Boonweaver Giant

Boonweaver Giant

Creature — Giant Monk

When Boonweaver Giant enters the battlefield, you may search your graveyard, hand, and/or library for an Aura card and put it onto the battlefield attached to Boonweaver Giant. If you search your library this way, shuffle it.

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Set Rarity
Magic 2015 (M15) Uncommon

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Format Legality
Pioneer Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Unformat Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Casual Legal
Vintage Legal
Highlander Legal

Boonweaver Giant occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.0%

Boonweaver Giant Discussion

VorelNailo on VorelNailo

5 days ago

Week of 8/10/2020 Combo (posted early)

Wheel of Sun and Moon + 2xBoonweaver Giant, one in hand, one in library + Pattern of Rebirth + any sac outlet = Infinite ETBs, infinite death triggers, and infinite of whatever the sac outlet does.

DarkEinherjar on Just Stay Dead: cEDH Edition

1 month ago

Aside from Protean Hulk, you might want to consider the Boonweaver Combo (Boonweaver Giant + Pattern of Rebirth):

If you have either piece (and, in the Pattern's case, a disposable creature that you can enchant with it) and any sac outlet, you can fetch the remaining piece and go off:

  1. sac Boonweaver Giant enchanted with Pattern of Rebirth to get Karmic Guide, reanimate the Giant with the ETB trigger and enchant it with the Pattern again;

  2. sac the Giant again to get Felidar Guardian, flicker the Guide, reanimate the Giant again;

  3. sac the Giant one last time to get Reveillark.

Now that you have Guide, Felidar and Lark on the battlefield, you can sac them (make sure Lark is the last one to go) to get them all back and flicker Guide to get the Giant back. Now the sky is the limit and you can cheat every single creature from your library and/or graveyard into the battlefield and loop their ETB/death triggers to your heart's content: Acidic Slime to get rid of all of your opponents artifacts, enchantments and lands, Perilous Myr for infinite damage, and so on.

This combo can also be done with Protean Hulk, naturally. I like it because tutoring for or drawing into Blasting Station and Altar of Dementia is surprisingly hard in a Selesnya deck, so it's nice to be able to win with your other sac outlets.

I also like Gift of Immortality. It turns both Sun Titan and Boonweaver Giant into infinite sacrifice fodder and, like Saffi, gets extra value from your creatures' triggers when you're not going off.

GhostChieftain on What is your favorite combo ...

1 month ago

Reveillark and friends combo. Not the most efficient combo, but it can be put fully into play via Boonweaver Giant or Protean Hulk and has enough redundancy that it is pretty hard to completely stop.

king-saproling on White Weeny

1 month ago

Flickerform is a fun aura. It can be used to protect the enchanted creature from both boardwipes and targetted removal. It can also be used in conjuction with dudes like Heliod's Pilgrim, Totem-Guide Hartebeest, Auratouched Mage, or Boonweaver Giant to find more auras (these dudes even find flickerform int he first place, making it easy to set up an aura-tutor engine). You could even use Flickerform to set as a draw engine by flickering a creature that is enchanted with Unquestioned Authority or Sage's Reverie.

You might like these too: Flickering Ward, Kor Spiritdancer, Pariah, Darksteel Mutation, Murder Investigation, Hope Against Hope, Eidolon of Countless Battles, All That Glitters, Retether, Crystal Chimes

Nillstan on Saffi: Sac Back *cEDH Primer*

2 months ago


Interesting. I honestly think that our builds are branched far enough apart that literally any change we could make is up for debate, since we both experience very different things, mine being minmaxed for speed and resilience, and yours being valuey awesomeness.

The Gift of Immortality vs Angelic Renewal thing is up for debate tbh. Gift is a second Saffi with Sun Titan and Boonweaver Giant, while Angelic Renewal is a second Saffi with Renegade Rallier and Sun Titan. I think I prefer Renewal, because it's a bit faster and can't be fizzled by creature removal.

The argument against Fecundity is completely fair tbh. Its arguable. I wouldn't even consider it if this were a reactive, slower deck. But seeing as to how it's designed for S P E E D (so that it doesnt die to the same fate as Karador), I think itll be a great boon.

Rec Sage vs KoA is also arguable in the grand scheme. I prefer KoA for versatility, but Rec Sage for the other reasons. The biggest reasons for KoA are blocking, drawing with Greater Good and pulling out of bad scenarios. I can totally understand and accept the reasoning behind Rec Sage over it though. Might even cut Manglehorn for it, though that tapped ability is pretty monstrous in the cEDH landscape.

The main reason I have Walking Ballista in is because it's an easily tutorable outlet for infinite mana, which the deck generates casually. I've also been known to pull some shenanigans with Rector and such, but that's my secret ;).

I honestly really dislike SFM here. And it's not some huge reason either. It's mostly because I dont have a second equipment I dont care about finding. If I had a second one that I actively cared enough to find, it'd be worth playing. Finding Clamp is nice, but it being a potentially dead card is a little on the iffy side for me. Could be worth checking out though.

Anything else come to mind? Also, what would you say a snazzy name for Saffi would be? For the server ofc.

enpc on Saffi: Sac Back *cEDH Primer*

2 months ago

List is looking good. It's interesting to see you come to the same conclusion around Protean Hulk as I did, though from a different angle. Personally I never ran Angelic Renewal as it only really combos with Sun Titan. I personally think that Gift of Immortality is better. Yes, it has the most value on Saffi but it also forms an infintie loop with both Sun Titan and Boonweaver Giant (for one extra mana). I used to pair it with Eidolon of Blossoms as a card draw engine, and while I have since cut both cards, i was a very good engine. You can also pair it with Heart Warden if you wanted to run that.

It will be interesting to see how you go with Fecundity. I ran it a while ago however found that Iwas giving my opponents too many cards from it. Granted, ther were a lot of graveyard leveraging decks, but I just didn't like to not be in control of the card draw. That's I think why I ultimately moved to stuff like Mikokoro, Center of the Sea and Selvala, Heart of the Wilds. While it is a guaranteed draw for my opponents, I say when it happens. But give it a go - I look forward to hearing your thoughts on it post testing.

A couple of other things I have noticed for the list:

  • I think that Reclamation Sage, while having less functionality, provides more value in that it's easier to cast and adds more value with Priest of Titania.

  • If you're going to run Walking Ballista, have you thought about adding Heliod, Sun-Crowned? Honestly though, my thoughts would be to cut Ballista for Stoneforge Mystic. The reasoning for this is that Stoneforge can get Skullclamp which can then let you assemble your other win condition (let's face it, Ballista is primarily there for the infinite mana case). And with the new rules change (which I'm not happy about but makes Saffi better), you can use Skullclamp + Saffi as a card draw engine while still putting her in the command zone so that you can rinse and repeat.

As for the Saffi discord, I would be happy to be a part of it, though I'm not the most active person on discord.

Dubstep4lyfe on Till the End of Tayam | **PRIMER**

3 months ago

Hi! I'm new to the cEDH scene as a whole and basically in a transition powerlevel. I watch a lot of gameplay but never really get to experience playing a cEDH deck basically. You said that Karador is getting slower and not as great and I agree, but do you think that a Boonweaver Giant combo could still be viable with a different commander? Or at least, if you're not sure, do you have any tips on transitioning into cEDH? I know this isn't really part of the thread you're trying to recieve, but I figured this is the closest I'll get to someone who can help. I'll link my Karador list here. All that aside, thank you for reading my comment and I love your primer! This looks like a very good Tayam deck and I'll be sure to leave you that upvote :)

enpc on Saffi Eriksdotter

3 months ago

Omega505: I wasn't saying that you should add the Crucible of Worlds + Skullclamp + Dryad Arbor package. What I was saying is that because you don't run it, Dryad Arbor by itself is a lot weaker in the deck. And again, because you're not running a full suite of the fetches, this makes Lotus Cobra not as good in the deck. That's why I am saying you could easily remove both Lotus Cobra and Dryad Arbor and instead run Inquisitor Exarch (for the boonweaver combo line) and a better land.

A few other things - you're currently running both Woodland Bellower and Soul of the Harvest in an attempt to smoosh Nillstan's list and my list together.

I run Woodland Bellower because of the Yisan deployment line (laid out here: Just Stay Dead: cEDH Edition - please note that this list isn't maintained as it's being ported over to my main list). If you're not running the Yisan line, which you're not, then you don't need bellower. Even inside the line you can run either of the two or even just fail to find at 6 mana and go straight to seven with Protean Hulk or Boonweaver Giant if you were already running them in the deck. But since I was only looking at running one of those effetcs and outside of combo Woodland Bellower was better, I chose it as my combo piece. Long story short, you don't need it here.

As a general rule, Nillstan's list and my list work quite differently, and really focus on different things. I would recommend picking one of the two play stytles and pushing more towards that than trying to sit in the middle of the two. It's just not worth it. My list deliberately shed all of the nonbo sac outlets like Fanatical Devotion to make space for other utility and draw, whereas the boonweaver combo line relies on these as cheap sac outlets to give the deck lots of combo redundancy. Basically you're getting not much of the benefits and a lot of the drawbacks.

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