Dragonlord's Servant

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Alchemy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Dandan Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Judge's Tower Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper Duel Commander Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Pioneer Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Dragonlord's Servant

Creature — Goblin Shaman

Dragon spells you cast cost less to cast.

legendofa on Dragonlords Wuberg

2 months ago

Ouch. Yeah, that's no good.

Do you want it to be Modern-legal, since you asked in the Modern forum? From what you remember, it sounds heavily , with ways to cheat around and . If it's Modern, that's going to cut out a lot of the cards you mentioned. Casual Legacy or Commander would let you hit all of them.

Were there any specific combos or synergies, or just big scary dragons?

To start throwing more cards out, Dragonspeaker Shaman, Dragonlord's Servant, Sprite Dragon.

Xtough on Drakuseth wants some good clean magic

5 months ago

Hi. A nice deck. Looks like fun :) I miss Dragonspeaker Shaman and Dragonlord's Servant

FadingReality on Dragons, Dragons, Dragons

8 months ago

I forgot to add possible replacements for Dragonlord's Servant. Again, he is still pretty good so if you don't cut him that's perfectly fine. Here's a few suggestions if you DO consider cutting him. Note that one advantage that all of these suggestions share that dragonlord servant doesn't is the ability to help cast all of your spells in the deck, not just dragons. Also all of my suggestions will only be 1 mana, making them all faster than the servant.

  • Birds of Paradise Just as much of a beast today as when it was released in Alpha back in 1993. He is one mana cheaper, and taps for one of any color. A very nice piece of synergy that you will gain from running BoP over servant is the synergy with BoP and Dragon Tempest because BoP has flying. Thus, he will immediately be able to tap for mana with tempest out.
  • Noble Hierarch While it "only" taps for 3 colors, it also has exalted which is massive. Many people argue that BoP is only the second best mana dork ever printed because the exalted is so nice. A mana dork that fixes 3 of your 5 colors for 1 mana AND can be effective in combat without having to enter combat is amazing. Exalted is very good, although it does even more work in other formats than in commander. Nonetheless, this guy is insane. Your dragons will appreciate being able to hit even harder with this guy out.
  • Ignoble Hierarch This guy didn't even exist until a few years ago. I won't elaborate on his uses because everything I said above about noble hierarch applies to him as well. Having both noble and ignoble hierarch out will double the bonus damage from exalted.
  • FadingReality on Dragons, Dragons, Dragons

    8 months ago

    Deck is coming along nicely. Running out of suggestions lol. I don't think any of your creatures are bad at this point. The only thing I can say is you might consider cutting Dragonlord's Servant for a general piece of ramp or mana becuase discounting by 1 is the same thing as ramping by one, except your other non dragon cards also benefit. Other than that one card, all your creatures look great to me.

    So let's talk about your removal. I understand that this isn't a control deck so you don't need to jam the deck full of it. I'm not even going to necessarily recommend adding even more, but I would suggest swapping 1-2 of them out for better options. I like every single piece of removal and interaction you are running except for Naturalize and Putrefy. Both of these cards are actually very solid and aren't bad choices at all. However, you are in 5 colors and therefore have access to the best removal there is. I will offer some suggestions below.

  • Tear Asunder: This card is already strictly better than naturalize. It exiles for the same mana cost and it can be made to target any nonland permanent. It's much more versatile. I'd swap this with naturalize and not putrefy. Also tear asunder is less than 1 dollar!!
  • Void Rend This is a little more color intensive than putrefy, but is still the same cmc overall. It is excellent against control matchups and hits all targets that putrefy can hit PLUS planeswalkers and enchantments.
  • Anguished Unmaking Exiles any nonland permanent. Also hits twice as many targets as putrefy, is the same cmc, and same color intensity. The only downside is loosing 3 life which is not a big deal in commander.
  • TheMeadiator on 50$ Budget The Ur-Dragon

    11 months ago

    Great collection of dragons! Have you considered adding a few little guys to help reduce casting? Such as Dragonlord's Servant or Dragonspeaker Shaman? Just a thought.

    eliakimras on B.F.D.

    11 months ago

    Glancing through your cards, your deck's problem might be because you're building it based on best-case scenario, with tons of clones and blink synergies. (In my playgroup, Miirym always gets removed before her untap step, so the Miirym player does not rely on her sticking to the board.)

    I'll suggest some upgrades for your deck based on making it more consistent and less dependant on Miirym:

    1st. Ramp

    Explosive turns with lots of cost reducers sound nice... if people don't blow up your dorks before you get any value from them.

    2nd. You need more lands (36 lands + 13 ramp cards is a good starting point)

    3rd. Better counterspells

    4th. Better removal

    5th. Better boardwipes

    6th. More card draw

    7th. Better win conditions

    debuf on infinite rats

    1 year ago

    ok, I just play against my friend with the dragon deck and I think it might need some more mana producers or cheap fear.

    His commander is Atarka, World Render, and here are some cards that I now know are in his deck: Foe-Razer Regent, Furnace Whelp, Rapacious Dragon, Atarka Monument, Frontier Siege, Vandalblast, Sweltering Suns, Talisman of Impulse, Akoum Hellkite, Harbinger of the Hunt, Dream Pillager, Sol Ring, Dragonmaster Outcast, Dragonspeaker Shaman, Savage Ventmaw, Dragonlord's Servant, Tyrant's Familiar, Thunderbreak Regent, and Drakuseth, Maw of Flames.

    debuf on infinite rats

    1 year ago

    why yes, Memoricide is for a specific card, but also others in case it's not in play, like Dragonlord's Servant, Thunderbreak Regent (especially), Dragon's Hoard, Dragon Tempest, and that one dragon card that has in its text "spread out you idiots!" - (name) last words.

    I have found that Pestilence Rats are a little bit more expensive but tankier Rat Colony that might or might not have more attack (or whatever you call it, I forgot).

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