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Multiplayer Mini-Cube



This is a work-in-progress cube designed to support casual four-player groups, with a few different ways of playing. The priority is on fun free-for-all games and themes that will be exciting for new players, with 1-on-1 games also supported. Strong synergies, combos, and powerful decks in general are not goals.


Breaking down 200 the cards, we have:

  • 100 nonland commons
  • 60 nonland uncommons
  • 20 nonland rares/mythics
  • 10 common dual lands
  • 10 rare dual lands

Ways to Play

The key idea here is that the same cube can be played in a variety of different ways depend on the size of the playgroup, their interests, and the time available.

Draft Mode (4 players)

To set up for a four-player draft, you want to divide these cards up into 20 draft packs of 10 cards each. Each player should draft 5 packs, switching the direction you pass after each pack. If you want to make nicely balanced draft packs there's a method described below.

Sealed Mode (2 players)

Two players can also play "sealed" with this setup by simply dealing the cards of the cube to the two players evenly to form their sealed pools.

Jumpstart Mode (2-6 players)

The "Custom" labels are used to divide the cards into 15 "jumpstart" packs. Each of the jumpstart packs is named after a color or color pair. There's two kinds of packs but each can be rounded out to 20 cards by adding basic lands:

  • The mono-color packs use 12 draftable cards and need 8 of the matching basic land added
  • The two-color packs use 14 draftable cards need 3 of each of the matching basic lands added

Jumpstart mode may be easier when there isn't time to run a full draft, or for players who aren't comfortable with building Limited decks. If you build this cube you may want a custom theme card to represent each pack during drafting. There are a few ways you could draft jumpstart packs. Look further down for ideas.

The themes of the Jumpstart-style packs are:

  • W: Angels
  • U: Merfolk
  • B: Zombies
  • R: Dragons
  • G: Elves
  • WU: Flying / Blink
  • UB: Ninjas / "Can't be blocked"
  • BR: Pirates / Sacrifice / Treasure
  • RG: Dinosaurs / Enrage
  • GW: +1/+1 Counters / Cats
  • BW: Vampires / Lifegain
  • RU: Spells and Artifacts Matter
  • GB: Fungus / Sacrifice / Morbid
  • WR: Warriors / Equipment
  • UG: Sea Creatures / Ramp

If you build this cube you may want to use stickers or some other method to mark the cards with the label of the jumpstart pack they belong to.

Jumpstart mode can technically work with 5 or 6 players, but will probably feel a bit rough.

Theme Deck Mode (2-5 players)

If you are playing with very new players who don't even want to make the choices involved in Jumpstart play, then you can combine three 20-card jumpstart packs to make a 60-card "theme deck."

There are many possible ways to combine jumpstart packs like this, but to make it easy the labels in the card list show two possible ways to make 5 theme decks:

  • You can combine the three jumpstart packs with labels that start with the same color
  • You can combine the three jumpstart packs with labels that end with the same color


Drafting Jumpstart Themes

There's a bunch of different ways you could draft jumpstart packs. Some reasonable ones that workfor groups are:

  • Place all the theme cards face-up on the table. In rounds each player drafts one theme from the table. Reverse the order of the players between rounds (snake drafting). Stop if each player has four themes, or if the number of undrafted themes after a round is less than the number of players.

  • In rounds, shuffle and deal an even number of theme careds to each player. Each player may draft one theme card and pass their hand, or pass their hand without drafting a card. Once a player has drafted a card they are done with that round (they pass along packs without drafting). A round ends when each player has drafted a theme. Between rounds swap any cards that weren't dealt to players with random undrafted cards. Switch the order that packs get passed between rounds. Stop if each player has four themes or if the number of undrafted themes after a round is less than the number of players.

Depending on the number of players you might end up with more or fewer packs per player. If you are playing free-for-all then each player should pick two of their drafted themes to merge and form their deck.

If you are playing a 1-on-1 best-of-three tournament with 2 or 3 players, each player should have four packs and form two decks. For the first game in each matchup play whichever deck you want, then you must switch to your other deck for the second game. If a third game is needed then you may use either deck.

Balancing Draft Packs

Retail draft boosters ensure that rarities and colors are well balanced, and this helps ensure a fair draft experience. This cube is designed to support that kind of balance when draffting with four players:

  • Each pack should contain one dual land
  • Shuffle the dual lands (common and rare) together and deal one out to each pack
  • Each pack should contain 5 nonland commons, usually one of each color
  • Divide the remaining commons into piles: one for each color and one for colorless+multicolor
  • Count the number of colorless and multicolor commons
  • Take one card from each mono-color pile and add it to the colorless/multicolor pile; repeat until you've approximately doubled that pile in size
  • Shuffle the colorless+multicolor pile and deal it out evenly to each mono-color pile; each should now have 20 cards in it
  • Take a mono-color pile, shuffle it and then deal out one card to each pack; repeat for each color
  • Each pack should contain 3 nonland uncommons, and it should be rare to have two of the same color
  • Just as for the commons, divide the uncommons into piles for each color and one for colorless+multicolor
  • Stack up those piles together (in any order) and repeatedly take the top 20 cards in order to form new piles
  • Shuffle up each of those 20-card piles and deal one card out to each pack
  • Each pack should hae 1 nonland rare/mythic
  • Shuffle the remaining rares/mythics together and deal one out to each pack


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