Energy Commander? Nah, Surgin' General. This is a token copies & clones deck first, Energy deck second.

The most difficult thing about making this deck was picking a name I liked; "Creatively Cloned Combatants", or some other option isn't entirely off the table. The second most difficult thing was convincing myself that my third attempt at piloting a Jeskai commander will finally be my most fruitful attempt. My last two attempts with Jeskai were Vadrok, Apex of Thunder (one of my first attempts at a combo deck, which I eventually trimmed down to just U/R), and Hinata, Dawn-Crowned(one of the most control & spellslinger focused decks I've piloted to date). Hopefully the third time is the charm.

I pulled a full art foil Satya from a MH3 pack, and upon closer inspection, realized that he might be up my alley after all:

  • Aggro focus that wants to swing at faces.
  • Provides opportunity to snowball value, especially by getting copies of valuable creatures.
  • The build direction is open-ended enough to have a couple of potential different directions, & doesn't railroad brewers to one specific path.
  • Satya is gas for the deck, which can function without him.

In this initial iteration of the deck, I am looking to keeping things fairly familiar and straightforward, but still allowing room for adjustments to what I feel the deck needs. For now the game plan pacing is fairly simple:

  1. Play creatures with a variety of ETB effects
  2. Utilize Satya and a handful of Clone effects to get additional copies of creatures with ETBs
  3. Semi-optional: utilize Energy accumulation to keep around value-engine creature copies, or utilize the Energy for a variety of Energy related pay-offs.
  4. Snowball value from token copies and Clones
  5. ???
  6. Have fun and all that good stuff.

Primer still WIP. This deck might get turned into a Zinnia, Valley's Voice deck. I more or less copied the deck list over and swapped out all of the Energy support, and a handful of other creatures that pacing-wise work a bit better with Satya.

As I get to know this deck and get some games under my belt, here are the cards that I'd consider for initial swaps, also since I know I have these in my collection:

From brewing, play-testing, and general eye-balling so far, my gut is telling me that I might be able to scale back on some of the Energy cards. If I do, I think that some of those slots can probably be swapped out for stuff that can blink creatures, and enable additional re-uses of ETBs. Of the stuff listed here, I'm a bit more inclined to include one of the instant speed options, given the flexibility to also act as protective effects.

Non-creature spells


Given that Energy is more of a secondary focus to the deck, I will continue to play around with which pay offs fit best. For now, banking Energy to pay for "valuable" creatures (think Professional Facebreaker or other combat damage/attack triggers) will be the primary use.

Although getting additional copies of ETB triggers is helpful, I've also considered adding in a sprinkling of Death or Leaves the Battlefield triggers. Taking advantage of death triggers on Legendary creatures could also prove useful.

Given that Satya can make copies of creatures, I tried to include some cantrip draw on creature ETBs as a means of getting that repeated value.

As mentioned earlier in the primer, I don't intend for Energy to be the primary focus of this deck. I intend to utilize Energy to keep around copies of value creatures when possible, or to dump into one of the outlets listed here. Many of these cards gain chip amounts of Energy either as a one-off, or have potential for repeated production if they're on a creature with an ETB trigger.

  • Aether Hub
  • Galvanic Discharge - A Lightning Bolt (Energy Bolt?) that can scale with banked Energy. Might replace with straight up Lightning Bolt, or another cheap removal piece like Soul Partition.
  • Guide of Souls - Absolute All Star in this deck, and a great copy target for Satya. He really does it all: Energy production, incidental life gain, and an effective outlet to help get combat damage through.
  • Amped Raptor - A fun Energy generator with a fun Energy-Cascade type effect. Although token copies won't get the Cascade-ish effect, Energy on ETB is helpful.
  • Roil Cartographer - An excellent early curve set up, and decent Satya copy target for early turns. In play-testing, it isn't too difficult to get to 6 , so getting the card draw activation isn't unrealistic.
  • Solar Transformer - Turning Energy into color fixing isn't awful. Might replace with Fellwar Stone or another rock if entering tapped proves to be too unhelpful.
  • Volatile Stormdrake - A Gilded Drake if you squint hard enough. Can be a means of theft with enough Energy investment, or is basically a removal spell.
  • Whirler Virtuoso - Mostly here for the 3 Energy on ETB.
  • Aetherworks Marvel - A repeated means of gaining Energy, especially from Satya token copies that aren't paid for.
  • Lightning Runner
  • Localized Destruction - Scale for asymmetrical wipe.


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