Lay Bare the Heart


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet (AKH) Uncommon

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Lay Bare the Heart


Target opponent reveals his or her hand. You choose a nonlegendary, nonland card from it. That player discards that card.

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Lay Bare the Heart Discussion

w33m4n on Gearhulk Exploitation

5 days ago

So did some playtesting against my

Treasure Production Control

Standard w33m4n

SCORE: 72 | 130 COMMENTS | 11291 VIEWS | IN 34 FOLDERS

held up pretty well but what i will say is you should def make a sideboard for anti control. The first game I didn't have many counters in hand so you ended up winning around turn 7. Second and third games I ended up shutting down everything you had to play and most of your removal ends up being pointless against most of my creatures(being you only have 2 cut.) Some Duress or Lay Bare the Heart to help pick out the pieces used to counter your Gearhulks, Panharmonicon, and Refurbish might be good

Hyperalgialysis on Nicol Bolas Prototype

1 week ago

I appreciate the suggestions, I haven't updated the list in awhile. What I am now using is Duress Lay Bare the Heart Harsh Scrutiny Opt Glimmer of Genius Torment of Hailfire Torment of Scarabs The Scarab God Harnessed Lightning Fatal Push with Dragonskull Summit Drowned Catacomb and Evolving Wilds as non basics and 8 swamps 2 mountain 2 islands. The whole deck has been revamped to be more focused on discard. It honestly could almost be monoblack. I will update it when I have a chance, so you guys can see what I have been using. I used to run the hub, but found my mana relatively flexible if I need it to be. I did tinker with the gearhulk as well, and with all the sorcery speed stuff I am using now I tend not to have many targets. The tower was tested as well, but given how radically I changed the deck I didn't try and use it again. I will test it some tho, as well as the summonings someone posted. Thanks again, never against trying something if it might help

Argy on Arcane Scarab Monument

1 week ago

Well no, because your win con is different.

You could at least try playing Fatal Push instead of Walk the Plank, and Lost Legacy instead of Lay Bare the Heart.

Hyperalgialysis on Grixis Control

2 weeks ago

I have been brewing with bolas for awhile now, and I would like to offer my experiences. My deck on here needs updated so if you look at it be aware of that ahead of time. First, I found the cycle lands to lack a lot in the early game against aggro decks, cost me a lot of games since I couldnt interacte with the opponent when need be, you are running fewer than me so it may not be an issue for you but I cut them completely. I found Dark Intimations to be a great answer to gods and that stupid hexproof dino, but have since put it in the sideboard since it doesn't do much against faster decks, and against control it usually just gets countered for 2-3 mana. What I have done to make my deck more competitive is to add a ton of hand disruption since it blows away aggro and control if done early. I run Lay Bare the Heart Duress and Harsh Scrutiny as 3 ofs as well as Torment of Scarabs. I also run both Negate and Essence Scatter as of 2 ofs and sideboard in playsets of any cards already mentioned depending on my match up with Dark Intimations as a 3 of in the side as well. I main Glimmer of Genius Opt Harnessed Lightning and Fatal Push as well to have a ton of early removal and draw, and I side in Fiery Cannonade against aggro since it sweeps them and is easy to cast in three colors. I also use Aether Hub since I am running some energy cards, usually the extra energy can help me net a big creature or smooth over the mana to cast something a bit earlier than I should. I also run a lot of Swamps since it helps all my check lands as well as Evolving Wilds for Fatal Push. I am not saying my deck is better or yours is built wrong or anything of the sort, but this seems to work pretty well in my meta and I hope it helps. If I do lose, played 4 times took 1st twice with this build and 2nd twice, it was against that stupid red deck and once against a wonky ramp deck that used Torment of Hailfire as a win condition. They waited till I tapped out for bolas, they had flipped a Primal Amulet and the torment was 8 for x twice. Lost outright.

Hyperalgialysis on I wanna see you make Lemonade!

3 weeks ago

I have a grixis version of this that is a little less creature heavy and more counter/discard based. Lay Bare the Heart Harsh Scrutiny and Duress all do wonders for me. In your build Yahenni's Expertise may prove useful as well. There is also Primal Amulet which will double up on the value of x for Torment of Hailfire. Based on my experience, this strategy will work best if you empty their hand quickly, deal with any small threats they may have out, and then torment for a large x. Usually they will have no choice but to take a lot of life loss. Hope it helps some.

bmw91 on Glittering Prizes (Budget Pirates)

3 weeks ago

You may want to consider replacing Lookout's Dispersal with Censor or another affordable counter. I feel as if you won't get the discount as often as you would like it. Also you could replace the Unknown Shores with Submerged Boneyard. You might also want to add a little more land; you won't want to miss a land drop considering your win condition is a 5 drop. Other than that, this seems decent for a budget deck. The hardest matchup will be against another control deck, but you could put some Duress or Lay Bare the Heart in your sideboard to help shrink their hand.

ArcticJohn on Curse Control

3 weeks ago

Hi there!

I also have a discard deck, but unfortunately don't have much time to playtest it, it is really similar to yours,i have Never//Return instead of Walk the Plank and i am creatureless main, beside that it only changes some numbers of some cards, i have 3 of Fatal Push and Essence Extraction, and 1 Midnight Oil only.

What i would like to ask is why no Duress main? i kind of like it more than Lay Bare the Heart since it can target planeswalkers.

Also, if you play with the deck regularly can you describe your experience with the deck? like how it does in the main matchups and sideboard plans.

Great deck ;)

K1ngr3ese on GB Energy Torment

3 weeks ago

There are 23 lands... i was just testing shapers sanctuary for draw but if can easily be swapped for another ballista or push in the main. I tend to prefer adding removal packages in the side while having a solid base to start with.

I like yahennis because the creature in the deck tend to outpace it, and yahennis turn 4 with a rhonas for free is super busted.

I do appreciate your suggestions. I think a fourth glint-sleeve is good (i took it out to test the sanctuary) and i have considered handcontrol in the side for control matchups.(Duress, Lay Bare the Heart, Lost Legacy)

Bristling hydras are always good and i love those against control also. Im always torn though, they are kinda slow for what im doing but i could see a sideboard package that included a more typical green black energy agro.

Dowsing Dagger  Flip is a mainstay to help ramp into a big torment of hailfire. It has also caused a lot of problems for opponents in forcing blocks. +2+1 on glint sleeve makes her hurt and opens the door for cub to get through for more energy. With module out it gets crazy quickly. No block on siphoner gives me 3 more mana. It has proven to be difficult for opponents to play around and really no play is the right play, so it has been win/win for me.

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