Stormchaser Mage

Stormchaser Mage

Creature — Human Wizard

Flying, haste

Prowess (Whenever you cast a noncreature spell, this creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn.)

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Set Rarity
Oath of the Gatewatch (OGW) Uncommon

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Hero Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Heirloom Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Highlander Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Pioneer Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Stormchaser Mage Discussion

lagotripha on Anti-air Air Antagonist

1 week ago

I highly reccomend Judge's Familiar and Mausoleum Wanderer for lists like these. Protection on a flying body is real good. The new Skycat Sovereign lets you play another 4 pride of the clouds. Stormchaser Mage and Sprite Dragon will help if you lean into the instants/sorceries route, while Jubilant Skybonder offers protection.

Clashboy15 on Beamsplitter Blitz (UR Prowess)

2 weeks ago

How about Sprite Dragon? It seems better than Ghitu Lavarunner or Stormchaser Mage since it gets permanent 1/1 counters and still gets haster.

Also, Manamorphose is cheaper now because it was reprinted in mystery boosters. You can even open a few mystery booster packs and get it relatively easily since manamorphose is a common.

It seems that your mana base is a little underwhelming, probably due to budget reasons. Making your mana more consistant should be your number one goal. Since fetch lands are really expensive, you can use a few Sulfur Falls, Spirebluff Canal, Fiery Islet, Steam Vents. Even if you can't get a playset of them, try to get as much as possible. A really budget dual land would be Temple of Epiphany but I wouldn't reccomend it because you are an aggro deck and dont want to be missing out on mana. However, if you cant get any untap duel lands, it is good to have a few copies of them in your deck. (note that tapped out sometimes show cards as more expensive than it normally is. also some copies of a card are cheaper)

Since this is modern, expect a few graveyard decks, so you might want to add in some graveyard interaction/hate. I would reccomend Tormod's Crypt because it is cheap in real life, costs only 0 mana and triggers prowess/sprite dragon's ability. Put 3 of them in your sideboard instead of temur battle rage and smelt. Also, you might want some creature removal in the sideboard like Dismember. Dismember is essentially one mana and can deal with pretty much any creature.

Otherwise, really cool deck! I'm surprised how good it looks with such a small budget. This could easiley be very competitive if you upgrade your mana base and change a few cards in your mainboard. However, the sideboard does need some work and there should be more replacements other than what i said.

Magnanimous on Burn. Sleep. Counter. Repeat.

3 weeks ago

Why Sprite Dragon out of all the options you have to pressure an opponent in this kind of deck. Have you considered Lightning Stormkin and/or Stormchaser Mage with Wizard's Retort and Wizard's Lightning, Brineborn Cutthroat, Grim Lavamancer, Spectral Sailor, Sea-Dasher Octopus, or Pteramander? Does the deck need Anger of the Gods or does the burn take care of creatures well enough?

I'm curious how well Light Up the Stage fits. It's an instant speed deck for the most part with some burn and creatures to activate it, but hitting Remand and Ral, Storm Conduit for example would be useless. Thunderous Wrath seems amazing when it hits but is that good enough to balance out the times it just sits in your hand? I'd prefer something like Searing Blaze, which seems to be perfect for the deck. Chart a Course also seems nice, but it's sorcery speed which sucks. Have you thought of using Curious Obsession?

GoblinElectromancer on Izzet Prowess - Modern

1 month ago

Maybe four Sprite Dragon. It seems better than Stormchaser Mage.

DemonDragonJ on Fire and Ice

1 month ago

The newly-revealed sprite dragon from Ikoria is superior to Stormchaser Mage in the majority of situations, so I shall replace the mage with the dragon in this deck.

SquirrelPenguin on Ikoria Teaser

1 month ago

DemonDragonJ, I think you are forgetting Stormchaser Mage is a 1/3. however, I will definitely use Sprite Dragon/Dorat, the Perfect Pet over Stormchaser Mage in any case.

DemonDragonJ on Ikoria Teaser

1 month ago

Sprite dragon is superior to Stormchaser Mage in the majority of situations, so I shall replace the latter card with the former card in any decks that contain it.

As a side note, I am very surprised that it took this long for Magic: the Gathering to have a fairy dragon, since both Dungeons & Dragons and Warcraft have already had such creatures for many years, now, so I hope that WotC further explores that combination of creature types for MtG in the future.

Twist35 on Manifest Destiny

1 month ago

I think that Stormchaser Mage would probably be better in this deck than Lightning Stormkin Cool deck btw.

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