Return target nonland permanent with converted mana cost/mana cost X to its owner's hand.

Draw a card.

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Repeal Discussion

amicdeep on The Curse of Erayo

2 months ago

the problem i can foresee with this list is your not flipping eryo until turn 4 at earliest and that's to slow for modern. the deck needs some mana neutral cantrips of some powerfully and cheap recastable spells

cards the come to mind are Manamorphose,

Mishra's Bauble, Tormod's Crypt with Repeal,

Finale of Promise. with cantrips

Memnite Ornithopter + Hurkyl's Recall Retract with Emry, Lurker of the Loch

even Faerie Impostor, Greenbelt Rampager, Glint Hawk would all help

edster on Synergies with Unbound Flourishing in Modern

3 months ago

Been testing unbound with newer cards and other deck lists:

Feels like Hydroid Krasis belongs in Game Winning. The value of a 2x/2x Flying Trample, draw x gain x is too much for most decks to come back from. Same for Walking Ballista, it's a great card all game. It can block then sac against aggro, disrupt creature combos and kill your opponent in the late game.

Magus of the Candelabra from testing feels like Great or even Game Winning. The copy goes on the stack, so you can target the same land twice. E.g. x=1, target Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx, copy also targets Nykthos. Use Nykthos once after copy resolves, and again after original ability resolves. If you have lands that produce more than one mana, such as Castle Garenbrig, Nissa, Who Shakes the World, Utopia Sprawl, Magus becomes insane.

Prismatic Ending would be god tier but the number of colors (converge cost) isn't copied. The copy can only exile a 0 cost nonland. This card is amazing even without unbounded. Probably belongs in Poor tho.

Repeal could be upgraded from Poor to Neutral / Good. Any card that double cantrips with Unbounded is decent. From my own testing and decks in the link above, it does well.

Shatterskull Smashing  Flip, Agadeem's Awakening  Flip and other modal lands are Good in the right decks.

The problem with cards like Genesis Wave, Vivien's Arkbow, Electrodominance, Fiend Artisan etc that put a card into the battlefield is your deck probably has cards with cost {x}. You have to pick x=0, so you have some dis-synergy. For that reason, unless you build around this, losing out on some really great {x} cost cards, they go down one synergy rating in my books. They are still great but not perfect. ;]

Animist's Awakening is a trap. I think it belongs in Neutral or Good in landfall decks. In a deck with 30 lands (which I doubt), without unbound you expect x/2 lands since half your deck is lands. With unbound, you expect x lands so pretty much it doubles your number of lands. Sure it gives you back your mana this turn and double next turn, but it doesn't quite affect the board state enough compared to other cards.

Genderfluidia on Mike's Monoblue

3 months ago

I would take Repeal out for Boomerang. Repeal just isn't mana efficient at all, and that one card draw is just not enough to make it good IMO, where as Boomerang is very cheap in both senses of the word. I def like everything else. +1

Caerwyn on Chalice of the void vs …

4 months ago

In the future, please remember to hit the green "Mark as Answer" if you have no further questions. Since this question has been resolved for a few days, I have gone ahead and marked an answer on your behalf.

I did also want to sum up the above, since there was some confusion:

A card's mana value is always the mana value on the card's front face and does not change, except in two situations:

  1. The mana value for an X-costed spell while on the stack is equal to the value of X and the other mana symbols. So, with Repeal , if X = 3, its mana value will be 4 while on the stack. In all other zones, the mana value is 1.

  2. Split cards have a mana value equal to the sides of the card cast. If you cast the Alive side, the mana value will be 4. If you cast the Well side, the mana value will be 1. If you cast them both with Fuse, the mana value will be 5. In all other zones, the mana value is equal to the total cost of both sides, in this case 5.

In all other situations, the mana cost on the card's front face will be the mana value in all zones.

Rhadamanthus on Chalice of the void vs …

4 months ago

The rules define mana value (previously called Converted Mana Cost) as: "The total amount of mana in a mana cost, regardless of color". Mana cost is defined as: "A characteristic, and part of a card. A card's mana cost is indicated by the mana symbols printed in its upper right corner". Paying an alternative cost such as Dash or Overload doesn't change the printed mana cost. Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer 's printed mana cost is , so it will always have a mana value of 1.

The calculation takes into account the chosen value of any X in the mana cost. This is why Disdainful Stroke can counter Repeal with X=3.

legendofa on Chalice of the void vs …

4 months ago

If X=3 for Repeal , then between casting and resolving only, Repeal 's MV is 4. For X-cost spells, the mana value is adjusted while it's on the stack. In all other zones, X is assumed to be zero.

DrWaffles on Chalice of the void vs …

4 months ago

But then how a Disdainful Stroke counters a Repeal with x=3?

Herb48 on Outcome

6 months ago

Hey there! Awesome looking deck :) I love Paradoxical Outcome decks in vintage. Opposition Agent is an awesome card in the format, and its super cool to see it getting played.

If I could recommend anything, I would cut Lotus Petal for an additional Sensei's Divining Top because it synergizes so well with PO and Bolas's Citadel . I would also recommend cutting a land or two for Repeal 's, as they cycle for free if you have a mana rock, and really smooth out your draws when you are going off.

I have a deck of my own, check it out! I'm open to any and all suggestions:

The One Who Mentored Them All

Cheers :)

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