Bludgeon Brawl


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
New Phyrexia Rare

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Bludgeon Brawl


Each noncreature, non-Equipment artifact is an Equipment with equip X and "Equipped creature gets +X/+0," where X is that artifact's converted mana cost.

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Bludgeon Brawl Discussion

MindAblaze on Prevailing Selves

3 weeks ago

Hellkite Tyrant when everything is an artifact gets me all the stuffs. Especially with Blade of Selves if there are no blockers.

I find the first few weeks of testing a deck (for me) is usually cramming lots of magical Christmas land in and then seeing what works, what's clunky and what could use some improvement (usually that's interaction/tutors.)

Artifact decks are weird for me still, and I'm a token-junky so I was thinking a Blade of Selves centred deck with lots of ETB abilities would be strong. Then I realized I needed ways to get the Blade, and once I started tutoring for it I started putting in other artifact things that I like to tutor for (mainly Mycosynth Lattice and other equipment so my tutors don't become redundant.) There is a limit to the number of artifact tutors that exist in RW though, and most of them are for equipment. Bludgeon Brawl was my way to mash the two strategies together, although I realize picking up a planeswalker just to get +4/0 probably isn't the most efficient use of my mana. It's funny though?

MartialArt on Prevailing Selves

3 weeks ago

How would you steal their stuff with Bludgeon Brawl and the lattice? You still can't equip those since they are not under your control. And even if you would you would still get +0/+0 from equipping those since the mana cost of a land is 0.

If you want ramp use some more mana rocks instead of myrs since the do not die that easily. But I am not sure if you even need that much ramp to begin with.

And hoping to get Myr Turbine together with Skullclamp is just a gamble here with this less tutors. I would not count on it. If you want tokens then there are a lot of enchanments and the like that get you more of them. Your Elspeth is better for example.

MindAblaze on Prevailing Selves

3 weeks ago

You're probably right about War Report. My group has a saying when it comes to "lifegaining scum," and the payoff with this particular card is that it puts you so far ahead that you should have time to do whatever you need. We're not really an infinite combo group, aside from a few peoples decks.

Bludgeon Brawl is for the magical christmas land where I also have Mycosynth Lattice/Puresteel Paladin and I steal all their stuff and beat them down with it for some silly amount of commander damage. Most of the time it's not good though.

Like any mana source, the Myr are less effective late game, early game they're a tad slow. Most of my ramp is colorless, so you don't think I need the coloured mana?

For some reason in my testing whenever I play Myr Turbine I also seem to be able to get Skullclamp for a silly draw Engine. That being said, there are many tokens in here.

For me, Clone Shell is one of those pet cards that I like to try places. I like the potential of Blade of Selves into sac outlet (but I don't have enough of those unfortunately) so it may not fit here.

This is a first draft so I appreciate the feedback. Let me ruminate a bit, so I can decide what the slot in over the above. Instant speed equips is probably up there, and possibly the other Nahiri and the cat equipment lord.

MartialArt on Prevailing Selves

3 weeks ago

Hi. Oh did not see the paladin somehow. But still the cat that lets you equip as an instant is missing.

Some cutting suggestions:

Clone Shell is too unstable. If it gets removed you loose a card and it is not that powerful.
Myr Turbine is really waaaaaay to slow and does not have a lot of impact.
War Report might give you a bit of life but you don't win through lifegain so why if it is the only lifegain effect in here except for the warhammer?
Bludgeon Brawl you have too less of those to make it count.
Iron Myr and Gold Myr your only mana dorks. Too less in number to be effective so put in something that is a threat or helps you being one instead.

I hope this helped. Greets MA.

KylerStar on Rancor, Mycosynth Lattice, Bludgeon Brawl

2 months ago

Thanks!! We were playing commander. I had played Mycosynth Lattice. The Next turn Zurgo played Bludgeon Brawl and attacked with his Armory Automaton. We were very unsure what this meant for Karametra's Auras. xD

shinobigarth on Rancor, Mycosynth Lattice, Bludgeon Brawl

2 months ago

Tag cards in your question: Rancor, Mycosynth Lattice, Bludgeon Brawl

Yes, it works like any other equipment. In this case, Mycosynth turns Rancor into an artifact enchantment aura, and BB turns it into an artifact enchantment aura equipment, with both abilities. When you move a Trusty Machete from one creature to another, does the +2/+1 stay on the first creature after its moved?

Rhadamanthus on Bludgeon Brawl, March of the ...

2 months ago

Yes, it can be attacked. It still has the Planeswalker card type, so it still has to follow all the rules related to being a Planeswalker.

Bludgeon Brawl just adds the Equipment subtype to an object, so that means the object will keep any other card types it already had. March of the Machines is subject to a special game rule that says effects that make objects become "artifact creatures" will let them keep their other card types.

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