in a worse situation, since it'll mess up his calculations.

And yes, if you REALLY need it, Alliance's first mode gives you some life. But honestly, in the several games I played, I was always able to stablize with around 5-10 life left, and then from there, I started gaining way more life than my opponent could keep up with. Like I said, Regal Caracal was the key!

So that's my argument. Basically, Heroes' Reunion is, based on everything I've learned about deckbuilding, a bad card, because it has no impact on the board nor on your opponent's life total. So even if you dislike Blessed Alliance in it's place, I'd still recommend choosing something else that has more impact (like something to actually remove the threats that are dealing that damage you're trying to use lifegain to recover from).

Or if you truly desire to have a pure lifegain card, then I suggest Life Goes On — 1 mana for 4 life is already a better rate than 2 mana for 7, but you have so many chump blockers that will die (in fact, some you want to die, in order to Embalm/Eternalize later), that most often you'll be getting 8 life for that 1 mana!

As to your concern about needing a finisher and ways to deal with deathtouch, you actually DO have double strike from Adorned Pouncer . And after Eternalizing, Pouncer can be a finisher all on his own. In one game, I played an Anointed Procession and Regal Caracal on curve, turns 4 and 5, then eternalized an Adorned Pouncer turn 6. My opponent couldn't deal with two 5/5 lifelink double strikers, and it was swiftly game over! But even a single 4/4 double striker can be hard to deal with. And of course, you have Pride Sovereign and Ajani's Pridemate which can both get big. So between the 3, you have lots of finishers.

The danger with Oketra is that it CAN be turned off if you lose your creatures. And while yes, like you said, you plan on making lots of 1/1s with the Monument and other means, you also already pointed out that you're susceptible to damage spread across your whole team. You could easily find yourself with no 1/1s and a deactivated Oketra.

What you actually need instead of Oketra are ways to get the damage through from the above large threats. Easiest would be trample, but any type of evasion might be good, depending on the meta. Protection can be strong.

ephraimctr on Jundassic Park

3 months ago

I’ve actually played the deck with Courser of Kruphix and it was just a little too slow for my taste. Life Goes On is definitely an inferior card but for what I’m trying to accomplish it’s a little bit better for my meta game.

jerleg on Mono Green Stompy 2019 Primer

3 months ago

Dragaan I actually don't have a physical copy of Okina yet and am also running Hashep Oasis haha. As for the life gain. I'm not a huge fan of Baloth as you can't reliably hard cast it. Kitchen Finks is good, and I've definitely played it before. I just like the one mana investment for Life Goes On . I might try out Finks again in the future once I'm done all the current testing I'm doing.

I like wheel a lot for the devotion, and to answer your question I have been playing it pretty successfully and not just testing. But neolions reminded of the draw power of Relic of Progenitus and I might try that out again soon.

I'm loving Faren right now. I'm currently testing a second version of this list focusing on anusing Farens trigger. This test list is significantly different to this one so I'm keeping it to myself for now until my testing is done.

Hope that helps.

Enjoy the stomping!

jonmaior on Mono Green Stompy 2019 Primer

3 months ago

jerleg, Thanks! I like the deck. I have kind of come around on the once upon a time and am considering running 4 in my version. I think this card is essentially a 12 copy of Pelt Collector at least for me. In my experience, the best start we can have is t1 Pelt Collector t2 Strangleroot Geist . that isn't that much to ask for and it can just win the game by itself. If you have a 3 drop to follow up, and then another one, and another one, and another one etc... it is very hard for your opponent to win. they have to kill your big steel leafs and your Geist/pelt collector can ofter just stick around and end the game for you. My deck is definitely very different than yours in the regard that it is much higher on the curve running up to 12 3 drops and just 8 2 drops. I personally think that a top end like surrak is pretty good as just another thing to deal with that can also win the game if your opponent taps out and they won't be expecting it because they probably don't know it exists. I think Weather the Storm could possibly replace Life Goes On in the sideboard. it can be brought in usefully against burn and storm so you could still have a plan against storm at least. at least in my deck im not worried about burn because they pretty much have no chance against me because im as fast but with bigger creatures.

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