Dovin, Hand of Control

Dovin, Hand of Control

Legendary Planeswalker — Dovin

Artifact, instant, and sorcery spells your opponents cast cost more to cast.

-1: Until your next turn, prevent all damage that would be dealt to and dealt by target permanent an opponent controls.

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Dovin, Hand of Control Discussion

Daveslab2022 on Niv-Mizzet Reborn... into modern

2 months ago

Looks fun but also a little all over the place. Some cards just don’t feel like they fit. Nahiri, the Harbinger is one. It’s fine for drawing and sculpting your hand but for 4 mana that’s a bit steep for modern. Dovin, Hand of Control also seems out of place. It just seems slow and doesn’t do enough for 3 mana. Modern is a fast format and every card you play from turn 3 onward need to impact the board immediately. Omnath seems insanely out of place here, as you don’t have much in the way of landfall effects. You’re playing growth spiral, but also playing only 5 fetch lands. It also can’t be hit with Niv. I don’t think you play enough planeswalkers to justify running Carth the Lion , and the walkers you do play just aren’t high-impact enough to justify wanting to dig specifically for them.

Expressive Iteration is an insanely good card that I highly recommend. It’s a bit slow but also helps with mana fixing and just finding the right spell. Your deck is essentially a multi-colored toolbox deck, so you’ll often find yourself needing to hit the right card to remove a threat or end the game.

TriusMalarky on Overperforming Cards?

3 months ago

One card I would love to try in cEDH is Dovin, Hand of Control . Turn one Mana Crypt this guy, especially if you're going first, should be backbreaking.

Other than that, Flood of Tears is hilariously good. Oftentimes you get to the point where you have several Mana rocks and dorks in play in addition to an assortment of creatures, and this just resets the board except you have your scariest thing in play and probably one or two Mana dorks/rocks, meaning you take the way the game had been going and now you're ahead on Mana and are totally winning.

Oof_Magic on

5 months ago

Went up against what I assume was a Time Vault / Manifold Key combo. I can’t recall my opening hand perfectly but my opponent lead with Underground Sea and Mox Jet into Ponder and Imperial Seal . I could have countered something but my general rule of thumb is to counter what is tutored rather than the tutor. Land, go. They mana rock into Timetwister which I assume is what they tutored as it would shuffle away anything else. I hit that with a Force of Negation and took the turn. Land, go. From there it was much slower. I got out Teferi, Time Raveler on turn 3 and Dovin, Hand of Control the following turn. Countered a Demonic Tutor and responded with Dack Fayden . Dack pulled us into a follow up Jace, the Mind Sculptor . At that point, they were low enough that we could ride Jace’s to deck management, maintaining our counters until Narset, Parter of Veils and Kasmina, Enigma Sage . We continued to keep our opponents top deck and our own managed, eventually completing the crew with Oko, Thief of Crowns coming down for an additional Fractal. Our opponent managed to pull a Tinker while we took the turn off but we had plenty of counters ready at that point and was able to stave off and go in the lethal offensive.

It was only one game but I would definitely have brought in Ashiok, Dream Render having seen Imperial Seal , Demonic Tutor , Tinker , and Tezzeret the Seeker .

BeesGetDegrees on Pillow Fort Mill

6 months ago

Removals • Bioessence Hydra - Expensive for the cost and really only can pop if you’re out with a ton of planeswalkers. - Doesn’t truly allow to combo off or put yourself further in a win position • Vryn Wingmare - Just ok. Could levy into stronger creatures. • Martial Coup - An ok board wipe but there’s better ones out there. • Altar of Dementia - Not valid as sacrifice doesn't proc with totem armor • Really Good spread of Lands. Quick pace and some very solid duals that keep up your pace • Dovin Baan - Does not help advance your enchantment Mill objective. • Dovin, Hand of Control - Not great in commander as you have to activate it on your turn • Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner - You’re not hitting with large creatures. Mill is your objective with a subtheme of enchanted/totem creatures • Finest Hour - You’re milling, not attacking. You already should be having fliers anyway.

Suggestions: • Common theme that the deck needs to be built from a behind position. You have an easy commander to keep some BRUTAL pieces alive and well.

• Many of your creatures do not utilize tapping effects (which should be your goal with the commander).

• Will need some life gain enchantments to stay in the game

• No easily combo pieces or blink pieces - Dramatic Reversal - Mindcrank

• Creatures that tap for mana and have totem armor. Easy ramp - Karametra's Acolyte

• Creatures to help Mill or slow down the game - Fleet Swallower - Dreamborn Muse - Silent Arbiter

• More instant or sorcery spells that actually can mill an opponent - Maddening Cacophony

• Creatures that can grow unhindered with totem armor - Scute Mob - Sun Titan - Bishop of Rebirth - Danitha Capashen, Paragon

• Completely missing ramp/ability to draw specific lands - Aesi, Tyrant of Gyre Can always enchant him for free unlimited lands - Cultivate

• Exile graveyard Pieces or different lands - Halimar Depths - Bojuka Bog - Myriad Landscape

• Better enchantments that are not expensive - Mirrormade - Memory Erosion - Patient Rebuilding

• Absolutely need some mana rocks

King_marchesa on Endless Forms Most Beautiful: Vadrok EDH [PRIMER]

1 year ago

This deck is great! I know you wanted to keep it non-white but what do you think of Dovin, Hand of Control

GoblinElectromancer on Azorius Army

1 year ago

I think it's better to keep the deck size to 60 because it will be a lot more consistent and you probably won't mill yourself.

To cut: 2 Opt or Serum Visions, Feat of Resistance, Frantic Inventory, Dovin, Hand of Control, Spear of Heliod, Daxos of Meletis, Grand Arbiter Augustin IV, Citadel Siege, Teferi's Ageless Insight, Jace, Memory Adept, and Teferi, Timeless Voyager.

I don't know about the rest of the deck and playing a couple extra cards can't hurt as long as you play extra lands. If you do play extra cards play Yorion, Sky Nomad as your companion so that you can get a free card every game.

Good Luck on the deck!

King_marchesa on A Vadrok Never Forgets

1 year ago

This deck is great, definitely a +1 from me

Have you thought about Dovin, Hand of Control. He slows down your opponents and vadrok can recur him.

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