Hello everyone. I'm Control_Train and as I'm sure you guessed I mostly play control. I'm a college student majoring in math and I play control because I don't understand turning creatures sideways. I've never heard of red and you can't convince me it exists.

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KayneMarco - at first I wasn't keen on Breakthrough because I'm not really a pump deck and when it came out I sort of dismissed it; looking at it now, however, I'm more inclined to potentially find a spot for it, because treasures can be saved up. Breakthrough is almost like a ramp spell, but I'm also hesitant because I can't really see myself casting this over a cantrip if I've got free mana, unless I'm trying to save up for a big turn. I'm going to test it though and see how it feels. You are absolutely right though, they just keep printing broken stuff for Feather, and I'm all about it :)

Nic44 - Thanks for the kind words! I'm glad you like the deck idea. Shrine of Loyal Legions and Shrine of Burning Rage are both actually very good in this deck, because the red one can hit any target. I never thought about the white one though, and for my build at least it would be very good. I don't even think these cards need testing to know they're good, but I am going to try and find a slot for them now that you've brought them back to my memory. Thanks for the suggestion and the comment!

moonfletcher1983 - Thanks for the kind words! Aurelia's Fury like Sunforger has it's uses, and they can be good in this deck style, so if it's performing for you then that's great! I'm definitely not taking this deck apart any time soon, so the updates will keep rolling. Testing MH2 cards now to see which ones stick, though Blacksmith's Skill and Captain Ripley Vance are my top picks for this set for Feather so far. Definitely others I'm testing too, but none with as high hopes as these. Thanks again for the comment!

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