Vadrok Mutate voltron? Yes, I know there are a variety of spellslinger combos out there for Vadrok, but my brain is a bit smoother. I simply like to turn beefy creatures and hella token creatures sideways yfm?

How does this deck want to win? We have routes to go either

A) Commander Voltron damage, and swinging with tokens for backup or

B) Popping off a combo.

As with some other combat-based Vadrok decks, I want to Mutate onto some cool host creatures.

I originally had more mutants in the deck, but decided to cut back to the ones that I thought had the ability to 1) Pump my team and/or 2) could also be recurred with Sun Titan if possible.

The two primary pieces are Dockside Extortionist and Snap . Mutate Vadrok or Lore Drakkis onto Dockside with (hopefully) 6+ enchantments and artifacts around the table, then cast Snap . This can generate infinite treasures, ETB/LTB triggers, non-creature spell casting triggers, & cast from graveyard triggers. Additional pieces for variety:

  • Comet Storm Loop for infinite mana to dump into the X & multi-kicker

  • Impact Tremors Burn the table with the infinite ETBs

  • Jeskai Ascendancy I infinitely recast Snap and Dockside/Drakkis or Vadrok Stack, and infinitely pump a board state of tokens. The additional text to optionally loot creates another avenue for Laboratory Maniac type shenangians.

  • Talrand, Sky Summoner The recast loop will make an arbitrary number of Drake tokens. Could be pulled off on the endstep before my turn to have non-summoning sick Drakes.

To give credit where credit is due, these are the decks that I used as primers/inspiration for my building process.

Here is a snapshot of my group's Meta. It's primarily a list of our commanders, game summaries, and links to our Tappedout profiles and (some) deck-lists

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