Shrine of Burning Rage

Shrine of Burning Rage


At the beginning of your upkeep or whenever you cast a red spell, put a charge counter on Shrine of Burning Rage.

, , Sacrifice Shrine of Burning Rage: Shrine of Burning Rage deals damage equal to the number of charge counters on it to target creature, player or planeswalker.

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Shrine of Burning Rage Discussion

Control_Train on Feather Redeems Boros in EDH [Primer]

2 weeks ago

KayneMarco - at first I wasn't keen on Breakthrough because I'm not really a pump deck and when it came out I sort of dismissed it; looking at it now, however, I'm more inclined to potentially find a spot for it, because treasures can be saved up. Breakthrough is almost like a ramp spell, but I'm also hesitant because I can't really see myself casting this over a cantrip if I've got free mana, unless I'm trying to save up for a big turn. I'm going to test it though and see how it feels. You are absolutely right though, they just keep printing broken stuff for Feather, and I'm all about it :)

Nic44 - Thanks for the kind words! I'm glad you like the deck idea. Shrine of Loyal Legions and Shrine of Burning Rage are both actually very good in this deck, because the red one can hit any target. I never thought about the white one though, and for my build at least it would be very good. I don't even think these cards need testing to know they're good, but I am going to try and find a slot for them now that you've brought them back to my memory. Thanks for the suggestion and the comment!

moonfletcher1983 - Thanks for the kind words! Aurelia's Fury like Sunforger has it's uses, and they can be good in this deck style, so if it's performing for you then that's great! I'm definitely not taking this deck apart any time soon, so the updates will keep rolling. Testing MH2 cards now to see which ones stick, though Blacksmith's Skill and Captain Ripley Vance are my top picks for this set for Feather so far. Definitely others I'm testing too, but none with as high hopes as these. Thanks again for the comment!

psionictemplar on Artifact Burn

3 months ago

Artifact burn with no Pyrite Spellbomb or Shrine of Burning Rage ? Seems like an auto include on flavor alone.

RNR_Gaming on

5 months ago

So, you may want to diversify your threats. Sure, your removal can double as reach to push in that last bit of damage but your clock overall is in a horrible spot. You could cut mogis and run Lurrus of the Dream-Den as your companion and perhaps a few Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger and maybe if you're feeling extra spicy a Shrine of Burning Rage. These would all give you a different axis of attack. Additionally, some hand hate like Thoughtseize and Inquisition of Kozilek go a long way against control decks. Lastly, if you don't like any of those suggestions try out Magmatic Channeler it passes the bolt test with enough instants in the yard and provides you some nice grinding potential.

Nemesis on Cube additions

10 months ago

StuPickles on M21 Shrines and other "Shrines"

11 months ago

Hi there, was looking into building a 5 color shrine deck seeing how there are technically 11 in total now. Honden of Cleansing Fire Honden of Infinite Rage, Honden of Life's Web, Honden of Night's Reach, Honden of Seeing Winds. as well as the new ones from M21 Sanctum of All Sanctum of Calm Waters Sanctum of Fruitful Harvest Sanctum of Shattered Heights Sanctum of Stone Fangs Sanctum of Tranquil Light

Now I pretty much know the answer to this question will be No, but im hopeful regardless because shenanigans. Do cards like Shrine of Boundless Growth Shrine of Piercing Vision Shrine of Limitless Power Shrine of Loyal Legions Shrine of Burning Rage count towards the number of shrines you control? Technically they are shrines and in the enchantments text, looking for "Shrines you control" doesnt specifically state whether it needs to be an enchantment or artifact, only that it is a shrine. I know this is a stretch but are there any other instances of cards that have a similar or relatable technical problem like this that it can be compared to?

Gracco on Red Kamigawa

1 year ago

Needs at least 22 land. also Curse of the Pierced Heart is an option as pseudo-additional red shrines that are not limited to 1 on board. Shrine of Burning Rage is also good and super on theme. Leyline of Punishment should be in the deck in higher numbers or not at all since you want to always open with it. As an alternative to Leyline consider Tibalt, Rakish Instigator. Quest for Pure Flame is also a card that is best at 4 because you want to see it early. Max out Lightning Bolt. It is just so good and somewhat on theme. Nice to see a Kamigawa/Ryusei type deck. Firebrand Archer could go to 4. -1 Torbran -4 Vexing Devil -2 Jaya -2 Leyline -1 Honden -2 Comet Storm -2 Chandra's Fury -4 Ember-Fist Zubera -1 Shock +1 Mountain +4 Ramunap Ruins +2 Tibalt +1 Lightning Bolt +4 Shrine of Burning Rage +4 Curse of the Pierced Heart +1 Archer +2 Quest for Pure Flame is one way to go about changing it.

TriusMalarky on Modern Lurrus Prison

1 year ago

So, here's what I'm thinking:

Spreading Seas

Pyroclasm(2 copies or so)

Fatal Push(duh)

Lightning Bolt(duh)

Galvanic Blast

Aether Spellbomb

Necrogen Spellbomb and Scroll of Griselbrand

Nihil Spellbomb

Seal of Fire

Seal of Removal

Pyrite Spellbomb

Some Signets

Maybe Duress

Lantern of Insight and the mill friends, specifically Ghoulcaller's Bell

Thought Scour for consistency

Artificer's Intuition is a literal Survival of the Fittest here.

Whir of Invention

Ratchet Bomb because repeatable specified wraths is fun.

Shrine of Burning Rage and Shrine of Loyal Legions might be interested but their value is dubious.

Grave Peril can also control the board.

Locket of Yesterdays can help reduce mana costs of reanimating spellbombs.

I wonder if I can cast Lotus Bloom from my yard or if Lurrus of the Dream-Den doesn't allow that.

Os Mox Tantalite worth running?

Pithing Needle seems great.

Renegade Map for land draw?

alexon1000 on Modern Prowess 2020

1 year ago

EDIT: I was being daft last night exclude Manamorphose as it is a two color deck Also if you are going for budget forget about Mishra's Bauble Keep 2xKiln Fiend, if you really think you'll get yo re-cast him with Lurrus later on, it is a good card

Now for the changes:

Remove 2xShrine of Burning Rage you need to cast spells that do something every turn with this deck, its is non negotiable. Add 2x Lava Dart

Remove 2xKiln Fiend add 2xBlistercoil Weird

Remove 2x Forked Bolt and just add the 2 Burst Lightning from the sideboard, its a great top deck at turn 5 in this deck.

Remove 4x Rift Bolt it is the most inconsistent burn spell and you will often remove it after every game 1 add 4x Soul-Scar Mage

Lightning Helix doesnt often play in the prowess deck because it is 2 mana but its such a cool card and its great in mirror match ups

you will need to change the mana base to 4x sunbaked canyon 3x sacred foundry 4x Arid Mesa 1x wooded foothills and 3x inspiring vantage 3x mountain

Lava dart is invaluable in this deck as you can trigger prowess 4 times with 2 mountains

your call if you want to remove 2x skewer for an extra 2

You can now play an extra 2 spells, ideally with this deck it should be Mishra's Bauble

Hope this helps!

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